Wives and inLaws Thats Messed Up Nouman Ali Khan

Abdullah! Asalamualaikum How is it going, man? Al hamdu lillah How is work? Al hamdu llilah, work is good family? family is good How is your dad doing, man?.

Send my Salams to him, please! inshaAllah He is coming here next week he is? I look forward seeing him Oh wait! I’m not going to be here on Saturday. Oh man! where are you going? I’m going to Houston program, I’m guessing?.

Yeah, lots of programs are up nowadays What have you got going on? there are a few programs, and one of them actually the one that sticks in my head because the program went great, at the end of it this lady comes up to me, and says she needs to talk to me in private and I pull her to the side and.

She starts talking about her husband and it’s not the worst of what I’ve heard but it’s messed up enough she comes up and says : my husband is really religious, he prays five times a day he goes to the Masjid all the time, etc. but at the same time he forbids me from seeing my family.

He doesn’t like when I call them he doesn’t like when I go over so I almost secretely have to call my mom or check on them, so if I don’t tell him that I’m talking to my mom, am I being sinful or something? because you have to obey your husband he keeps telling me that men are in charge of women and you have to do what I say I’m the quot;Amirquot; of the household.

So according to Allah, and His Deen, according to the Sunnah, and according to the Sharia you have to obey me, and you’re under my household now so you can’t stay in communication with your, parents, or siblings, or whatever and on top of that he adds : I don’t want you to leave the house ever just stay home and until I take you don’t go anywhere so she is like: am I sinful for she got in trouble for going in the backyard one time.

So she is frustrated and her husband was there, but he was on a bathroom break or something so she figured she would slip in the question subhanaAllah I realized that a lot of times people do things in the name of Islam and they quote Quran, Sunnah, Sharia.

Marriage Counseling How to Get Your MotherInLaw to Shut the Hell Up

Hi, I’m Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. We’re going to be talking about communication skills today. Specifically, how do we get our motherinlaw to shut the hell up? Dangerous ground. Just how do we get our motherinlaw to shut the hell up? Now, the question. Well, duck tape works, duck tape works for everything. As a matter of fact, my father used to put it on the rust spots on his car. But anyway, the first thing that needs to happen, is, is have a dialog with your motherinlaw. Just really understand what is causing her behavior? Why is she continuing to communicate at you, perhaps badger you and come at you? Because, realistically, the, the issue or the fault actually may be with you. The reason.

That she is continuing to badger you. Is it a fault of yours, are you not taking the garbage out? Are you leaving your clothes all over the place? Are you, somebody who’s irresponsible? So, you really need to take a look at, at your behaviors, and find out if it’s your behaviors that’s causing your motherinlaw to have these issues, or these patterns. And then, correct that, and then that way you can just eliminate that. They say that you can pick your friends, but not your family, and that’s true. In a situation like this, it really may require you to sit down and compromise with your motherinlaw. It may be better for you, your family situation, and the situation with your wife. Ultimately,.

One or, one or you is going to have to, to compromise and give up. So, the dialog needs to take place first, communication has to take place, and understanding needs to take place, and, and have mutual respect between one another. Mutual respect needs to be established and that can be build upon. So, once you build a friendship, mutual respect, and have a dialog, it may be a way to help your motherinlaw, shut the hell up. I’m Joe Cuenco with Family Resources, relationships for life.

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