Hello everyone! im brad browning and im a breakup coach and author of the bestselling Ex Factor Guide program. In this tutorial, Im going to talk about jealousy, and how to carefully incite a bit of jealousy in order to win back your ex. Now, you need to be cautious when youre trying to make your ex jealous, because it definitely has the potential to backfire but, if you are able to do this successfully, it can be a very powerful way to make your ex second guess their decision to break up.

So, heres some ways to cause your ex to become a bit jealous. 1.) Go to the gym, and focus on getting fit. Yes, when your ex sees your new body, he or she will go green with envyor get horribly turned on. Either way, this is a good thing! Not only will you make your ex more sexually attracted to you, but exercise and fitness is proven to increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin in your brain and these chemicals are responsible for the feel good lift you get after exercising.

So not only will you look good (and who doesnt want to look good?), youll also feel amazing too. Its a winwin, and I can assure you that your ex will take notice. 2.) Get out there and date some other people. The more you date, the more your ex will think, Hey, I used to date this really highquality individual. Why on Earth did I dump him/her? So go out on as many dates as you can. Im not saying you should sleep with the whole entire world, but make it known that you are highly sought after and that members of the.

Opposite sex want you. in the dating world, this is what we call preselection. being wanted by the masses is desirable to the opposite sex. So mingle and flirt your heart out! Just get out of your comfort zone, meet people, and dont let anything stop you. The free tutorial presentation on my website, BreakupBrad , will give you some more advice on how to rebuild your exs attraction for you. Just head over to BreakupBrad or click on this link right below me. 3.) Use social media to your advantage.

Yeah, its no secret here your ex is going to visit your facebook profile, no matter what. Unless your relationship ended so poorly that he or she deleted you, you should have absolutely no problem making your ex jealous using social media. So post pictures of you doing really fun things that your ex wouldnt expect you to be doing. You could post pictures like you snowboarding, bungie jumping, or playing the guitar. Remember to go out with friends and take pictures show your ex youre popular and that you.

Have a bustling social life. and just like i mentioned earlier, take pictures of yourself with really attractive members of the opposite sex to show that youre high value. Do everything you can to convey to the world that you love life and that youre happy. 4.) Talk to mutual friends. If you two share any mutual friends, then you can definitely them as a tool. Tell your mutual friend about all the crazy adventures youve been going on. Tell them about all the people youve been dating (and most.

Importantly, tell them about all the people that are clawing, tooth and nail, to date you). Once you tell your mutual friends about all these positive experiences, chances are theyll tattletale and run to your ex to tell him or her about the news. People love to gossip so you might as well make use of this, right? Look, I know this sounds like a lot of manipulation, and maybe you feel fake and disingenuous doing these things, but if youre subtle and careful.

About this, then it is a very effective way to make your ex jealous and get them interested in you again. 5.) Get ahead in your job or school work. Still cant keep your mind off the relationship? Still thinking about it day and night? Theres no better time to channel all that energy into something useful and productive for yourself. Is there anything you can do at your job that will help you get ahead? Maybe take on another project. Maybe do something a little extra in school. Moping and thinking about your.

How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Prevent Breakups

Im brad browning, relationship and breakup coach from vancouver canada. most of my tutorials are aimed at helping you win back an ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend but to be frank, the very most effective way to reverse a breakup is to avoid it in the first place. So thats what this tutorial will be all about Ill give you some tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship and avoid breakups. So, lets go through some of the things you can do when youre in a relationship.

To keep the attraction alive 1.) Quit being so needy, and keep a lid on the jealousy. One of the least attractive characteristics you can portray is insecurity. Jealousy and neediness are both extreme examples of insecurity, so they can cause some real damage to a relationship. Jealousy is a natural feeling that we all have to endure to a certain degree, but the.

Key is to suppress these feelings of jealousy unless you have a very, very good reason to feel jealous. Most of the time, you simply need to trust your partner and have faith that he or she is not being disloyal. Neediness is a similar attractionkilling trait. in fact, its so common that I should probably make a tutorial dedicated just to this topic. For the purposes of this tutorial, though, Ill just leave it at this: noone likes being in a relationship where your partner.

Is constantly seeking validation, so quit being needy or clingy. 2.) Avoid falling into a boring routine. The first few months of any new relationship are usually exciting and passionate, but things can often quickly become stale if you and your partner dont make an effort to keep things interesting. Avoiding boring routines doesnt require anything extreme you dont have to go.

Skydiving on tuesdays and skinny dipping on thursdays, for example you just have to mix it up enough to avoid either one of you becoming bored. A romantic weekend getaway, for example, is a great way to break the routine you could take your partner to a cooking class, try out the newest restaurant in town, or spontaneously give your partner a small gift. Make an effort to spice things up in the bedroom, too your sex life is just as prone to becoming stale.

3.) dont give up on all your social life. Some people have a tendency to quickly lose contact with friends and colleagues when they jump into a new relationship. If youre guilty of this, and youve started to grow apart from your friends and social circle since you entered into your current relationship, then now is the time to reconnect with them. No couple, regardless of how incredibly compatible and deeply in love they may be, should be.

Spending 100% of their time together. its very important to keep other areas of your life intact, too a wellbalanced social life can really help keep your relationship healthy and assist in keeping your jealousy and neediness in check. Generally speaking, your romantic partner should be one important element of your life, not the only element. 4.) Swallow your pride and accept responsibility.

Arguments are normal in romantic relationships, but you need to learn how to have mature disputes that lead to productive solutions. Yelling and screaming, hurling insults, trying to get revenge. these are all things that can be toxic to a relationship, so both you and your partner need to learn how to settle arguments in a mature way. Sometimes, you may need to swallow your pride and apologize to your partner even if you feel like you were right and he or she was wrong in a given argument accept.

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