5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back

Hi guys, it's Brad Browning here. And in this tutorial, I'm going to be talk about some of the common mistakes that people make when they're trying to get their ex back. Now, after a breakup you need to understand that you're in an emotionally damaged state. And that means that you're not in the frame of mind to make rational decisions. So a lot of people end up doing what they think at the time is right but it turns out to be a very irrational decision. So you need to avoid doing that or else you'll end up pushing your.

Ex further and further away. So some of the common mistakes one of the first ones that you definitely do not want to do, and if you've already done it but don't do it again and that is begging and pleading with your ex to get back together. You're simply not going to be able to convince them to get back together with you. You need to build natural, organic attraction between you and your ex. You can't just convince them. It's not going to work. So no begging and pleading. Second thing you don't do is get angry or emotional or get.

Revenge or your ex. Yes, I understand you may be extremely hurt. But you definitely, definitely don't want to get angry or get revenge or anything along those lines. No conflict at all if you want to get your ex back. Third thing you do not want to do and this is very counter intuitive. and that's saying things like I miss you or I love you. Now, those may be perfectly true, and that's fine, but you don't, at this point, want to be saying them to your ex. So those are the top three I would say. Another mistake.

You definitely do not want to be making is publicly showing heartbreak or loneliness or desperation or any kind of emotional outburst, or negative emotional outbursts in public. You don't want your ex to know that you're feeling upset about the breakup and that you're in an emotionally damaged state you want them to think you're fine and that you're moving on and everything's okay. So try not to show your emotions publicly around others especially around your ex. And finally, one of the most common ones, and a lot of people.

Don't know about, they probably think that it's a good idea, and it does seem like a good idea at first. and that's being friends with your ex. You know, a lot of the time your friend will ask you after the breakup, You know, I want to stay friends, we should continue to stay friends. If you want your ex back then you do not want to be friends you want to get back together as a couple. So you definitely don't want to be friends with your ex if you want them back. It's not going to build attraction. You're just going.

To end up being your ex's emotional dumping ground. So definitely don't be friends with your ex if you want them back. Now there's actually a lot of other common mistakes people make and I can't cover them all in this one tutorial but if you do want to hear about some of the mistakes and make sure you avoid making those mistakes, head over to my website BreakupBrad and on the tutorial there it's a free tutorial, I'll explain some of the other common mistakes and give you some other advice. So that's it for now, guys! Thanks for watching! And.

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