Reddit Clobbers Rep. Ryan Into Opposing SOPA Publicly

Read it has been doing unbelievable campaign to go after the supporters of the stop online piracy act this building that's been shorthand for eric called so far is a disaster uh. effectively allows any private corporation or the government the sensor any web status website that they don't agree with all they need is a way to another website that might have pirated material it's a disaster for the internet well what is right it done well they went after go daddy dot com for uh. supporting the bill and me go daddy had thirtyseven f allison domain names lost at a minimum.

Because that campaign all the sudden they cried until they said okay gilday we're no longer in favor of so but in fact now we're against so far that was that number one step number two they've decided target a specific politician in fact in this case it was alright republic for wisconsin one of the though sweethearts of the republicans uh. in the house of representatives and he was in favor of soap on read it has targeted and edit operation called operation pull ryan he apparently got and overwhelming.

Response almost adn doctor says appall rise last the internet is not the most magnificent expressions of plan and free enterprise in history dishes stay that way while house resolution three to six one the stop online piracy hacks it tends to dress collection of problem i believe he creates the president and possibility for undo regulation censorship illegal abuse i do not support hr three to six one this current form i will oppose legislation should it come before the full house you know what that sounds like that sounds like victory.

Read it hadn't done it again trooper true downloads orion down those paul reid at least he is switched his position on so far which is fantastic news if i was a politician or by was a company and read it was going to comfort me next what i'd be a little concerned you betcha starcare comes ready come the internet here comes the opponents of soap up and they're doing a fantastic job beginning their opponents dubach computing republicans became an instant physicians i thought was on her it looked it's a great precedent for the power of the internet.

If Netflix And Chill Were Honest

Voiceover Do you wanna bang tonight doorbell rings Oh hey, can you stay the fuck in your room I'm pretending like I wasn't frantically cleaning for the past 15 minutes. I tried on seven outfits before I decided on this one. both Bullshit about wine. I've been wine tasting once. Diverting this nervous energy by looking at a screen. I'm putting the burden of choice on you. Oh I'm not accepting that responsibility. Then that case I will offer up five or six.

Very diverse choices to show my intelligence, sense of humor, the fact that I went to college. Comment about that really popular series everyone's talking about on the internet. Yeah. both But starting a series together is a lot of commitment. Who cares, we won't be watching the movie anyway. Oh yes I just wanna make out a lot. And do other stuff. Alright getting ready to be nervous for 20 minutes about when to touch you. And how we decide to sit now.

Will determine a precedent about the rest of our relationship. Ignoring the fact that my arm's gonna be numb in 10 minutes. Oh, too close to your butt. Oh, too close to your vagina. Too close gasps I'm not actually scared, I just wanted to touch your leg. Commenting on the movie to start an overlapping dialogue. I'm answering but I know what you're actually doing considering how close our faces are together. I'm just kinda talking to talk. Angling my face hoping you're gonna take a hint.

Halo Problems Flashgitz MASHED

Happy birthday champ! The big 10 huh! How's it feel son Ahhh yeah sure Hey dad, mum's coming right No son, Bungie's a cheating beep! She's probably off getting ploughed by Activision. But your stepmom is here and she got you a killer new graphics upgrade! awesome teleporting noise Happy birthday son! I don't want it! Yes you do! $makes it rain$ YES YOU DO! YOU WANT IT. YOU TAKE IT! DONT YOU EMBARRASS ME TONIGHT! cries whimpers Do you wanna die Because Sony is KILLING us right now!.

So you're going put that on and you're going to look pretty! And you're going to let the gamers do whatever they goddamn please! They're going to do whatever they want to you!! Evil genius laugh But it's your day son, so no pressure. So just have a good time, have some cake. Alright CRASH Haaaaarrpppyyy Biiiiiiirttthdaaaaay! bang fart Who invited him! I did! Look we don't have to like him But we do have to include him He's your half brother dammit! I just hope this one doesn't take after him.

That's right. You keep cooking in there. Yeeeeeeargh Piinn the taaaaail on the donkeeyyyy But without nationalised healthcare, aren't we failing as a society for the betterment of its people splat Come on Bryce. There's a lot more important things than healthcare to worry about Like what BANG Piinn the taaaaail on the donkeeyyyy KEVIN O No! Kevin! COME BACK! screams Gunfire screams This party STINKS Everything is awful little dweeb cry Come on son, why don't we go get some ice cream I'm NOT your son!! sobs bleurgh Oh god her waters just broke!.

REDDIT STORIES Most awkward Stories Sex stories

These stories that i a m about to share are not mine but people's stories from redhat dot com please ensure when i was about floridian i was with my father monetary to visit family in california while staying at his sister's place i'd was talking to my girlfriend on the phone when she started going at it I didn't want to miss this prime opportunity far some phone sex so i went into the garage when i thought everyone else was out we started and really into it and i'm just.

Hammering away when my father walks to grab some margarita mix from the fridge and walks out apparently he aunty and and my uncle were all outside on the patio drinking while this was going on later on i got a bunch of teasing they asked me what i was doing in their and i told them i was playing billiards there wasn't billiard table in the garage thinking i was being quick on my feet then my dad goes you mean pocket dual i went to read in the face and left.

We didn't talk about it ever again another regarded story from reddit my friend is coming up with this girl i because he was starting to see one night they start to screw around on the couch while the parents are asleep upstairs my friend convinces her to try email for the first time so as they are engaging in that himalayan down she pulls herself out to quickly and proceeds to accidentally shit all over him and the white couch needless to say my friend who was a speech a less and at this point we wanted to shower the shit of.

Of him he proceeded to go to the only shower in the house the nclex bathroom to her parents room of course her parents wwould of woke up from him showering so they went to downstairs to see a her trying to clean up shit on their couch well this is that story fucked UP there is the next one i was fifteen at my dad's place for the weekend told him i was growing far off when we lived out in the country walked off into the trees are a little bit and decided to.

Masturbate in nature the little did i know i was completely exposed to my dad my future stepmom and my best friend when i got back they all started teasing me telling me to make sure i didn't has any ticks crawling in my pants and they wanted to see if my password calloused at the time all that time I seemed confused me but i like 2 years later I realized today they saw me never have i been more more mortified in my life and uh. my sister had a tendency.

Is My Boyfriend Gay Is He Cheating

Good morning Hank it's Monday. On Thursday I'm going to be reading and signing in Plainfield, Indiana, and then on Friday I'm moving to the Netherlands for two months. I keep meaning to mention to you that I'm moving to the Netherlands for two months, but there is so much going on! In a related story, the sound that my anxiety makes is AAAAAAAAHHHHH! And Hank, when I get stressed out I like to play Google autofill once again proves that people are weird. Hank, today I'm going to answer the questions people ask Google.

The most beginning Is my b. Is my boyfriend gay Huh. I wonder if is my hus stars similarly. Yes. What about is my wife Nope, the first two questions we have about our wives are they cheating, and what is their tax status And people say men aren't romantic, Hank. Similarly, homosexuality never comes up if you Google is my g, all we want to know is that our girlfriends are not cheating, not crazy, and that our guns are not stolen. Off topic, Hank, but the Venn diagrammatical intersection between people who Google is my girlfriend.

Cheating and people who Google is my gun stolen Worrisome. Right, but about your possibly gay boyfriend, two things. First, human sexuality is not an eitheror proposition, and trying to deny its complexity is going to make both you and your partner miserable. Secondly, let me submit that this is not a question for Google. It is a question for your boyfriend! Is my baby sick Listen, I know why you're asking Google this question. You're asking because the alternative is to put a thermometer in your baby's rectum, and your.

Baby will look up at you like I am not enjoying this! and you'll be like You know what, this isn't my idea of a fun Thursday night either! and then your baby'll be like But I am incapable of empathy! But it is my sad duty to inform you that while Google can take a picture of your house, it cannot stick a thermometer inside your baby's bottom. That's your job, sorry. If your baby's under six weeks old and has a temperature over a hundred and one, call your doctor immediately.

Is my boyfriend cheating on me Yes. Is my baby teething Yes. Is my boyfriend losing interest Well yeah, otherwise, why would he be cheating on you Is my boyfriend cheating on me quiz You want a quiz Okay, here is your quiz Did you just Google is my boyfriend cheating on me If you answered yes, he may or may not be cheating on you, but there is definitely a problem! It may be that your boyfriend is cheating on you, or that he's untrustworthy, or that you're incapable of trust, or that.

You don't believe that you're good enough to deserve his monogamous affection. It may be that you feel undervalued or that he feels smothered, but something has gone wrong that Google cannot answer! You have to talk to your boyfriend. And sometimes those conversations will result in breaking up, and I know that breaking up sucks, but it is better than having to Google is my husband cheating! Is my baby a boy or a girl Probably a boy. I mean, it's a slight probably, but I'm going with it. Is my boyfriend cheating Come on, seriously We just went over this!.

Is my blood pressure high Probably, you're very anxious about your boyfriend, and that cannot be good for your health! Ideally you want your blood pressure to be in the green or the yellow, not in the orange or the red. Yet another example, Hank, of why it's good to be green. And lastly, Is my baby sleeping too much Okay first off, if your baby is eating enough and gaining weight, your baby is not sleeping too much. Second off, don't take this personally, but I hate you. So Nerdfighters with boyfriends and girlfriends, talk to each other! Hank, don't forget to.

10 Reddit Facts WMNews Ep. 37

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