Alright, we are looking at specific ways,specific reasons in which relationships deteriorate. The next one we want to talk about is thirdparty. You know, you’ve heard the phrase twos company, threes a crowd, well that’s whathappens here. Now, when we talk about third party we’re talking about bringing someoneelse into the relationship. Now, the first thing that you probably think of is spousesor girlfriends or boyfriends or intimate sexual relationships and we cheat on each other.That is definitely third party involvement, but it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Itcan be you start to hang out with somebody different, because what third party involvementis all about is that one person’s needs

are not getting met anymore. So, they haveto seek elsewhere to get those needs met and maybe it’s not all of their needs maybe it’sjust some of their needs. So, all of a sudden where you two were hanging out every Fridaynight together or you two were hanging out every weekend together now all the suddenI want to go hang out with Jim. Well, I think I’ll go out with Sally on Saturday instead,because you need that you need to have those needs met. That’s what third party involvementis. So, if somebody starts becoming involved in your relationship that’s definitely a signthat needs are not being met somewhere..

Tony Robbins Habits For Better Relationships Tony Robbins Motivation 2016

so I’m excited to be here and alsochallenged the excitement is the subject is when the most passionate about$PERCENT of all the things that I communicator worked on her focused on mylife and that’s because i believe if you’re not happy and your intimaterelationship you’re not happen because no matter what happens when Thomas lovewe have from our children or how much we accomplished in our lives and how muchwe achieve you know I i personally believe in our sole everybody wants thatexperience aliveness so I’m not just about marriages I had four differentfathers so I know the impact of things

can come from being in a position wherefamilies don’t stay together but frankly I wouldn’t change it you know to see mymother miserable and unhappy to stay with somebody which lets you did withone of those relationships for 10 years I wouldn’t want to see you again so I’mnot for the institution by itself I’m not for the relationship I’m for thepeople in it and when I really believe though is it’s a critically importantinstitution and I’ve supported amazingly but I want to make sure that the peoplewithin it don’t just settle for being able to sayI’m still married to me that’s not an

accomplishment and I say that also because you knowabout sense of aliveness affects your kids as much as anything else as welland so i really i really believe that any relationship we brought the love andpassion again but the challenge of course is that most people today have aperspective and expectation for the highest and they have is not forthemselves what they expect their partner and i think that’s thenumberone reversal that has to occur in any relationship for things to transformthat was long as we’re looking at what

am I getting out of a relationship thenwe’re gonna be disappointed we’re going to be frustrated we’re gonna havechallenges and so my view of things is to shift that with people and to do in avery practical way is to really shift both parties but also I focus on bothmale and female but it is true that most men I really do care but they don’tthey’re not armed with the understanding of females but I think understandingthat and being actually applying it in an impactful way or two different thingsand I think the awareness is the first step but then training yourself so youcan feel successful because most men and

I think to some extent not great deal ofwomen that they do not feel like this is where they can be successful when youtalk to people about the area’s their life that they feel strongest did youalmost always find their stronger in their career stronger relationship withtheir kids are stronger even in their body than they are in the relationshipand it’s because it’s so difficult when you’re dealing with a person who is youknow about all these energies and thoughts and feelings that arecompletely different than you and simultaneously you know you have a lovefor them but also you’re facing the deep

fear that everybody has underneath andthat fear is that level last and when that happens people start to reallybreak up inside so when I thought you know my excitementis to talk about the subject and really try and serve you my challenges theshortest seminar usually do is 50 hours 50 because I don’t believe in getting upand just speaking and sharing a principal or something like that when Ireally believe in is doing it so I’ll take people on a weekend and we’ll talkabout the principal and then boom we go after it so that it gets in your body wedo it enough times so you’re doing it

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