Its all in the pitch A Celebrants Guide to Marriage Relationship Education

The decision to get married is often the biggest decision of people's lives It's a commitment for a lifetime that's what many hope that they enter into it beyond all the hype and fanfare of the big day we all know that there are deeper issues that are far more important at play and if the significant role of celebrants like you who are at the forefront of preparing couples in the leadup to the wedding day The majority of celebrants spend a considerable amount of time with couples as they plan their big day.

So you have a wonderful opportunity to encourage your couple to think seriously about relationship education in a positive way Married and Relationship education is about helping couples to build on their relationship skills they already have and learn new skills they can assist them to have a healthy growing, strong and happy marriage There are programs that involve completing an inventory of questions and spending some sessions with a trained facilitator others involved participating in a group program facilitated by professional relationship educators it's an engaging and fun format and explores areas like family of origin.

Personality, goals and expectations, roles communication, regulating conflict, commitment, finance, parenting, sexuality and intimacy so how do you broach the topic of relationship education with your couple without them thinking they may be something wrong making them feel defensive it's not daunting or something to be reluctant about it's all in the pitch. We have found that most couples presume its counseling which its not. As important as counselling is this is a learning and preparedness opportunity, much like you would do with any other important life event whether it's going for a driver's license.

Upskilling or training for a new career or participating in antenatal classes most people are prepared to put effort into these things so why not their marriages If the topic is raised in a lowkey manner it generally yields the most positive responses Celebrants that reinforce the positive benefit and prepared for any questions and hand out the brochures often find that their couples the thankful for the extra care and concern it's not taken as intrusive or negative if anything it reinforces your commitment to building strong and happy life long marriages.

What Its Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

I am currently in a long distance relationship. For two and a half years it was long distance. The first was two years and I am in one now. We've dated for two years. Then we dated a year long distance. Then we lived together for a year and then we did six months or so long distance before it ended. We were long distance for a year. What It's Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship The hardest part is feeling that nobody else thinks.

That what you're doing is sustainable. You don't have to plan your day around it, but you definitely have to make extra effort. So there'd be a lot of issues as far as communication where I'm not willing to Skype for three hours. We still call each other Sometimes. like every three days, I'd say. You run out of things to say on the phone. How was your day It was fine. Like, Did anything happen It's like, No, not really, like, It was just like a normal day..

And so then there's silence. What was special about my day and how did it change me and how can I share that with the other person Even if you're just sitting in the car driving someplace in silence, you're together and you feel that. And you don't have that when you're in a long distance relationship and you're trying to artificially recreate it but silence over the phone is, I mean, it's nothing, right Silence in person means something. You fall in love and it's hard and it's like,.

Will I connect with someone like this again And is it worth it When you really like someone or even love someone, it makes it worth it. You're constantly asking yourself, Is it worth it And I feel like I learn something new every time I ask myself that question. I mean, it wasn't worth it, right Cause we broke up. So. But, we were never like, But. this is ending our relationship. Yeah. It was just, this sucks, that this is our relationship right now.

Really when it comes down to it any your relationship ends, when either one person stops caring about the other or both people give up. I think the key to doing a long distance relationship is having an end in sight. Like a date, she would move in, Mmhmm. we would move in together in July, so, we knew that. And then we did. We did. Woooo. You really learn about communication and how to stay open with someone. It made us also, like,.

Not dwell as much on, like, little arguments anymore, unless you forget to bring your girlfriend potatoes laughing from the German restaurant. She will drill it home for an hour at you. This happened last night. Waiting, you know, several days before you can even talk or Skype with the other person. Or waiting months before you can hug them again. It's hard giggling. It makes you appreciate loving someone when you can see them everyday. Aaaww. Mmhmm. So sweet. lips smacking Man I had some.

Babysitting Guide for Parents Babysitters Developing a Good Relationship with Your Babysitter

Hi! My name is Aisha and on behalf of Expert Village, this is using a babysitter. When it comes to the relationship between the family and the sitter, it is very important that you have an open relationship. That way you can discuss things about a problem. The sitter should be able to come to the parent and ask any questions pertaining to the children in the household. The parents should be able to explain and discuss things with your sitter that you want your child to go to or the activities you want your children to participate in.



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