Psychologist Janet Reibstein on her relationship advice role at thecoupleconnection

Hello and welcome to the couple connection dot net tutorial special. Today I have with me Janet Reibstein, who is a psychologist and psychotherapist, she is also a Professor at the University of Exeter. Janet I wondered if you could tell us a little bit about yourself. Ok well I am American by birth, I did all my training in America, both academic and clinical, but I have spent most of my adult life as a clinician and researcher here in Britain, and brought up a family in Britain, so most of my experience is British based. I train mental health professionals at the.

University of Exeter, school of Psychology, and I mostly train them to be working with families and couples, which is what most of my research is on. Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement with the couple connection Yes, my involvement with the couple connection really stemmed from my orginal involvement with One plue One, which is the UK's leading relationship research organisation, and I have done a lot of research on couples. I have written five books, most of them have been directly about couples, in one stage or another in the couple life together, and.

Student Relationship Officer SRO Support Crew

Hi I'm Jaimie and I'm a USQ Student Relationship Officer. We are so excited that you've included us as one of your QTAC preferences for next year. Here at USQ our students are like our very own VIPs and as a VIP you'll have exclusive access to our very own student support crew just like Roxy here. Thanks Jaimie. We'll be here on Saturday the 20 of December. We're available from 10am to 2pm. We'll be on the phones to answer any questions you have about QTAC, the preferencing process, or just what life at USQ is really like, something that.

Dane knows all about. Thanks Roxy. I'm an SRO and a current USQ student. I'll be here with Roxy to answer any of your questions on the day. So if you want to find out more about my USQ experiences then ask me. We're also hosting a special VIP conversation hour on Monday the 22 of December from 10am to 11am so come and visit us, talk about your QTAC application, the degree you're interested in, and find out where you could be studying next year. If you can't make it to these events or have any questions in the meantime the.

Constant Upgrades And Unparalleled Support For Real Estate Investors Real Estate Investing

Joe We are constantly adding new features and new ways to market to this system. You also are a click away from our world class support team. If you need technical help, you'll find it a click away. We're currently working on adding text message SMS broadcast marketing. We're also adding new seller lead sources like EBay classifieds and Kijiji for our Canadian users. You can modify your personal websites any way you like using our built in html page editors. We even have a button you can press if you screw things up, so that.

You can rebuild your page and start over. We even give you or your developer access to CPanel so you can make any modification you can think of. If you need a good developer, we're happy to recommend people who know our system and who can do what you ask at a reasonable price. We're also working on a full blown CRM Contact Relationship Management program to help you better manage your leads. Our system automates lead management on a very high level but we still see the need for a more robust contact management system. We're.

Telstra Case Study Mindpearl Global Virtual Call Centre Collaboration

Ltfont color FFFFFF gt WOMAN Mindpearl is an awardwinningltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt global, customer service solution provider. ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt We were looking to expand our business ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt because of the increased client demands ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt And we then looked at our partner, Telstra, ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt to come up with a solution for a global virtualised network design ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt to link our existing base here in Brisbane ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt with the new location in Fiji. ltfontgt ltfont color FFFF00 gt MAN We've partnered with Telstra ltfontgt ltfont color FFFF00 gt mainly because of the collaborative approach that we take with them. ltfontgt.

Ltfont color FFFF00 gt The relationship is very strong. We've had it for a long time. ltfontgt ltfont color FFFF00 gt There's a high level of trust. ltfontgt ltfont color FFFF00 gt When things aren't going right ltfontgt ltfont color FFFF00 gt we know that Telstra are there to support us. ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt MAN Having a single point of contact ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt from a support and maintenance standpoint for our customers ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt is extremely important. ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt In Mindpearl's case, ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt we had to support systems which were in Spain, ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt South Africa, Fiji and Australia. ltfontgt.

Ltfont color 00FFFF gt This is all handled by a central support desk in Sydney. ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt And we then utilise our international network of partners ltfontgt ltfont color 00FFFF gt to provide local feet on the street when required. ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt The strengths that Telstra provides ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt in their client relationship management with existing customers ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt is really found in an ongoing engagement ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt and a very active interaction with their business partners. ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt And we certainly benefit from that enormously ltfontgt ltfont color FFFFFF gt that we can pick up the phone at any given time ltfontgt.

What is Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new idea and it's an idea that puts couples right at the centre of the stage in sorting out their disputes and it can be used by divorcing couples or unmarried couples and sorting out their problems too, and if a couple decide to engage in the collaborative process they decide how the process is run and they decide what they want to achieve. Now if you go to court you're putting your affairs in the hands of a judge and a judge will decide. If you do collaboratively.

You will tell your lawyers what it is you want to achieve you may have made slightly unusual situation or an unusual desire that you both want to achieve for example your main wish might be to keep your children in a feepaying school that's our number one priority how do you achieve it and the lawyers will help you achieve that outcome and working out all of the other issues around it. So in terms the actual process if you engage in collaborative law you and your spouse with the two lawyers.

Will enter into a series of what's called fourway meetings and everyone meets and they talk about all the issues openly candidly constructively and with the view to achieving an arrangement over financial matters and often arrangements for children during that process. One of the great benefits of collaborative law is it can be a very quick process I've known whole financial settlements be resolved within a matter of a few weeks or months. And the other great thing about collaborative law it means you're dealing with matters face to face it your husband or your wife.

Gigi Gorgeous Male to Female in 3 Years Gender Transition

Have you ever thought about getting a sex change Honestly when I was younger and I was like playing with girls at recess and like Skipping rope with them and stuff like that I always used to think like oh my God I'm a girl trapped inside like this boy's body like I need to get a sex change when I get older like I'm just a girl right like I don't like doing with the boys do but that when I got older I was like Oh my God what was I thinking like.

I like being a boy you know what I'm saying like Just because I wear makeup and just because I like wearing girls clothes does not mean that I want to be a girl. Singing I won't pretend that I'm Someone else for all time When will my reflection show who I am inside When will my reflection show who I am inside I've been getting a lot of questions if I've changed my Instagram name and yes I have oh girl, yes I have changed my Instagram name from Gregory Gorgeous to the Gigi Gorgeous.

I think it's way more me and I love it This tutorial is kinda me just telling you guys that I want to be female I have felt for a very long time now that I was a girl trapped inside of a boy's body And that's why I haven't been really updating you guys I finally feel at home and at peace with the person that I am now This certain procedure kinda pertains to my transition It was just something that I wanted to have over with and wanted to do.

Just so I never had to worry about it again So what I'm talking about is my tracheal shave which is my Adam's apple It's a very very intense procedure Basically what the procedure does is it takes an Adam's apple kinda protruding out at the side of your neck. It's a very unattractive not very feminine quality on a woman's neck. I mean on a man's neck you never even really think about it But on a woman it's not cute From top to bottom what I got done was.

My hairline was lowered my brow was shaved, I had a mini eyebrow lift rhinoplasty And my chin was shaved down One of the things that also changed and also kinda pertains to my new look and kinda like a new start for me my name change which official now and I'm so excited A process that takes forever let me just tell you I don't really want to show the form because it has like all my information on it but my name is now legally Gigi and I have never.

The 40 Year Old Virgin 28 Movie CLIP Man O Lantern 2005 HD

That feels warm. David l like your sweater. Does that come in a Vneck Cal She starts doing his pubes, l'm out of here. Jay You gonna look good after this, man. Thanks, man. So, ready Yeah. speaks foreign language screaming You fucker! l'm sorry. That's just your job. You want me to stop now No. It's okay. Let's do another one. That one little patch Iooks sexy though. Does it look good Cal Yeah, it looks really good. exclaiming David It looks mantastic. Andy Okay. Wow! l didn't expect that at all. l really didn't expect that.

Jay You got it. The first one is the only one that hurts. Yeah. Those hairs are pretty deep. Okay. You ready Yup. speaks foreign language screaming Sucker motherfucker! You shithead! l hate you! l hate you so much! That one hurt. That one hurt just as much as the first one. That's great, man. Man! exhaling One, two, three. grunting Fuck me! ln the asshole! Andy exclaiming l'm sorry. l'm sorry. l really don't swear this much. You know what, l got a weak stomach. That's all l can really take. l'll see ya'll.

Andy y. Be tough, Andy, you got it. Where did Jay go David He went to throw up. Ready Yup. One, two. gasping Cocksucker motherfucker! You pulled on two. Why didn't you pull on three Freddy pie hole! Andy exclaiming in Spanish No! Kelly Clarkson! screaming Andy screaming Ya'll done or ya'll That's fucked up. Andy Oh, shit falls! That's fucked up. l hate you. Stop smiling, you jerk! You pussy. Oh, God. What's next You're doing the nipple. Cal Not the nipple. Come on. Not the nipple. Please, Cal, hold my hand.

Men Watch Porn With Porn Stars

I'm sweating and it's not even that hot in here, I just think I'm so nervous. laughs Hi, I'm Paris Kennedy. I'm Danny Wylde, and I am a porn star. My name's Zack, and I'm definitely not a porn star. I'm about to watch some porn with Allie Haze, that she stars in. I'm a straight guy, and I'm about to watch some gay porn. I don't really watch straight porn that often. I don't know if this is the point where I admit.

That like I feel like I've almost definitely seen a porn with you in it before. My expectations are pretty high. This is a really old scene. Oh, excuses, here come excuses. both laugh I do act quite a bit in this. It's broken down as Intro, Blow Job, Sex 1, Sex 2. I also just noticed, this is one take, that's insane, that's like Birdman. No kissing You just going for it girl. Just go for it. I'm sorry, I just keep getting distracted by this frame,.

It's just kind of like flesh. We went from just nice kissing to there's a peepee. I think it's awesome that porn stars say peepee. Little spank. It's getting good. Do they direct you to do the spank or was that just like, nah, I'm in it, I'm feeling it. It was in the script. Weiner's out you guys. Do you like it when they talk to you Yeah, I do. Like, hey baby. You're like really good at sucking dick.

Thank you, oh my god, that means a lot. I'm impressed. Oh, there's three guys here. Yes. There's so many just like, appendages. That's a really big penis. This is amazing, all you guys have beautiful penises. Thank you. How much time do you guys sit before and like draw this out like a football play It's up to the camera guy really. Your abs must be killer. Like your core strength, holy shit. You're in the gym just like, yeah.

That's a typical one. Look at how much you're sweating, holy crap. The roller skates are making me taller, so he has to be on his tippy toes. Are you being spitroasted I don't have a dick in my butt. Are most porn stars like circumcised or not circumcised, is that I'm actually not circumcised. I could tell, I did. That is something I was able to tell very quickly. Oh wow, oh my god! laughs We are really going for it right now.

How well do you know these, these guys I just met them. That's seems very professional. Oh, that I just met them and And you just dive right in. Yeah, totally. I would be nervous if I had to do like a kissing scene. Girl, does that not hurt It doesn't take a toll on you physically I know my body well enough that when I'm ready to be done, I'm like, timeout. You do this, clapping and I'll just wet slapping.

That's basically what's happening in our ears right now. And then like some moans. Do you have to like do that to your coochycat No, it's kinda just for the visual, for the viewer. Like are you enjoying this Let's freeze on this closeup of your testicles. This is almost like abstract art. I could see that like hung up in some old persons apartment and they don't even know what it is. It's not my, my style. But I appreciate it. laughs I get it.

I'm pretty familiar with all the equipment that you guys are working with. You know he's about to cum, laughs It's true. Cause they do a little fade. It's totally true. It'll show it like five times, like in slow motion. Okay. He's gonna cum on the roller skates. He's cumming laughs Oh, wow. All right, well that was a thing we did. I think it's really interesting, like to hear like, how these actually get put together. You know it's not as awkward as I thought it would be.

He's a normal guy, he's just a dude. I commend you for actually sitting here, and doing that, cause I couldn't sit next to somebody and be like, watch me have sex. laughs I would be worried they'd be like, you like it like that, that's what you do I'm not gonna lie, I have a little like softie. Oh wow. That's like such a big compliment from a gay guy, like I wanna cry right now. I'm glad my first time watching was with you.

Spa915 In the News! Walk against domestic violence.

It takes a brave step to walk away from a bad, potentially deadly relationship. Not everyone can. Maria Sanchez My own daughter was killed as a result of domestic violence. From city hall to the halls of justice, hundreds walk out on behalf of those still struggling to do so in their own lives. The Center Against Family Violence. Stephanie Karr We have had 900 persons stay in our shelter in the last 12 months. is right there with them. And so is Spa 915. Dave Williams We are going to team up with the centers against family violence to.

Set up a time to do massages and facials for the people who are staying within their center in order to just let them feel special. Stephanie Karr We experienced about a 20 increase in the number of people that stayed in our shelter and a 60 increase in the number of shelter days we provided. Dave Williams Everybody deserves a chance to feel special and maybe some of these people haven't felt that way in a long time and if we can provide that for them, then it is a.

Parenting Family Advice How to Adopt Your Stepchild

Hello, have you ever considered adopting your step child Well I'm Dr Felicia and I have a few tips for you in that area. When you want to adopt a step child depending on what age the child is, the courts will become involved it's a legal process you that you need to go through. One of the requirements is that the birth father actually sign over rights to the child as well. Sometimes this is a problem, sometimes the original birth parent or birth father denies wanting to sign over or sometimes they're just missing in action.

And you can't actually find them to get the signature. This is true weather it's the mother or the father who left the family. In either case, when you're adopting a step child it should be discussed openly in the family. It should be discussed between you and the original birth parent that, that is remaining so that they, well everyone has the same set of rules is what they expect from the adoption. And of course most children are very glad to be adopted and have somebody love them to that degree. The adoption rules need to.

Be set out by your attorney and of course you will have to go through the court process, there's a lot of paper work involved but it's doable. I have personally been in the court room when many families have received their final papers of adoption and it's a very joyful moment in time, and everyone goes out to celebrate. So becoming a family unified in the sense of the sanction of the law is very meaningful to many. So I encourage you to go ahead with the process, when you're considering adopting your step child but do know that there's a.

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