3 Things To Know Before Getting into a Relationship

Heya playas, have you ever dated someone for a while and had them turn around and say, so what are we A question like that can be scary, especially if you don't want a relationship. So, are some of the things that you should you do or look out for before becoming their boyfriend or girlfriend I'm gonna explain that in just a second. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watching The Josh Speaks. Sometimes, and this happens more often when you're younger. The only options you see in your life are being single or in a relationship. However,.

The very first thing you should do before you commit to anything is spend some time building that attraction with them by dating. Dating simply means spending some one on one time with the person so you can really know them better. It's really easy to become infatuated with someone's looks but ask yourself, deep down do you really know who they are Guys often make the mistake of interpreting a girls hotness as her being perfect girlfriend material. While girls make the mistake of reading into a guys alpha qualities on that.

First date as that beginning how he's always gonna be with her. But learning about a person takes time and even when you feel like you may know them, you really don't just yet. You haven't seen how they react under stress, you don't know if they're gonna comfort you when you're having a bad day and plus, you really don't know if they're only dating you because they think you're hot. As a side note, I made a tutorial a while back all about why guys usually don't commit to relationships so if you wanna learn more about that, check.

Out the tutorial right here. The second thing you should do is get to know what their life is like outside of just you two. It's easy to be caught up in the moment of how you guys are together but this person has friends and hobbies and things that they're committed to and all of those things don't involve you just yet. Knowing the other side of a person will help you get to see if they're social, do they have a good relationship with their parents, do they have a lot of enemies, or do they do drugs So make sure you don't get.

Sucked into the romance of how someone acts when they're only around you. Keep in mind all these other factors are going to become a part of your life if you go out with them so it's important to know if you integrate well with them. Keep in mind, all these other factors are going to become a part of your life if you choose to go out with them, so you have to make sure you integrate well with them. And the third thing you should do is get to know what that person needs in a relationship, trust me dating someone doesn't give you a.

Full scope of who they are and what they're gonna need. It's important to talk about these things beforehand like what are their pet peeves, how often do you guys want to see each other and do you want to be exclusive. One thing to remember is that being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to be exclusive, just make sure to communicate your needs and to find out what their needs are as well. Meaning if you want to spend holidays and birthdays with people but you also want to see other people on the side, just make sure to communicate.

That with the person and see if they're open to that concept. What do you think What do you feel you need to know about a person before you decide to make them your boyfriend or girlfriend Leave your comment below so we can talk about it. So if you're dating someone and they ask you hey, so where do we stand That means you've been doing the three things that I mentioned or you just weren't clear enough from the beginning about what you wanted. Being in a relationship isn't a bad thing, but hurting someone is. So always be honest,.

Always be real to yourself and always leave people better off than how you found them. As always, love and peace. Hey thanks for watching, if you're new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button below, I make a new tutorial every Tuesday on a range of different topics including self help, dating, philosophy and more. If you like my tutorials and want to see the channel grow, make sure to join me over on Patreon where you can donate every single month to help me make more tutorials for you guys and to pump out the best content.

Questions About Love Relationship Survey Dr Pillai Helps Answer Your Relationship Questions

Dr. Pillaigtgt In the beginning, the male and female were both in one body and they were split into two halves by an angry God. And ever since they were split into two, each separated part is looking for the other part. In other words the male is looking for the female and vice versa, in order to feel the wholeness. This is the story we get it in Plato's Symposium where Socrates has been given this information from, I believe Diatema. Why am I talking about this This is very interesting. I am here at the breakfast table.

Somebody requested I should do so tutorial clips on relationship, because this is the major problem in human life. Although I have researched on it quite a bit for 10 years, writing a Master of Letters dissertation, and a PhD dissertation on relationship, I have never done any work creating a tutorial clip. So I have decided that I would spend some time on it and create some courses. And first I would like you to send questions for which you are seeking answers in relationship so I can do something to help you out in relationship.

Issues. I'll be very precise. I'll give you an example. Many years ago I gave a mantra for relationship, because I don't believe in discussing it too much, but right away I gave a mantra for relationship. There was a guy who just wrote to me and said, he used the Kleem mantra, and he was able to attract a lot of girls, and he was haunted by girls wherever he went. But the problem in his case was he's gay. So he wanted a gay mantra for relationship to attract men, so I gave one. So, it's all on the YouTube, you may want.

How To Go From Dating to Being in a Relationship

Heya playa, have you ever wanted to be in a relationship so bad that as soon as someone you liked came into your life, you immediately made them your boyfriend or girlfriend Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't unless you identify these 3 things to determine whether or not they're boyfriend or girlfriend material. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watching The Josh Speaks. I want you to think about the last relationship you had. Was it a short one or a long one Did you guys break up because you got bored or because you kept fighting.

With each other There are a lot of reasons why a relationship may not work but what I want you to focus more on is how to screen someone to see if it will. The first thing you're going to focus on is developing a real connection with them. This is what's going to happen when you start spending time one on one in really building out that relationship. Connecting with someone is something that can be kind of confusing to understand, so I'm going to lay it out for you in as simple terms as I can. When you find someone you.

Like, don't spend all your time living inside your head trying to figure out whether or not they like you too, walk up to them, talk to them and show off your charming and confident personality. By them seeing this carefree, nonchalant, go with the flow, having the good time side of you, they're also going to gain those feelings of relaxation and be able to open up to you too. Connecting with someone is not word vomiting all of your feelings to them, it's showing that in person you like them through what you do and not what you.

Say. Once the building blocks of connectivity are laid down on the ground, it's important to start getting involved in each others lives outside of the other person. Yes, I know you want to spend every waking moment of every single day with them but it's important to spend time outside of just you and them, and to get to know the other people, events and things going on in their life. The last thing you want to do is start a relationship with someone that hates your friends, finds them boring, thinks what you do isn't cool and.

Just doesn't have a good time around your world. If you're running into problems before you even become boyfriend and girlfriend, then maybe it's a sign that it's not meant to be. But, assuming all goes well, you guys are really connecting, enjoying each others friends and family life, and you really start to see a spark growing, there's one more thing you need to know. It's incredibly important to get to know what they want out of the relationship. Are they the kind of person that wants to say I love you every single day Walk each.

Other to class Or even write notes for one another Talk beforehand about what you guys want from each other in the relationship before you make it official. Because the last thing you want to do is get into a relationship, realize this person doesn't work for you and then awkwardly break up with each other. And if things just don't work out between you two, that's ok. Don't force yourself to go out with them if you're just feeling lonely or if you've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before. If you're still hungry for knowledge.

And you want to learn a few more things before getting into a relationship, check out my tutorial right here where I talk about different tips that you should know in case the person says something to you like so, what are we. What do you think though, what advice would you give to someone to let them know before they get into a relationship Leave your comment below and we'll talk about it. If you're new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I put out a new tutorial every Tuesday where I share tips and advice on how.

Do I Need To Be in a Relationship To Be Happy

Heya playa, have you ever felt like you needed to be in a relationship just to be happy There are many people who often feel this way. But today I'm gonna answer the question do you need to be in a relationship to be happy You'll find out right after this. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watching The Josh Speaks. If there's anyone to blame for this idea, it's the fault of the culture we live in. We're told with movies and tv shows, that every single one of us has a ying to our yang and when we find them, we're finally gonna.

Be happy. But that's not exactly true because what they mean is companionship and that can come in many different forms. You don't need to have a significant other to have a companion. Your companion could be something like your friends, your pets, your family or even your coworkers. A shared companionship is simply when two or more people have a special bond together where they feel like yeah, these people get me. But lets also not get happiness confused with companionship, because they may cross over but they're not exactly the.

Same. It's very easy to get sucked into the desire of wanting to be in a relationship. For example, you might be walking around and see everyone else with a partner and that may make you feel kind of lonely. Don't get me wrong though, being in a relationship can bring you happiness, as long as the relationship is healthy. How you and your partner cross over into each others lives will determine whether or not your relationship is codependent or interdependent. A codependent relationship is not healthy one. It's when two people are.

Constantly fighting over insecurities, jealousy and feel like they always need to monopolize their partners time. An interdependent relationship is a healthy one. It's when both partners feel comfortable sharing their time together as well as time apart. In an interdependent relationship, you work as a team, you share responsibility. There isn't jealousy or insecurity, and you feel like it's ok to allow your partner to spend time by themselves. So if you're not in a relationship and you're not happy, is there any hope for you Absolutely, what I want you to do is build a strong sense of independence. For example, set plenty of goals.

For things you want to accomplish and push yourself to go out and meet new people. I go more in depth on how to be happy with yourself in this tutorial right here where me and my friend Tanja talk about how we achieve happiness on our own and how you can do it too. What do you think, do you feel unhappy because you're not in a relationship Leave your comment below and we'll talk about it. If you're new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I put out a new tutorial every Tuesday sharing tips and advice teaching you.

Relationship Problems Are Due To Ancestors Unhappiness Ending Suffering Part 3

Dr. Pillaigtgt Relationship Problems are also due to the ancestor's unhappiness. The ancestors may have passed away with these problems, either the father's side or the mother's side. So that issue will also become your issue. Even if you don't get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or your married life is troublesome in relationship, it's due to the unhappiness of the ancestors who passed away with this problem. So no matter what you do to address this problem through external means, or rationalistic means, such as going to Psychologists and Counselors they will provide only a very limited and temporary solution. The root cause.

For relationship problems is the unhappiness of the ancestors who died with this problem, and they are coming to this earth plane during this time of Mahalaya'. So you can also do special programs, or Tarpanam, with this clear Intent of calling upon those ancestors who died with those problems and help them to solve it in the space where they are now temporarily residing, and once their problems are solved, then your problem will be solved. How do we solve their problem Just the offering done will do the job. So it's important for those.

Billionaires and Radical Hope Thoughts from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. So I spent last week in Davos, Switzerland, which most of the time is a fairly standard alpine ski village. There are souvenir shops, babies in sleds, horse restaurant cults and, you know, alps. But one week a year, Davos is taken over by the World Economic Forum, a strange and wondrous throng of CEOs, world leaders, scientists and a lot of security guards who are ostensibly coming together to improve the state of the world. Much of the action happens behind closed doors where, like, EU and American diplomats try to hammer out.

A compromise over Internet privacy concerns, for instance, or CEOs work out business deals. But the whole town is transformed for this week into a fevered pitch for investment and growth and change. We're told to Think India , but also Think Mexico and Kazakhstan and particular regions of India and also think Salesforce and Microsoft and Accenture and Bank of America. And on and on. There was an intensity to the whole thing I've never really felt before. It was a week of business and politics and activism smashing together. And everyone seemed to feel that they could actually change history.

Like, increase prosperity, achieve gender parity, educate the world. And of course there's something naive about all that, but as I heard an artist say at one point in Davos, Perhaps naivete isn't something to be ashamed of, but something to embrace. The other thing Davos gets a lot of flak for is its elitism and there was a weird, wealthy provincialism about some of the people I met. For instance, they kept asking me where I was based, rather than where I lived, as if the life of a Davos man, and they are overwhelmingly male,.

Was too international and sophisticated to just, like, live somewhere. And then when I explained that I lived in Indianapolis, people almost always asked, Why I resisted the urge to say, Partly because of people like you, asking questions like that. In general, I found the social hierarchies of it all exhausting at times, like of all the ways the billionaire class could have organized their social order, they seemed to have chosen as a model the American middle school. And yet, it was wonderful. It was wonderful to see so many people attending concise and clear minded.

Discussions of why climate change is happening and how it's going to change human and nonhuman life. It was wonderful to see the global goals posted everywhere, reminding us of the commitments that we have made to ourselves. And it was wonderful to meet with representatives of Save The Children and the UN's Refugee Agency to learn about the big challenges of improving the healthcare and education of the world's most vulnerable people. Also, I learned tons about everything from virtual reality movies being made in refugee camps to research being done on peer learning, to the perils of economic inequality.

And one particular recommendation After I met the filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy at Davos, I watched her Oscar nominated documentary about honor killing in Pakistan and it is one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. Right, but anyway Hank, all week long I kept think about Khurram Hussain who was a father living in the Annawadi slum in Mumbai, and at one point in her book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Katherine Boo reports Hussain as saying, Everybody in Annawadi talks like this Oh, I will make my child.

A doctor, a lawyer, and he will make us rich. It's vanity, nothing more. Your little boat goes west and you congratulate yourself, 'What a navigator I am!' and then the wind blows you east. Again and again at Davos, I found myself up against the ancient question of whether people make history or history makes people, and how power and poverty shape our answers. Now I know this is easier to say from a privileged position up high in the Alps, but I do believe that human progress is possible, even if it isn't inevitable.

And I remain both convinced of and deeply moved by the radical hope that has defined so much human effort over the millennia. For me, this is actually typified by Sharmeen's movie, which inspired the prime minister of Pakistan to finally, belatedly denounce honor killing, which is a small but real step toward a better world. Hank, in the coming weeks, I'm going to look at some of the big problems I left Davos thinking about Income inequality, climate change, the refugee crisis, and the ways that gender inequality affect poverty.

Why Love Is So Good For Your Health

Humans are social creatures. We live together in cities and crave being close to one another. But is being social actually good for our health Hey guys, Amy here on DNews. Some not great news for single folk. According to a 2002 review in the American Journal of Sociology, uncoupled people have higher levels of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment problems, and demonstrate suicidal behaviour more frequently than their coupled counterparts. And it's not just from crippling loneliness that comes with spending night after night on the couch with a growing number of cats. Coupled people really do have a health advantage.

Like less pain. A 2010 study published in PLoS ONE found that feelings of euphoria associated with romantic love active the brain's reward system and reduces physical thermal pain. The study had lovestruck participants less than nine months into a new relationship hold a heat block. They were then asked to complete three tasks look at pictures of their significant other, look at pictures of equally attractive strangers, and complete a wordassociation distraction task that has been shown to reduce pain. Participants reported less pain with both the partner pictures and the distraction test, but only the partner pictures activated.

Areas of the brain associated with reward systems suggesting love really is a drugfree pain remedy. Being in love especially when you're nuts about someone in the early phases of a relationship releases hormones in the brain that actually make you happier. According to a 2010 study by the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, brains in relationships produce cortisol, a stress hormone that regulates and moderates the effects of stress on the body. Romantic love also activates dopaminerich areas in the brain according to a 2005 study in the Journal of Neurophysiology. These are the parts of the brain associated with reward,.

Desire, addiction and euphoric states, so basically all those things that make you feel amazing. Which is just a great thing overall. A 2000 study by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, found that people in longterm relationships simply live longer, and that's even when adjusted for socioeconomic factors. So, great! But kinda depressing for singles good thing friendships are also really important! Our social inclinations mean that we support each other in living the best lives we can, helping us stick with healthy diets, encouraging us to follow exercise routines, and also promoting.

Vital relaxation by just spending social time together. There have been dozens of studies that say satisfying relationships with family and friends have similar health benefits to being in love. Strong friendships have been found to relieve stress, which in turn contributes to healthy coronary arteries, gut function, insulin regulation, and immune system. Having a network of important relationships can also make a difference in the elderly, reducing the risk of dementia in people over 75. Like everything in our lives, the quality of these relationships matter. The most positive, healthy relationships and friendships will have the best benefits for our health while.

Toxic friendships with negative people will have the reverse effect. Some research has even found that couples going through big fights have lowered immune systems. And it's not just preventative medicine that relationships are good for. People with strong relationships are 50 more likely to survive a lifethreatening illness than people with weaker ones. There's nothing wrong with leaning on friends if you're going through rough times. It might save your life. So taking time to invest and maintain the best relationships in your life isn't just good for your social life, it's good for your health for the rest of your life.

And if you're thinking of letting that special loved one know just how much you appreciate how much they make your whole life better, remember that Kay Jewelers is the number one jewelry store in America. So real friends are great! But it turns out, Internetfriends are pretty good for your health, too. We explore those relationships a little more in this tutorial right here. We'll put a link in the description for those of you on mobile. How have good friends impacted your life Let us know in the comments below and don't.

Why Do China And Pakistan Love Each Other

In April 2015, China's President signed an agreement with Pakistan, starting construction on the future ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor. This project is a series of roads, railways, and gas and oil pipelines running roughly 1,800 miles between the two countries, giving China a direct path to the Indian Ocean. For decades, the two countries have supported each other politically, economically, and militarily. With so much cooperation, why do China and Pakistan love each other Well, relations between the two countries go back to the Chinese Civil War, where Communist forces took over Mainland China, while the existing government fled to Taiwan. Pakistan.

Was the first Muslim country to recognize the new Chinese government, and break ties with the one in Taiwan. Since that time, China and Pakistan have forged an important regional relationship. On one side, Pakistan provides an important link for China to the United States, as well as Muslim countries in the area. In fact, Pakistan was instrumental in facilitating President Richard Nixon's first visit to China in 1972. This visit shifted the balance of the Cold War, and allied Communist China with the US, and against the Soviet Union. On the other side, China provides a cultural and political barrier against India.

In the region, preventing it from gaining too much influence in East and Central Asia. In addition to linking foreign relations, the two powers militarily depend on each other. With a free trade agreement, Pakistan buys more Chinese weapons than any other country, accounting for half of China's arms sales. In April 2015, China sold 8 submarines to Pakistan for $5 billion dollars, China's largest arms sale ever. Additionally, some, including Chinese diplomats, have compared their relationship to that of the US and Israel. In international relations, the two countries support each other unilaterally.

While China backs Pakistan's claim in the Kashmir region against India, Pakistan advocates for China's authority in regions like Tibet and Taiwan. A Pakistani ambassador described their friendship as higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight, sweeter than honey, and so on. The two also have economic dependence. China is Pakistan's second largest trade partner, and a huge investor in Pakistani infrastructure and shipping routes. The two countries trade roughly 10 to 12 billion dollars a year as of 2013. But in particular, Pakistan is the.

Only Muslim nation known to possess nuclear weapons, and the majority of its missile and nuclear materials have reportedly come from China. Clearly, China and Pakistan's relationship is mutually beneficial. In fact, more Pakistanis hold a favorable view of China than any other foreign country. Throughout their mutual histories, the two have relied on and strengthened each other. In the coming years, their development goals will be intertwined, with billions in shared development. Together both China and Pakistan are expected to grow, fueled by one another. China and Russia are also fierce allies, but they weren't always. Find out how they got.

5 Ways To Help Someone with Depression

Heya playas, depression is not an easy thing to go through. It can take a toll on your mind, your body and your relationships. So what do you do if you're the one dealing with a depressed person Well, in this tutorial I'll give you 5 things to focus on to help someone dealing with depression. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watching The Josh Speaks. One of the most important things to know when dealing with someone with depression is to always take care of yourself. Your mind may be constantly shifting over to think about.

Them and how they feel but, you won't be able to offer full support if you lack the energy to do so. It's the same reason why when on an airplane they always ask you to put your oxygen mask on first and then the children.You can't help them unless you're fully capable to do it. Depression is stressful but you don't have to help them all alone, always be willing to get help from others. There are plenty of communities, forums and even YouTubers like Scott from Depression to Expression. As long as that persons depression continues,.

You keep reaching out for support. Because it'll make all the difference to them knowing that you're doing everything you can to try to help them. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a verbal attack by someone with depression, realize that it's not your fault. They may be hurt or scared or are just simply expressing their feelings and it happens to be in a not so positive way. You might end up taking offense to what they say and it's ok to feel that way but it just means that you'll have to be extra aware of the.

Fact that this is not how they truly feel. Don't blame yourself for why they're depressed, instead focus on doing everything you can to bring their spirit back up. You know, you're freakin' crazy! God, why are you so bipolar You know, you're just a miserable person all the time. These are only some of the things people say sometimes to people who are depressed and guess what, it does nothing to help the situation. Instead, try to learn about depression so you won't be thrown off guard when someone starts to feel.

It. I highly recommend you check out Depression to Expression, Scott shares numerous techniques on dealing with depression and finding calm and peaceful ways to live with it. And finally, you're human too so always be open with that person about your limitations. Don't be afraid to talk to that person about how you feel and let them know that sometimes you can't take it anymore. There's this high expectation that somehow you're Superman and no matter what they throw at you, you'll always be able to live with it. If their behavior becomes.

Too severe, then hopefully your openness will be that wake up call for them to seek medical help or to reach out to a clinic. What do you guys think though, have you ever been around someone who was depressed Leave your comments below so we can talk about it. Depression may definitely change the type of relationship you have with someone but as long as both of you can learn to accept the situation and work towards open communication, then I'd say you're both doing everything you can to help each other out. As always guys, love.

Why Guys Wont Commit to Relationships

Heya playas, now the point I want to make today is not reflective for all guys, just 99.9 of them. Girls are always wondering why guys have this hesitancy to commit to a relationship so what I'm going to do today is try to expose the secret reason as to why guys are afraid to go from being single to in a relationship. Right off the bat I'll tell you that different people sometimes want different things. Some people are ready for a commitment after only dating for a few weeks, others can take years. So what is the waiting.

Process and how does it work for guys and girls I mean what's going on in their heads Well, when a person's single there's quite a few things that's helping them keep it that way. It could be because they enjoy playing the field and having multiple partners, they could just be more focused on their own personal growth or the saddest reason, they could just have zero luck with dating. Either way the majority of us can come to this point of realization. That when we're single, life is like a baron desert but when we're close to being in a.

Relationship, oh boy, it's like everyone can smell it on us. And this could make the decision to settle down with a person a hell of a lot harder to do. Ha, you know what they say. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free Why tie the knot when you can just use a stapler Why buy a GPS when you can just use your phone Why don't these analogies make sense anymore The point is, the reason people are hesitant to jump into things is.

Because that means denying the opportunity for others. But hold on, that can't be the only reason. To be in a relationship means to be exclusive with this person. That you chose them over anyone else. That's where the fear of failure comes in. You see, if your like me, you're in your head way too much and you're constantly analyzing what it would take for you to be in a relationship. The rational approach would be to take the pros and cons and see how this person is gonna be influential in your life. To take note.

Of any red flags that may pop up later in the relationship and to see whether or not your love life is important to where you stand right now. The emotional approach is to measure how this person makes you feel when you're with them and not with them. If you find yourself thinking about them when they're not there, that's a surefire sign that you want to be with them. To have them to hold you and to coddle you and to keep that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Both of these sound like reasonable ways to approach a relationship so why is.

There hesitancy The real reason is that both partners are not on the same page. One is looking at it purely logically and the other is looking at it with raw emotion. And this could make things very difficult for the couple moving forward. One partner may want to get into the relationship quicker while the other feels they need to take baby steps to build a strong foundation. No person ever wants to hear the phrase I need more time to figure it out because it leads us to think one of three things. You just wanna keep dating other.

People on the side. You obviously don't value or care about me enough or you're just not mature enough to be in a relationship. All in all I think it comes down to this. Anyone that matters to you is worth fighting for. That doesn't mean putting them first above everything else in your life, it means understanding their role as your friend. To give them the assurance that it's ok that they haven't made the exact same decision as you yet. Trust me when a guy really likes a girl, he'll make it known. Just give him some time to reach.

That level of commitment cause I can guarantee when he does, he'll be fully immersed in that relationship. Like this tutorial if you want a partner that's going to cherish and respect you. Leave a comment letting me know if a person told you they needed time to commit to a relationship, what would you say And subscribe to the channel to see more dating tutorials and pick up tips or click the playlist here to see them all! As always guys, love and peace. This is the part where I do something embarrassing. We found love in a hopeless.

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