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Well, hello, everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley, and it is a New Year. It is time for a New You. I am ready to better myself, and hopefully, you are ready to better yourself, too. I have some tips and advice on how to live a better life, and hopefully this will help you in your day to day life, in your long term goals. I know that I have really taken these to heart, and it has really changed my life. And one of the coolest things about all of this advice,.

Is that it is not just applicable for the New Year, and even though it is January now, you can view this at any time. So if it's September, these rules still apply. And honestly, I'm just going to put it out there, these tips might change your life. So, are you ready I'm ready. Let's, let's do this. Life Tip Number One Don't. You know what the fuck I'm talking about. It's really annoying, it's not productive. Nobody likes it when you do it. You probably don't like it when you do it either.

Like, honestly, people have told you, Stop it. Knock it off. But you keep on doing it. And nobody is here on this earth for that. Jesus did not die for that. So stop it. I'm not joking. You know what the fuck I'm talking about. Step Number Two Stop talking to them. You know who I'm talking about. They're not productive. They don't turn you into a better person. They are not good people. You don't need them in your life. And in fact, they don't deserve you in their lives, OK.

You are a shining light of heaven above, and they don't deserve that prancing around their essence, OK You do not owe them anything. Just because you know somebody doesn't mean they deserve you in their lives, OK You are allowed to cut people off who are not productive, who do not make you a better person, and who do not make you happy. You know who I'm talking about. Unfollow them on Twitter. Unfollow them on Instagram. Unfriend them on Facebook. You can be cordial in person. Lord have mercy, I would encourage it.

But you do not need them in your life. You do not need them in your social life, and you don't need them in your social media life. So skedaddle fraddle, you don't need them. So these have been my tips for how to live a better life. Hopefully they are as helpful for you as they have been for me. If you liked this advice, be sure to give it a thumbs up, because if you don't, then I'm just going to assume you're a little bitch. laughs And if you do, then I love you forever.

So I think that's like a good reason to just kind of do it. And if you know somebody who needs to hear this advice, why don't you just push the to Tweet button It is right there, it's below. and it'll share it with your Twitter feed. Hopefully, the person that you are passive aggressively tweeting it about will see it, and then it will just become a better world, OK This has been an interesting little tutorial. I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted to make a little tutorial.

Because I was thinking in the shower. I was like, You know what I have bad habits that I want to cut out of my life. And it doesn't matter if it is January first or December whatever. It doesn't matter what day of the year it is, you can make these changes in your life no matter what day you want to. So I'm doing it. And I wanted to encourage you guys to do it. So there you go! But that is all I have for you guys in this tutorial.

abusive relationships

But it makes all the sense of the world because it's like you know after after a white cancer had best in buyer has been she's like he's interested and then you can see the really please need to use an indictment of moon radical in her he'll come after me will talk about your economy hill hill building on the south and it's like anne i don't know how many of women out there if there's women missing has sat across the table not necessarily with you know what one is getting physically abuse that you just emotionally and promoting ilic.

Do you have to leave you have to leave millie inner cities and to really get he's nice he sees that that means that i mean the democrats right now have no clue how abused they're getting 'cause they're so deep ended they're sold buried there needs to be an intervention i don't know how we stayed in events for the democrats that is the only way to to wait them out to snap amount of it this is all of the top analogies of all time marketer four thirty seven pacific time progenitor thirtyfirst two thousand six it's untrue.

Like with the desires it their houses go like like just when she was a lot like i think that and that is exactly the sort that disorder will stick to that in all in what they said their disappearance of security issue when will we break the laws of the war was fine urinals as required and it's just bad news about the cause of the things that we don't have a you when you answer that just because you're right at where we got national security so we would never want to challenge it poses i thought.

I wasn't going to tell a joke but i mean i know we make fun of it but there's nothing really sad about it is it's because it is a true problem that women do have it is a psychological problem can you get abused and happy fall into the trap of thinking you're not worth it enough that you don't have opinions of value that you are a loser and that you need to be led by this and pieces leader and the democrats are in that right now and i don't know at that.

Discussion of Sound Strategies in U.S. Foreign Policy Relations with Iran and Syria

Karana syria have no can spare states us anymore companies are honestly i'm not to launch an invasion of a america enacted to harbor interest as estate over on or syria we will crush that and they know right how can they do harm to us to other forms whether it's it's syria funding pal ko an outdated as the bombing here at like nine eleven yes with syria is not funny alqaeda people exceeded hit us our planet mostly by the saudis and somebody i dare members toolbar biggest allies in the.

Middle east now not officially so that's a little bit different story we have to keep things in checking out on the ship is and the reason i bring that up it is one of our great uturn do we have a deterrent value here we tell the runs through anybody else in the world if you mess with us we are going to run for governor but if we send them instead heads arrives here we know you know funny here we know he didn't hit us we know you have to do with the people in this when.

It hit you anyway that says that terrible message that sends the message of head americafirst is an issue one way or not you don't go down because of how to get you i think it's like i wonder if anyone understands that in the administration clearly bill kristol is not that i would also attitude porter analogues is just the restoring even we think you know this is layoff before uh. syria i'm not saying that this the world is the opposite of what was iran and syria uh. are countries that the united states by the way has always been.

Concern and will continue to cancer but it is simply not so that there are mortal enemies but they're already he's your cousin gaza bill kristol are turning into a circumstance with a one is a foregone conclusion but they're not just our enemies but they're a threat and the threat that must be dealt with and that is not a we cannot permit the united states or the general public to have that conversation on those crack and a friend the conversation as if there are only two choices either we deal with them and that is military action or we do nothing is.

Showing weakness is that and those are not going to adjust is a very real option and that was just this deal with them diplomatically show carrots and sticks what we've done for years for decades that has brought a success in the united states of america and all of our actions in in foreign policy but is that these guys again and supporting what is it was a great opportunity what's happening on this was a great opportunity other time to talk about opportunities guys from project for an american century was is that if there.

Your Friend Getting Dumped Can Be Fun And Profitable!

A new app allows you to bet against your friends relationship it's known as forever not and it has a similar design is tender where you get to your swipe to the left or swipe to the right and you can win actual money based on whether or not by couples days together so let me give you the details it basically shows you a couple and is either a celebrity couple or your friends and you swipe to the left to give the couple a forever rating you swipe to the right for not mean that they're gonna break up.

You can use real money to make bets on their happiness which is so unbelievably sad and by the way calls yet you get real time updates on your phone about their relationship so have they been communicating enough doesn't seem like it's getting a little shaky and it's connected to Facebook because everything in life is connected to base of course yeah I go breaking news had my producer telling us this app was just bought for $19 trillion dollars with big okay no I'm there's a set time and that time is 30 days so if you decide hey you know what.

I think they're gonna break up you have to bet that they're gonna break up before 30 days is up if you think they're gonna last longer than 30 days that's when you swipe to the left and you say uh they're gonna last okay so I love this app I can really wait to gamble on it do you really want updates on someone else's relations I don't but I do wanna make money off it okay yeah I can tell you that our times I've seen relations over why would which ways but did not play left means they're going to be together.

For a while left I mean I'm sorry right is their break it up okay I'm over to the road spoke with the right Butler I've seen couples who might be a thing on us love doing a bulk of it yeah nobody it I didn't know I wouldn't be a bad guy every woman a capitalistic society we want to make money but think about that for a second we over share on social me I know I do and we have third party advertisers I who get our private information and companies like Facebook uncertain aP's.

Make money off us right but now are brown get to make money off it was over sharing as well so I don't know is that a win win is that okay so as much as I love this app because I'm a bad guy n would like a profit of other people's the Missouri miseria I'm I've said countless times on the capitalist again I'm 14 she going to destroy this app right now okay you ready are you can just do fake relationships bet on it and then when a lot of money.

So sorry Baptist right late you good yeah I guess so que haces pretend you're going out with Susie right okay so you on facebook you say oh we're in a relationship break a and then I go I bet they break up to 30 days uh but 1 million dollars had an hour sale edge about but whatever his ago the maxim that Jesus would break off a Suzy and then we make money hmm sorry rights or I think I think this would be a more successful at if they.

Kept it at celebrities because you remembered you can't fake it but it's not as fun with celebrities I think it's fun when your friends are involved right through your true friends by the way your friends or your new Cingular store your house or to the European okay uh a but even for some reason the fun by the way I was a you know I pride myself on getting that right but with celebrities are super easy just answer is always where to order to break up their breakup paper.

Some at our timing but I have alleged nearly long I had you make with a decent amount of money was saving because a pretty good the Julia Roberts would immediately get divorced she still happily married to Danny modrewrite it was Danny motor if there's some camera guy did she think Hamermesh America so good for a good for them you know that's interesting yet we lost money on that app yeah on that on that one good for her no I like hearing that yeah me too you slides don't care.

Rush Limbaugh Super Master Baiter Audio

Now how are we gonna get here how's this graphic going to make sense stay where they stay with me so rush limbaugh talking about how president all bomb a where to go with sisters issue or to see how the cleanup effort is going up a superstar sandeep and a chris christine him walk along sure play some games try to win uh. stuffed a bear i believe and now of course this is a good photo op it's a good for both then scan for the country is good for the jersey.

Unit there where bipartisan moment there were there trying to help people get back on their feet socor for rifling bought had said that is get a criticize it in the starkest terms now this bipartisanship to the media celebrating really bipartisanship here all bombing has money governor christy wants the money governor christine needs the money so that people will be helped so christy praises obama it's uh. master servant relationship that is exactly the kind of bipartisanship that the driveby media wants master servant bipartisan that's what's going on here.

Master servant masters staff and intensity repeat that mass rely it almost seems like he's trying to be chris christie intend not working with president bob come on that would be one map of serbia arrived we tried we tried but look there is something really serious serious notice how rushes consulate in master servicer why does he say that about five times that of what's he going for the reality is he's trying to on his older white conservative listeners insane remember when we used to be the master and being used to be.

The servant now it's with perot and can you believe he that old bomb in the black guys down the master anyone spots i mean the servants you don't want that to you let's go back to the good old days when we were on top because that's how rush and on forcing a lot of his audience views the world master and service master in service where they're the masters and so the way to really rile them up and get them to feel bombing even more is k managing this black nine.

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