Vince McMahons Notes to WWE Announcers Allegedly Surface on Reddit

For Complex News, I'm Sean Evans and late Tuesday night, a long, detailed list of notes for WWE announcers leaked on Reddit. While the WWE hasn't verified their legitimacy, a few of the suggestions, which date as far back as 2008, appear to have been written by Vince McMahon himself. Overall, the notes are a fascinating look at the inner workings of professional wrestling, with emphasis on creating emotional connections between the audience and WWE Superstars. Some of the highlights include Talk about Superstars, what makes them tick. Undertaker demands respect, he will stop.

At nothing to get it, while Triple H lives for the championship. Personal issues are everlasting. no one will forget the AustinMcMahon rivalry, but few will remember who the champion was during those epic struggles. Titles are important, but only as important as we make them. personal issues last forever. Embellish the action. Triple H's head just careened off the announcer's table or Jack Swagger's gut wrench powerbomb is like being thrown from a 12 story building. And a personal favorite A color commentator should never be emasculated by his or her.

If Netflix And Chill Were Honest

Voiceover Do you wanna bang tonight doorbell rings Oh hey, can you stay the fuck in your room I'm pretending like I wasn't frantically cleaning for the past 15 minutes. I tried on seven outfits before I decided on this one. both Bullshit about wine. I've been wine tasting once. Diverting this nervous energy by looking at a screen. I'm putting the burden of choice on you. Oh I'm not accepting that responsibility. Then that case I will offer up five or six.

Very diverse choices to show my intelligence, sense of humor, the fact that I went to college. Comment about that really popular series everyone's talking about on the internet. Yeah. both But starting a series together is a lot of commitment. Who cares, we won't be watching the movie anyway. Oh yes I just wanna make out a lot. And do other stuff. Alright getting ready to be nervous for 20 minutes about when to touch you. And how we decide to sit now.

Will determine a precedent about the rest of our relationship. Ignoring the fact that my arm's gonna be numb in 10 minutes. Oh, too close to your butt. Oh, too close to your vagina. Too close gasps I'm not actually scared, I just wanted to touch your leg. Commenting on the movie to start an overlapping dialogue. I'm answering but I know what you're actually doing considering how close our faces are together. I'm just kinda talking to talk. Angling my face hoping you're gonna take a hint.


Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday. So I really loved your tutorial about perspective, and in the beginning of it, you were like Hank Everybody write in the comment box no math allowed, no Google searches how long ago you think it was a million seconds ago. John And my immediate thought was That's easy. Twelve years. Of course it turns out that it is in fact, twelve days. I'm not very good at measuring time, as longtime Nerdfighters will no doubt remember. Yeah once I acted as if a minute had a hundred seconds in it it's very embarrassing. Anyway.

All that made me think about perspective, and where I was a million imagined seconds ago, so here's a story. I was twentyfour and my longtime girlfriend had just broken up with me, and I was living in Chicago in what had been OUR apartment with what had been OUR cat. And I was pretty depressed. I thought the depression was a result of having been dumped, but in retrospect, getting dumped was probably at least partly a result of the depression. You know, with its incumbentlike obsessive thinking patterns, and selffocus.

And inability to, like, do anything. Also, I was trying to write a novel, but I hadn't written a sentence I liked in more than a year, and while I did have, like, a great job at Booklist magazine, and wonderful colleagues, and friends, and a great family, I was really losing it. Hank, to give you some context, a lot of days the only thing I would eat or drink would be one 2litre bottle of Sprite, which is a bad nutrition strategy on many levels, including the fact that you lose a lot of weight, and despite the.

Lemon and lime flavoring, y you eventually get scurvy. But before I got to the scurvy point, I called my parents one night, and we all agreed that I needed to come home, so I woke up the next morning, and I quit my job. Actually, I tried to quit my job, but the publisher of Booklist, Bill Ott, was like Why don't you just take a leave of absence for a couple weeks, see if you can get well enough to come back to work. Which, in retrospect, is one of the nicest things anyone ever did for me.

Also, he gave me a note, which I still have to this day. John, I stopped by to say goodbye. Hope all goes well and you're back here in two weeks with an appetite that would put a longshoreman to shame. Now more than ever, watch Harvey. Bill. Bill had been bugging me for like three years to watch this old black and white movie, Harvey, so my dad drove up to Chicago and then we drove back to Orlando together, I got into daily therapy, I started taking a much better medication for me, AND. I watched Harvey.

Now Hank, as you know, I'm very suspicious of epiphanies, because I think people have lifechanging revelations all the time, that turn out not to actually change their lives. That said, all I know is that I woke up the morning after watching Harvey feeling a little bit better, and in all the years since, I have never felt quite as hopeless as I did before I watched Harvey. The movie's about this guy, Elwood P. Dowd, whose best friend is a six foot tall, invisible white rabbit, and there is one line in the movie that I think really did change my life.

Elwood says My mother used to tell me that in this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. Well for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. Two weeks later I went back to Booklist, and within six months I handed Eileen Cooper, my mentor, forty singlespaced pages of the story that eventually became Looking For Alaska. Now Hank, I don't want to pretend that everything was rosy. I still missed my exgirlfriend, I was still really screwed up, and those forty singlespaced pages were pretty terrible.

But with a million seconds of perspective or I guess 365 million seconds. I see a life that I am now very grateful to have, beginning to happen. But I didn't know that then, Hank. All I knew was that I was a little less hopeless than I had been. You can't know what an experience will mean to future you, until you are future you. You need millions of seconds of perspective, which ultimately, only time can buy. But until then, there is always the gift of Elwood P. Dowd.

GamerGate in 60 Seconds

GamerGate is a consumer boycott and a call for ethics reform in game industry media. Evidence comes up that a writer at Kotaku gave a game favorable coverage because of a relationship he had. Kotaku says that this isn't true. More evidence comes up proving otherwise and people demand he gets fired. Adam Baldwin shows support by creating the twitter hashtag GamerGate. In response Kotaku and many other sites publish 14 different articles all saying the same thing Gamers are Dead , all on the same day. Readers declare a boycott on these sites and begin contacting their advertisers. To fight.

The stereotype the hashtag NotYourShield is made, because minorities like myself hate having game journalists pretend to speak for us. Especially since some of them are racist. Reddit's rgaming starts censoring all forms of GamerGate discussion. Even 4chan censors GamerGate. This leads to a mass migration to a much better website. Feminist scholar Christina Sommers releases a tutorial debunking the idea that tutorial games make people sexist. Game sites call her conservative. She's a Democrat. Milo Yiannopoulus leaks emails from a private Google group called Game Journo Pros, proving that game journalists collude to shape narratives. Corruption is also exposed in award shows.

Sexual Abuse, Consent, and Culture

Good Morning John. I want to start this off by saying that I am not a doctor, I'm not a counselor, I haven't experienced sexual abuse, I'm just a person with some thoughts that hopefully could be helpful. To someone. Sex is complicated, in like, every way imaginable. This is not aided by the fact that we have a general societal taboo against discussing it. So when we do talk about it, it's often shrouded in metaphors and innuendo and bombasticity. That means a lot of the sexual norms of our.

Culture are mysterious, and we don't actually talk about them we just sort of infer them. I think that's dumb. And that's part of why I helped Nick and Lindsey start sexplanations. I think that our culture has kind of a messed up relationship with sex. We somehow have made these relationships, uh, into, like, predatorprey relationships. Like, one person is the, you know, the cruise missile of desire, and the other one is the sweet, chaste little kitten. And the cruise missile has to get the kitten and the kitten runs away. I don't.

Know why it's a cruise missile and a kitten. I do know, though, that this is a dumb system. I think that a lot of the joy and wonder and excitement of a romantic relationship comes from those moments of excitedly discovering that both parties are into this. We're in we're both into this! That's a great feeling! The attack missilekitten relationship does not encourage that. I wanna be clear, I'm explaining culture but I'm not excusing the behavior. When we're set up to assume that the kitten is gonna run whether the kitten wants the cruise missile.

Or not, that enables abuse. In my opinion this is, I'm sure not all of the reason, but one of of the big reasons why sexual abuse is so common in our culture. Okay, I said sexual abuse, but what what is sexual abuse Legally, the definition has to be very specific, so that it can stand up in court. So it's different state to state, country to country. But for the purposes of having a general definition, let's just say that sexual abuse is when one party is being coerced into doing something sexual that they.

Do not want to do. That can be because the victim is incapacitated, or because the abuser is an authority figure, or because the victim is placed in a dangerous situation where they feel like they don't have the option of saying no or getting out of the situation. The gender of the parties is irrelevant, it can be sex, it can be kissing. If one person doesn't want to be doing what they are doing and they are being coerced or pressured into doing it, then that is abuse. And it is ubiquitous. And it needs to not.

Be, because it holds us back as a culture. We have to rid ourselves of that outdated and rotten conception that sexual relationships are like predatorprey things. Let's zoom in for this. Romantic relationships can be wonderful, but you have to have that magical thing, consent. And not saying no is not the same as saying yes. We need to communicate, we need to be sensitive, we need to talk about what we do and don't want to do, and we have to respect and NOT pressure people when they don't want to do something.

This tutorial is part of a long conversation that is going to continue to be had for a long time. But John and I have some ideas about how to keep it moving. First, we've already started working with a group of nerdfighters, including some survivors of sexual abuse, who will be working as a task force against abuse and assault. Second, we want to produce and fund a series of tutorials that discusses abuse and consent and sexual relationships, especially in light of the new digital world, like where does.

Skype fit into it all, right And third, we're looking to partner with some existing sexual assault organizations to bring their work and their resources into our community, and hopefully into other online communities as well. John, I know we're not gonna fix the whole world but I'm pleased to be in a position where we can at least start to help enable some positive change. I'll see you on Tuesday. If you're in an abusive relationship or you think you might be and you're just not sure, there are links in the description to help you figure out where you're at, and to people.

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