Oi gente! Sobre o que vamos falar hoje meu amor? Ela sabe que o que vamos falar hoje pode ser um pouco tenso Pode ser um pouco delicado porque hoje vamos falar sobre cimes Mais ao ponto, Angelis ciumenta Ela toda ciumenta.

Eu tenho cime porque eu gosto de cuidar do que meu O que meu? Meu amor Ela meu amor Cime cuidar, proteger, voc protege coisas que voc gosta Proteo, voc no quer ningum tocando, ou algum mexendo com suas coisas Eu acho que meu amor super importante pra mim.

Ento eu gosto de cuidar Eu e Nina temos uma situao, acho que foi a primeira situao que realmente brigamos por causa de cimes Porque tinha uma mulher que tipo. aquela mulher piriguete Tipo, ela sabe que a Nina casada.

Ns estvamos numa festa E ela comeou a tocar na Nina tocar aqui, tocar ali e olhar pra mim Somos casadas e eu achei que aquilo era tipo inacreditavel Eu estava completamente fora de mim Como algum toca minha esposa e ela no fala nada sobre isso?.

Se algum estiver me tocando vou sentir na hora e falar: no me toca! tipo voc louco? Sou casada E a Nina no faz isso e eu acho que isso o problema do meu cime Voc precisa ter autoridade e dizer no me toca Sou casada No faa isso comigo, respeite.

E a nina no fala e isso me deixa louca Eu no falei naquele momento porque eu no senti E eu digo, eu falo toda vez Do em cima de mim no trabalho toda hora e eu falo: Sai, eu vou embora Tipo no , sabe Em festas com os amigos dela que ela pode falar e.

No, mas com amigos. amigos que Nem mesmo, tem pessoas que so amigos prximos que vem e me pegam e tal E voc enlouquece Sempre acontece e Nina tem alguns amigos que eu digo mas que porra Voc precisa respeitar sabe eles no so meus amigos E eles vm, tocam o bumbum dela, tocam os seios dela.

Fomos na ltima parada de orgulho eles estavam tipo tocando ela Ok, aquela mulher tinha namorada mas pra mim isso no respeito Eu concordo Voc precisa respeitar Se algem tem namorada, casada, voc tem que respeitar No toque algum que tem algum, sabe.

How to Deal With Jealousy In Your Marriage

Good day , brad browning here welcome to another of my marriage saving advice tutorials. This time around, Ill be talking about jealousy, and how to control jealousy in your relationship. This is a huge topic that definitely cant be covered fully in a single tutorial, so Im just going to scratch the surface and give you some key tips for dealing with jealousy. You probably wont be surprised to hear that jealousy is an issue for many, many married.

Couples. in fact, a recent study of canadian marriage counselors found that one third of all couples who attended counseling cited jealousy as a primary cause of their marriage problems. So, clearly, jealousy is a major problem for a lot of married couples. Lets talk about some ways you can keep jealousy issues in check and avoid it from damaging your marriage. Before we jump into that, though, I want to explain the difference between normal, healthy.

Jealousy the kind of benign jealousy thats present in almost every romantic relationship and unhealthy jealousy, which is often irrational and highly toxic to a marriage. Healthy jealousy stems from a sincere care and commitment to a relationship. This is the kind of completely natural jealousy that we all suffer from occasionally and its not something you should be worried about. Recognize that its perfectly normal to feel a jolt of jealousy when you see your partner laughing and enjoying a conversation.

With someone of the opposite sex we feel these kind of emotions because were invested in the relationship with our partners, and we are essentially guarding our territory. Its when people begin to act on these emotions, or when jealousy becomes irrational, that things move into the unhealthy sphere. Irrational jealousy is more serious and tends to be a chronic issue that can erode the fabric of a marriage. If your marriage is on a downhill slide as a result of jealousy problems, please visit my website, MarriageGuy , and.

Watch the free presentation on the homepage. in it, i reveal some littleknown facts about marriage and offer some tips on how to begin rebuilding a healthier, happier marriage one free of jealousy that will stand the test of time. Again, the URL to watch that free tutorial is MarriageGuy . OK, so, lets talk about irrational jealousy the kind of jealousy thats really bad news for any relationship. This kind of jealousy can have a lot of different causes, usually.

Related to insecurity of low selfesteem. im not going to go into the psychology behind it, but its important to note that most people who develop jealousy issues often have underlying insecurities resulting from past experiences. Whatever the cause may be, if YOU are the person who struggles with jealousy issues, then you have the ability to make changes to your behaviour that will put these problems to rest.

The first step is to acknowledge your jealousy issues and the damage theyre causing to your marriage. Since youre watching this tutorial right now, then I assume youve done this already, so congratulations on taking the big first step towards resolving them. The second step is to recognize that, in most cases, your feelings of jealousy are irrational. in other words, theyre unwarranted. Unless your spouse has actually admitted to infidelity, or youve caught them in the act, then your jealousy is irrational. Recognize that your.

Jealous feelings arent based on reality theyre stemming from underlying insecurities and not from actual behaviours of your spouse. Once youve accepted that youre feeling jealous for no good reason, then it can be a bit easier to control those feelings and stop yourself from acting on them. Every time you feel jealous about something for instance, when your spouse is texting someone of the opposite sex you havent met remind yourself that your jealousy is baseless and irrational.

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