Why Im No Longer Scared Of Commitment

I know that some people are just born loving the idea of longterm relationships but for some like myself, it’s a little more complicated. Part of me has always known that I wanted to end up in a relationship. I just know there were something so depressing about them. In fact, there is a home tutorial of me when I am five years old saying to my mom,.

Why is that, Sweetie? But the thing is, I kinda had a point and actually, it wasn’t until just recently that I developed my own personal rationale for why you don’t have to be so depressing so here’s my own number one reason I’m no longer scared of commitment. Between the way people discuss relationships.

And the way that we see them in movies, I don’t know how you cannot have a hangup about a relationship. First, I’ve been surrounded my entire life with people who just tell me that relationships just get dull and boring and that’s just how it is. Secondly, like I said when I was a kid, getting together is always the romantic part of the movie.

It’s always the beginning, the coming together, everything falling in place. It’s filled with all the new experiences and the intrigue and the excitement and then once they finally get together, the movie is always over! And then what fully solidified my complete fear of, quot;Can I stay in a longterm relationship.

quot;without going completely insane?quot; With how bored of people I got when I was dating. I’m sure there are people where it’s after two years, after 10 months but six months was the marker for when it would get dull for me. The beginning dating part was always fun. There was always this glow, this romantic movie part then around that sixmonth marker, the glow would fade.

And I would get bored again but then I met Corie, my now current boyfriend and something was just different. There was that initial movie glow in the beginning but then at six months, it was still there and then at 12 months, it was still there and this have been the first time ever for me and so, this is my very obvious but at the time,.

Not so obvious personal discovery that I made and my weird analogy to go with it. Without always being fully aware of it, a lot of times, I was only able to connect and see these people that I was dating at a very surface layer and so, with this, the only way to keep it interesting is to physically change that person.

Recognize Relationship Problems Causes Signs of Failing Relationships Decreased Commitment

We’re talking about effects of relationship deterioration. And this one that I want to talk about now is pretty obvious and it’s a pretty sure sign that there’s a problem in your relationship and that is commitment. Commitment decreases. And when I’m talking about commitment, I’m talking about a lot of different levels. I’m talking about the desire to spend time together, the desire to help each other with projects, with things. The desire to want, to gain knowledge and information and share things with each other. quot;Before, I was very committed to you, I was very into being your friend, I was very into helping you and wanting to do things for you and go places with you. Now, I’m just not.

That into youquot;. So my level of commitment starts to decrease and I’m only willing to spend so much time with you, to give you so much and to invest in you because I’m just not committed to you anymore.

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