Native Americans Try On Indian Halloween Costumes

Let's just get this over with. pop music I've never really been a big fan of Halloween. I love Halloween. Who doesn't love getting dressed up I sort of always dread this time of year because of racist costumes. I'm so nervous. I'm so nervous. Oh my god, what Tribal Temptation. Oh sweet Jesus. Well right off the bat the first thing I noticed is the axe because we're savages. Chief Hottie Body I don't even want to say that. That feels wrong.

Haha, Indian Brave and I love the fact that the Indian Brave is portrayed by somebody who looks incredibly like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is ridiculous. It's like a little black dress. I feel like I need a really big shower after wearing this crap. I cant even I cant say anything I feel frustrated that this costume exists. What is this even made of I think it's supposed to look like suede or animal skin. Accuracy, on a scale of one to ten.

Is like negative four thousand. I don't believe there are any headbands that have the feather in the front like this. When you see beads on an actual powwow dress every single pattern means something. A costume like this keeps Native Americans in the past as if we're not real people today. There's a medicine a jingle dress and everything on that dress means something. They put a prayer into every cone before they attach it to the dress. There actually feels like there's something pretty disrespectful about wearing a people group.

As a costume. You're not dressing up as a Viking or an ancient Roman, those people aren't around anymore and this is still very real to us. Because it's so inaccurate it almost feels like a joke. Like someone's making fun of me and all of the things my people fought and died to hold on to. I actually belong to the Sioux nation and you don't get to tell me that this isn't offensive. I don't think anybody's making these costumes to be deliberately racist. I actually think I have more of an authority.

English Teaching When You Dont Get Along Relationships English

Welcome to twominuteenglish. Teaching you English in twominutes or less. In this lesson, we will learn what to say when you dislike someone's behaviour or attitude Hello Mr. Watson. I wanted to talk to you about something. Is this the right time Yes Katy. What is it Well, I haven't told you this before. But Ms. Annie has always been rude to me. What happened What makes you think that She's always shouting at me no matter what. I mean, she's always shouting for no reason. Oh Katy. Annie's been here for many years. That doesn't sound like her.

I'm sure there's been some miscommunication. I think you should talk to her and look into this matter. Its very hard to work this way. Don't worry. I will talk to her about it. Thank you Mr. Watson. Come on man! Just try to be decent and courteous in this office. What happened dude What did I do I know you've been telling people some awful things. If you have a problem with me, just let me know. There's no need to go behind my back. Look, I think you are mistaken. I didn't say anything about you to anyone.

I overheard you yesterday. So there's no point in denying it. If you want to get along with people in this office, just stop gossiping around. This is embarrassing. I'm sorry. That won't happen again. I need some help from you Gerard. What is it I have an interview for my visa. Can you take care of the work here til I'm back I'm sorry Katy. I won't be able to help you this time Oh Gerard ! Don't do this please. It's really important. I know. But I'm always doing you favors and when I ask you for any, you don't help me out. So not this time.

Oh I get it Gerard. You know what Never mind! Hey Jack. Have you met the new guy yet No. Why do you look so annoyed It's Gerard. The new guy. He is just so annoying. Why What happened He's just started here and he's already flirting with me everywhere. Is that so Why don't you tell our boss what's going on Nah! I want to give him a chance so I gave him a fair warning first. Then I guess you should avoid him for now. Yeah. I'll probably do that.

Goals and Exercises Relationship advice relationship support

Goals and exercises, In the goals and exercises section, you can click on 'add a new goal', this will take you through to a page with a list that will help you to improve and build on your relationship. Let's walk through one of the topics and see how it works. In the Work it out section, as part of the relationship goal to have a shared view of our future, you can access exercises to help you think about your life together. It's worth taking a little time out of the business of life to look at how you and your partner see your future.

It's a great experience to share your hopes and dreams as well as fears of the future with your partner. on the topic title and see a description of the exercises. If it appeals to you, click on 'Add this goal to my list'. This is now added to my goals and exercises list. If you click on an exercise title you are offered the opportunity to download the exercise as a PDF. Which you can then do at your own time, at your own pace, offline. Spending this quality time now, will help you to feel more secure and confident in your.

Prenuptial Agreement Money and Marriage in IRVINE, California

Alright Colleen, I did a little research, and I found the top 10 causes for divorce. So I'm going to do a little countdown for you, and if you could just address each and every one of them for us. So reason number 1 getting in for the wrong reasons. Right. So what this means is marrying for money. And when people hear that, they think sugar daddy or sugar momma. And this is not what that actually means. What this means is that there are already problems before you get married or right at the beginning.

Of the marriage. And how often have you heard a friend of yours say, I'm not sure if this is the right thing, but we've spent so much money on the wedding planning. We've already sent our invitations out. Or how often have you heard someone say, We've just done this huge expense like building a home together. I can't pull out now even thought this doesn't feel right. People in Irvine, California feel that they're obligated to follow through this prenuptial agreement because of the money and time that's been spent.

Left Brain Friend Vs. Right Brain Friend

Weather said 70. I should probably wear a sweater and bring a jacket for later. I feel really good about this. Just the right amount of cats. Fruit intake for the day, one clementine. I should eat some protein before three. Mmmm. I think I just made a new flavor. What's wrong Nothing. Okay. You wanna get dinner Maybe like dimsum Hey, you okay Oh, yeah. I'm fine. You don't seem fine. Actually, I'm having a really weird day. No. Yeah, I don't know.

20 of 17.45 divide by ten 17.45. I'm just going to give her ten. She was great. Follow your dreams, Donna. I just think it's kind of weird that I've never Oh! Do know where we parked the car Yeah. We're on the second floor, row B. It's quite near the elevators, but. I know we parked by a red car. I think it might have had lightning bolts on it. Which floor Um, I don't know. Yeah, I mean, I think I'm going to see him again,.

Cause, he's, you know, he's from the Northeast, his family's healthy, they don't have any history of heart disease, and he wants to have kids. So if that's not compatibility, eventually followed by love, I don't know what is. Yeah, I don't know, it's just my heart feels really light, I guess, when I'm around him. Does that make sense This movie is full of plot holes. Yeah, but it looks incredible. Sure, but how can he be her sister Just let it go. Just let it go. Just focus on the colors.

Can Boys And Girls Just Be Friends

Welcome to Just Between Us! This week we have a special guest star, my best male friend, Igor! Hey! Thanks for having me, Allison. You're the greatest. YOU'RE the greatest! Hey Igor, meet Gaby! You guys have actually never met! Hi! Oh. Hey. I did not like that. groovy music This week's question comes from Kenan from Mississippi! Can boys and girls just be friends No! The answer is no! I think boys and girls can be really great friends! The way Igor and I are great friends. Yeah, we are really good friends!.

And we hang out all the time and nothing's ever even happened! There is no such thing as oppositesex platonic friends. I'm sure you guys have thought about it or one of you has thought about it. Thought about what About having sex Yeah! laughing No! Wait, no! Why are you laughing so hard That's like the hardest I've ever seen you laugh. Like she's gonna be there at my wedding like, if there's some sort of like a best woman like that would be you. Like, you see me at your wedding.

Me and my wife, I mean I dunno, just me and my wife like there, and to see you there, that would mean a lot. Kenan I think if you have a friend it's a friend forever. Find love in a new place. Maybe on I dunno, a talk show or something. Are you just like, are you single You don't really wanna get into Gaby's whole thing! Cause it's confusing and there's a lot of people and potential for diseases. Kenan! I think what you need to think about is what's more important.

Your foundation of friendship, or the hope of something more, because what if there could be something more and that more could be amazing laughing You don't need to touch her. Like it's a work place kind of thing, like now we all work together. Coworkers should never, uh hook up. So now you guys are coworkers, I'd say 'AS HR, I'M IN CHARGE OF HR' 'please don't uh, fornicate.' Are you free at all Sunday or Saturday A She doesn't make plans. G I don't really make plans. Sometimes you don't know.

What you have even though it's right in front of you. Even I think I know exactly! Yeah! I'm like, 'ah! Knighting you friends.' G What! I Yeah! Guys, please don't do this! A I can't I What. A Please don't I Allison, what are you Please don't do this! G You know you're A STOP TRYING TO TOUCH HER. I don't want her there when we have sex. Fair enough. groovy music No no no, I laughed that one time when you put on like a bride's dress.

Electrolux Dishwasher Problems

What is your opinion of Electrolux dishwasher problems There's a problem with selling an appliance that expensive that breaks down that often. Such as Electrolux dishwashers have problems leaking. I thought it had a leak detector. That usually doesn't catch leaks in the door seal. The leak detectors tend to malfunction, turning it off during the few times the unit isn't leaking. That's a problem. And even when it works, it doesn't work well. The drain pumps die too frequently. Pumps tend to die after constant use. This is within a year or so of use for the average family and they have constant electrical.

Errors. A lot of appliances have problems if you have brown outs and black outs. The control boards lock up and error out, and you can't reset it via a touch of a button, but a flip of the breaker. That is annoying. Then there's the problem of the dishwasher's air dry not working when you can unlock the control panel. I already manually dry the dishes, so that's not a disaster. And then given the price, you'd think the dishes would come out sparkling, but they don't. That's a common problem with ultraefficient dishwashers they are such water misers, they.

Don't rinse well unless you put it on heavy duty. Electrolux costs so much, it shouldn't be necessary to run it extra long to get things average clean. For the price of the Electrolux, I can buy a couple hundred dollar cheaper dishwasher and all the fancy detergents I need to use until it wears out. Electrolux dishwashers have problems with the control panel covers coming off, buttons getting stuck or failing to connect right, and electrical flaws in the controls themselves. Those are things a power cycle won't fix. How does the warranty cover it.

The warranty usually doesn't cover the labor even when it covers parts, they look for excuses not to pay for the parts, and if they say it is so buggy you get a new dishwasher, they charge you for the delivery and installation of the new one. I cannot afford a constant stream of repairs. And you can't afford the time to run it with vinegar and baking soda every dozen loads to try to control the mold that grows in the spray arms, soap dispenser, racks and seal. That's kind of contrary to the intent of a dishwasher. I put them in to get them clean.

How to Correct Common Reading Problems in Children Emphasizing the Need to Know Sounds

Hi, I'm Ann Kennedy on behalf of Expert Village and we'll be looking at correcting common problems in children. What young readers need to know. Can they identify sounds in spoken language If we used our alphabet posters, if we took the time with phonemic awareness, if we asked them to look at our mouths and try to practice by how we're making sounds, they should be able to identify sounds in spoken language. And how to identify and make first and ending sounds in a word. We've just spent a lot of time learning to keep changing,.

Turning the page, what's the next word, the next We take a lot as adults that it's easy and we forget that these are concepts that are difficult for children to understand. It's the basis of reading. How to turn the page, page by page. What word comes next What comes last Even in a word, this is the beginning sound and in this case we're blending the ending sound. Pop. First and last. We have to point out almost every little detail that we take for granted but we don't do it all at once, just a little bit here and there,.

Rocket League ESL Kickoff Cup 3 Team Rocket Highlights feat. Lots Of Whispering

Rocket League ESL Kickoff Cup 3 Team Rocket Highlights feat. Lots Of Whispering,oh well lol Thanks to everyone who came and watched us on stream. Twas fun Tune in next week to see coolcole, ryan and special guest deboerbrothers..

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Discussion On Family Relationship Problems And Legal And Counsellers Advice Helpline Part 1

Discussion On Family Relationship Problems And Legal And Counsellers Advice Helpline Part 1,Discussion on Family Problems, Solutions and Legal Advices. Legal and Psychological advice for Managing Relationship Problems. Dealing with relationship..

English Writing, Family Relationships In English.userESLLearn28subconfirmation1..

Relationship &Family Problems? The Answer Is Legacy..

Native Americans Try On "Indian" Halloween Costumes.I feel like I need a really big shower after wearing this crap. The BuzzFeed app is hot. Hotter than your mixtape. Download now for iOS and Android..

Blood Relation Type 4 Problem Teaching.coding type problem uses family tree. and few alteration. brings out the answer for the problem..

Relationship Problems..

[ESL Tutorials] - 4 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest.Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future..

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