Couples Discuss Mental Illness

When I first met Corey, I was really, really honest with my ADHD struggles because that was something that any guy dating me would have to understand because they would often mistake ADHD struggles for actually like just not caring or not wanting to call back or stuff like that. And I did. (slow acoustic music).

I have depression, anxiety, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I’ve actually been dealing with depression since I was 12. I’ve dealt with depression as well. I deal with like a pretty highlevel of ADHD, and a strange type of anxiety disorder that happens to me at night. I deal with anxiety that really just kind of came up.

Within the past few years. And I had a large weight gain my senior year of college. Once the weight started packing on, my depression started. I definitely you know have waves of depression. I don’t ever think there’s a right or wrong time to bring up something that you’re dealing with such as depression. I think that first you need to establish that connection.

With yourself. I think my turning point came when I realized that I wasn’t letting myself be vulnerable, and I was allowing it in every other area of my life besides relationship. With Kevin going through his own separate issues, he was a little bit more harsh. He was a little bit angry, and then I,.

Going through my issues, were very sensitive, and so we kind of came together upset at the same time to help each other work through it. I was like, quot;I’m a little crazy.quot; I think that was, just like that much. And I just mentioned that I do therapy. So I had right, pretty much out the gate.

It’s good to be understanding and just like listen with open ears. Because a lot of the time when I feel like there’s an issue going on, I let him know, and after we talk about it, it’s not as big and bad as what I was thinking in my head. The times where you know, you will bring what you’re struggling with to me.

The pressure on me is just to react in the right way, and often the right reaction I find is just to listen. If you’re not feeling happy, it’s so easy to like put it on the other person. Yeah. And in a way they’re gonna help you out, but you should come as far as possible. Mhmm.

Institutionalized Mental Health Behind Bars

There is a paucity of mental health services in the community. Are you worried? A little bit, yeah. There’s really no system that’s really looking out for them. We’re just leaving them to fend for themselves. Today, man, I am a better man. I am getting better. I just can’t think to myself that a thoughtful society would agree this is how we should treat people. We’re here at Cook County Jail in Chicago,.

Which is the largest singlesite jail facility in America. Right now it houses 9000 inmates, and it’s estimated that 30% of them have mental illnesses. That makes this what’s thought to be the largest mental health care provider in America right now. CORRECTIONAL OFFICER: Fellas, when we go around this corner, you’re going to go on the left hand wall. Keep and your hands behind your backs. So right now we’re headed to the morning intake area.

That’s where everyone who was arrested last night is brought in and where their mental health is assessed. It’s the first point of contact in this sort of mental health treatment process that happens in Cook County Jail. *unintelligible speaking* Over 100 arrestees were shuffling through lines, getting checked for weapons and drugs, and moving in and out of various bullpens.

ELLI: And what’s your charge today? Possession? ARRESTEE: Yeah. ELLI:Okay, anything else? ARRESTEE: No. Elli Montgomery is a social worker who heads up the sheriff’s prebond initiative. ELLI: My job is to help you, okay? Before you ever started using, was there depression or anxiety?.

Do you suffer from that? She screens each arrestee that passes through the intake center before they see a judge, a process that is unique to Cook County Jail. ELLI: Have you ever tried to hurt yourself? Okay, how many times? Three attempts. Okay, you think a lot about ending your life and death? Okay. And then who helps you outside with your meds?.

Just in here? See this? This is a suicide hotline number. If you ever feel like hurting yourself. You gotta get off the heroin. You’re self medicating. Right. Do you understand you’re self medicating for the depression and the voices with the heroin? Do you have violent charges or what? ELLI: You think that nobody likes you and that’s why? Sweetie, the judge doesn’t make the decision based on whether they like you. They look at the charges. ELLI: Okay, that’s not going to happen.

ELLI: Sarge! ELLI: Okay. Come on. Can you explain to us what just happened with that young man? Okay, so he is actively suicidal, he is bipolar. He is very, very worried about his case. But more than anything he’s not oriented to time. So some concerns is, he’s got a plan, he’s had several suicide attempts before. HOST: So what would have happened to that young man had he not been screened here right now?.

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