How Movies Can Make a Marriage Better

Man Then why did you marry me Woman I m beginning to wonder Ronald Rogge The early years of marriage are a risky time for couples. We know that about half of couples in the United States divorce, but a lot of those divorces occur in the first four or five years. And so we wanted to try and find ways to help strengthen those marriages, and hopefully prevent some of those divorces. Man Here's to a good marriage. Rogge So in this study, we had two groups of couples that we gave actual workshops, we brought them in,.

We taught them skills on how to communicate. And compared to a group that didn't get any treatment, we found that after three years they had far lower divorce. Woman Just trying to discover where the strings are attached Rogge But we wanted to see, if we did a very minimal intervention, having these couples watch movies and talk about it, would lead to benefits Man What kind of people would just sit like that without a word to say to each other Woman Married people. Rogge The amazing thing is that with just watching five movies together,.

And talking for a halfhour, 45 minutes at the end, we got benefits over three years, we cut the divorce rate in half. Man Do you ever think of marrying just for fun Woman Marriage, fun Fiddledeedee Rogge We wanted to give the couples in the movie condition some choice about what movies they were going to watch together, Woman If I push too hard it s because I want things to be better Rogge There are lots of romantic comedies out there about a man and a woman falling in love, but it doesn't really show them having fights.

As a couple, or giving support to each other after a long stressful day, because they don't end up together until the last frame of the movie. So it needed to be a movie that showed a longterm relationship so it would make sense to talk about, well how did the couple on screen provide support, and how are we doing that How did the couple on screen fight, and how are we doing that Man Well that s not the point. Woman It certainly is Man Not Little girl Bicker, bicker, bicker. Rogge People watch movies all the time,.

And yet they still get divorced. We actually don't think that it's the movies that's the magic here, I mean don't get me wrong, movies are pretty magic, but to strengthen your relationship, we actually think that it's the time that the couples took to spend together and focus on their relationship that mattered. Man You make me want to be a better man Rogge And taking a moment out of their busy life to think about, how am I acting to my partner, this person that I love the most in the world, and is that the way I really want to be acting.

Man and woman arguing Man Could I please get a word in edgewise Woman Go ahead. Rogge What really excites me about this is that it gives us a way that we can reach out and help couples on a wide scale, without needing thousands of therapists trained to work with each of the couples. We can offer couples a way of strengthening their relationships they can do completely on their own, and it's not like they re just, they have to do it with five movies and stop, they could make it a yearly thing they do around their anniversary, watch.

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Yeah, I think I'm gonna get Brooke some flowers.' ' You said on our very first date that you don't like flowers, that they're a waste of money. Every girl likes flowers, Gary. You said that you don't like flowers. I'm supposed to take that to mean that you do like flowers No. This is not about. You're not. God, you're not getting it. You're not getting this, Gary, okay It's not about the lemons. It's not about the flowers. It's not about the dishes. It's just about. How many times do I have to drop hints about the ballet.

You know I can't stand. Brooke, come here. We've talked about the damn ballet. I hate the goddamn ballet! You got a bunch of dudes in tights flopping around for three hours. It's like a medieval techno show. It's a nightmare. I sit there in a sweat. The whole thing, I do, wondering when the hell's the goddamn nightmare gonna end. Go to a damn ballet. It's not about you loving the ballet, Gary. It's about the person that you love loves the ballet and you wanting to spend time with that person.

Not when they're at the ballet. Okay. Forget the ballet! Forget the ballet! I will. We don't go anywhere together. We just went to Ann Arbor together. To Ann Arbor. To the MichiganNotre Dame game. You think screaming, drunk kids and leprechauns doing backflips, that's fun. That's fun for me. Come on, man. I did that for you. What do you. How do you show up for me I'm up on the bus every goddamn day for you! Come on. You. I'm busting my ass to be the best tour guide in the damn city,.

So I can make enough money to support both of us and hopefully you won't have to work one day. I want to work. All I ask, Brooke, is that you show a little bit of appreciation. That I just get 20 minutes to relax when I come home, instead of being attacked with questions and nagged the whole damn time. You think that I nag you That's all you do! All you do is nag me! The bathroom's a mess.' ' Your belt doesn't match.' ' Hey, Gary, you should probably go work out.' '.

Nothing I ever do is ever good enough! I just want to be left the hell alone! Really Is that what you want, Gary Is that what you want Yeah. That's what you want Yeah. Fine. Great. Do whatever the hell you want. You leave your socks all over this house, dress like a pig, play your stupidass tutorial game. I don't care, I'm done. What I'm done! I don't deserve this. I really do not deserve this. I deserve somebody who gives a shit. I'm not spending one more second of this life with some inconsiderate prick!.

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Ssss. Thanks, benny. Thayer. That means you, too, thayer. Oh, yeah. Ben All right, everyone in for a buck. Next card, five, nines and fives, nines and fives. That's back to you, tito. Oh! Nine and a seven. Go for the straight. Hmm. Ben Round two. Tone, the bone, you're up, man. Tony She told you my hand. Peekaboo! ltigtchucklingltigt Oh, hey. ltigtlaughingltigt Hi! Guys, are we going to play cards here, or what's going on Tony What game are we playing We're playing hold 'em ltigtmen talking inaudiblyltigt.

All right, I'm already maxed out. We got a nine up, nine up, guys, Nine up, nine up. Blow. ltigtchucklesltigt ltigtclears throatltigt blow. Nobody likes a mr. Sniffles. I hate mr. Sniffles. ltigtsnickeringltigt Come on, stuffy head. ltigtjoe snickeringltigt ltigtloud blowingltigt Good, good, good. Ooh white. Healthy boy. Good. Mmhmm. Healthy. Hmm. Tone, get your head in the game. Please Oh, no. Joe Are we playing Oh, no! ltigtandie gaspsltigt Our love fern! It's dead! No, honey, it's just sleeping.

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Muffin! Which shouldn't be too difficult. Hi! Andie! My little muffin. Hey, sweetie. We were just talking about you. Hi. Hello, there. How are you You look gorgeous. Oh, thank you. Andie, this is tony, and this is thayer. Oh, yes. Hey. Benny wenny's told me so much about you two. Oh, well, benny wenny's said Wonderful things about you, too. Andie Oh. Oh, they don't look so simpleminded. Honey, Ben Hmm Andie Look what I got for us. Oh. ltigtwhimpersltigt Look at that. ltigtandie gaspsltigt Tony Oh, wow!.

Ooh! Look at him go. What is it Andie Jumper. It's a chinese crested, of course. No kidding. A chinese crested. Andie Mm. So, itit's like a dog, right Oh, hey. There he is. Ooh, ben. Ben. ltigtlaughsltigt You got a dog. You're hurting krull's feelings. Krull, is it Krull. Krull, the warrior king. Well, sure, 'cause that's clearly what. Yeah. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, wait, there's more. What do you got there Tony Oh, nice. For me Mmhmm. Get out of town. Try it on. That's like the. Inside of a raincoat.

Medium. Oh, yeah. It matches! Try it on. Now, that is going to fit nicely, sweetie, thank you. No, ben, put it on. No, you should try it on. Otherwise, You don't know if it's going to fit or. Thayer Oh, go for it. That has never hurt anybody. Huh Huh I was just gonna save it For a better occasion, all right Check that out. Oh, yeah, that's nice. Hey. Hmm You're a vision in khaki. ltigtlaughingltigt It's going to be a happy little family, Just the three of us.

We are, aren't we Wow. He's our boy, ben. Oh, see, that's sweet. Mmhmm, hey, mmhmm. Whoa, ho, ho, ho, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Andie, hey, it's good to see you, too, sweetie. Ah, I got you. Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Andie Oh. He's just not pottytrained yet. Whoa! Oh! Okay, well, he's a pisser. ltigttony laughingltigt Come here, little tinkle king. Ben No, no, no. Come here, tinkle king. He ltigtisltigt a tinkle king. Oh, yeah. Who's my little tinkler You tinkle tinkles. Well, congratulations,.

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Grossing a modest $11million dollars when it was released in March of 1991, this Bryan Gordon teen romantic dramedy rarely excites, and generally feels like a lowbudget madeforTV movie. Taking place over the course of a long evening inside a Target department store, Frank Whaley stars as a lowly janitor who is working his first nightshift alongside the criminally gorgeous Jennifer Connelly, a socialite daughter of a wealthy businessman. Whaley is decently endearing as the town liar , but isn't quite suited for leadingman material. His character clearly hopes for something more out of his deadend life, perhaps.

Even the affection of his old highschool crush whom he now finds himself alone in the big store with all night. As a 21yearold bombshell, Connelly is downright distractingly beautiful here but the icing on the cake is this future academy award winner's acting chops mixing subtle flirtation with frustrated anxiety impeccably well. Also, a scene where she rides a small mechanical horse is quite memorable. These are relatable characters struggling to figure out the next step in their life, with Connelly countering Whaley's own selfdeprecating outlook by saying, At least you have some control over your life. ,.

Before lamenting about her own situations. Even though the movie is extremely short at just 83 minutes, their chemistry has plenty of time to blossom, thanks largely in part to writer John Hughes's great dialogue. It's difficult not to root for their relationship to succeed, as you watch it unfold practically in real time. The PG13 rated film has plenty of comedy hijinks afoot as well, like a quick cameo scene by the always amusing John Candy. The score by Thomas Newman isn't anything special, but repeated use of cheesy pop ballads.

Help cement the picture's mood. Mostly all of the camerawork here are locked down medium to wideshots, which does little to liven up the dull atmosphere of an empty department store. Just as the story begins to settlein and seriously examine the hardships and dilemmas facing wayward young adults. the plot does an about face for the absurd when a ridiculous burglary element is introduced. The goofy wouldbe thieves hold our protagonists hostage, and the playful and poignant romantic comedy thread is entirely abandoned for silly prat falls, and a rushed ending that leaves much to be desired. If not for some of the names.

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I need you while you're near me I don't feel blue and when we kiss I know you need me, too I can't believe I found a love that's so pure and true but it all was bullshit it was a goddamn joke and when I think of you, linda I hope you fuckin' choke I hope you're glad with what you've done to me.

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LtigtOh, my darlin' Oh, my darlin'ltigt ltigtHere comes the windup.ltigt Burn that ball in here. Burn 'em in here! Right in the pocket. I don't know how to bat. And you don't drink, either. ltigtIt's gonna be a spitter. Hold the bat and swing.ltigt Spitter ltigt She gonna spit at me She's gonna spit on the ball.ltigt Swing that bat! Take another crack at it. I'm gonna take another crack at it. ltigtGet 'em in here.ltigt Now run, Ruth. Run! Come on around the bases! Don't kiss everybody. Run! I have never had so much fun.

In my whole life. I even got a home run. A clean one at that! A straight beats three of a kind. You know, poker isn't half bad. What's your mother gonna say. when she sees us both. drunk You gotta stop worrying about what people think. I know. You've always done the right thing. You took care of your daddy, the preacher, when he took sick. You take care of all the kids over at the church school. You're gonna take care of your mama. And I'm gonna marry the man I'm supposed to.

Watching Porn While Youre in a Relationship

Heya plays, the internet is full of porn and chances are you've watched some of it before. Now that's ok with me but is ok to keep watching porn even after you get into a relationship The topic was suggested to me by YAnumber6 and after thinking about it for a while I realized that porn is both good and bad for you. First off, if your partner ever asks you if you watch porn, don't lie. Just be honest and tell them that you do because everyone else does too. With the internet being a portal to pretty much everything, finding free porn.

Websites is a very easy process. But because it's so easy, it can end up being destructive. The brain registers your level of excitement at a high threshold the first time you do something but as you do it more and more, that stimuli begins to decrease. Watching porn every single day then can desensitize your idea of sex and lower your desire to actively seek it out. Think about it, why spend so much time getting ready to head out to your girlfriends house only to spend more time convincing her to have sex with you when.

You can sit at home, eat a sandwich and rub one out If you're asking that question then you sir have never felt real boobs before. Therefore not watching porn every single day will actually increase your craving to get some. In turn your partner feels more desired and you allow your mind to rebuild that level of excitement. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation but when a person uses it to mask their loneliness or because they feel disconnected sexually from their partner, then I think it's time.

The two of you need to talk about it. The problem with porn is that it's an industry built on unrealistic expectations of women and man's desire to control them. In porn women are extremely hyper sexual all the time, they can give a damn about talking to the guy and remember those boobs I said you would enjoy Yea, the girls in porn don't really have those. It's because of these ideal standards set by porn that the average girl is insecure and feels like she could never measure up to these porn stars. What do you mean in real.

Life sometimes the girl doesn't feel like she's in the mood or that she wants to talk to me like I'm a person. If you're in a relationship with someone who watches a lot of porn, don't worry about it. For most guys, it's just a passing thing. Yea they may have a few favorite porn stars but as long as their viewing experience doesn't interfere with their relationship, it's just a harmless activity. What do you guys think, should a person give up watching porn just because they're in a relationship Leave your comments below so we can talk about.

It. The biggest issues most couples face when they discover that their partner is watching porn is dishonesty. If they're hiding it or lying about it then they just might be embarrassed to admit that they do it. Either way, always be willing to talk things out with your partner and if you read slut novels guess what, that counts as porn too. As always guys, love and peace. Hey thanks for watching, if you're new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button below. Also if you enjoyed the tutorial, click the like button now. I make new tutorials.

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