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What are the benefits are there of it being a self help site Self Help, can really be an enabling kind of experience, because what this site does, is puts the person who enters it in charge of getting the information he or she needs. So, you can elect to read any article, you can decide that you want to look at a tutorial, you can onto the Talk it Out forum if you want. So you are deciding what is going to be helpful to you. You're deciding, and you are doing your own journey all the way through.

You're towering it, and there is something about that, that really makes you feel, A, that you are in charge of something but also that you have mastered some process and got the information that really you need, not somebody else saying 'Do it this way' Who is most likely to benefit from that approach Well I think the great value of having a self help site, is that you have the service that comes to you, and so you have to think who would that be, who might that be most useful for And one answer to that is people who have.

Trouble finding resources outside, and there are particular groups that seem to be, that seem to have that. One is new parents, partly because you don't think that's something you need help for, and we don't have street corner advice gurus for new parents, we don't have that kind of naturally occurring expertise sites for them outside. Here's one that is in your house, that is available all the time, so that's one, that's one group. Another group is parents with children with disabilities, To have information, or a sense of other people going through the same thing, or getting tips.

On how you might go forward to making plans to manage the disability as it happens in your family life,is invaluable to have it right there. The other group that curiously might really benefit from having a self help site, is men, because men, the research that Oneplusone did is, showed that men particularly like the internet, and also particularly like the fact that it is anonymous and confidential. So not only is it right there, but also nobody has to know that you've used it or that there is anyway you.

Were mocked by doing this. So in those senses it's particularly useful for that, for those groups. But it is also useful for anyone else who would want the information at hand, right there. Can we trust the material that is on this site One of the things that marks Oneplusone as the leading relationship research organisation in this country is that it is particularly keen on gartering research that is evidence based, so nothing that Oneplusone puts out there is not in a sense, expert checked, and done with the kind of integrity.

Online Therapy for Codependency with a Licensed Counselor

I love working with codependents. They are good people with bad operating systems for getting their needs met in relationships. Sadly, they decided as a result of childhood dysfunction, abuse, trauma, or tragedy that their needs and feelings are bad, wrong, selfish, or a burden to others, so they learned to disregard them and focus on the needs and feelings of others. In addition, they came to believe they had the ability and responsibility to make others happy and to make relationships work all by themselves, which simply is not true. As a result of these mistaken beliefs and magical thinking, codependents feel stressed.

By the overresponsibility they put on themselves for others, depressed because they feel like failures when they can't make everyone happy, anxious because they have no control in their lives because they won't advocate for themselves, and resentful because their needs are not being met. In online therapy with codependents, I help them identify the mistaken beliefs that drive their unrealistic approach to interacting with others so they can upgrade their operating system to one that allows them to negotiate relationships in a healthy way. I also teach them the necessary skills, such as identifying.

Their own needs and feelings, being assertive, and setting healthy boundaries. And finally I help them overcome their Wounded Child fears that if they advocate for themselves, they are being selfish and no one will like them. If you found this tutorial helpful, please click the Thumbs Up button. And if you want to hear more from me, then subscribe to my channel, Counselor Carl. I will be publishing a new tutorial every other weekend. And if you'd like help in learning to have healthier relationships, then visit my website, serenityonlinetherapy,.

Relationship Advice Establish Clear Boundaries!

When I think of boundaries, I think of three key points. 1. A lack of boundaries creates a lack of respect. When clear boundaries are not established, people tend to get too comfortable and when they get too comfortable, they tend to cross the line of what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable behavior. 2. Boundaries are a measure of your selfrespect. You have to have respect for yourself if you expect others to have respect for you. The respect you have for yourself is what creates boundaries that show and tell you deserve to be treated well and you expect to be treated.

Why Guys Wont Commit to Relationships

Heya playas, now the point I want to make today is not reflective for all guys, just 99.9 of them. Girls are always wondering why guys have this hesitancy to commit to a relationship so what I'm going to do today is try to expose the secret reason as to why guys are afraid to go from being single to in a relationship. Right off the bat I'll tell you that different people sometimes want different things. Some people are ready for a commitment after only dating for a few weeks, others can take years. So what is the waiting.

Process and how does it work for guys and girls I mean what's going on in their heads Well, when a person's single there's quite a few things that's helping them keep it that way. It could be because they enjoy playing the field and having multiple partners, they could just be more focused on their own personal growth or the saddest reason, they could just have zero luck with dating. Either way the majority of us can come to this point of realization. That when we're single, life is like a baron desert but when we're close to being in a.

Relationship, oh boy, it's like everyone can smell it on us. And this could make the decision to settle down with a person a hell of a lot harder to do. Ha, you know what they say. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free Why tie the knot when you can just use a stapler Why buy a GPS when you can just use your phone Why don't these analogies make sense anymore The point is, the reason people are hesitant to jump into things is.

Because that means denying the opportunity for others. But hold on, that can't be the only reason. To be in a relationship means to be exclusive with this person. That you chose them over anyone else. That's where the fear of failure comes in. You see, if your like me, you're in your head way too much and you're constantly analyzing what it would take for you to be in a relationship. The rational approach would be to take the pros and cons and see how this person is gonna be influential in your life. To take note.

Of any red flags that may pop up later in the relationship and to see whether or not your love life is important to where you stand right now. The emotional approach is to measure how this person makes you feel when you're with them and not with them. If you find yourself thinking about them when they're not there, that's a surefire sign that you want to be with them. To have them to hold you and to coddle you and to keep that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Both of these sound like reasonable ways to approach a relationship so why is.

There hesitancy The real reason is that both partners are not on the same page. One is looking at it purely logically and the other is looking at it with raw emotion. And this could make things very difficult for the couple moving forward. One partner may want to get into the relationship quicker while the other feels they need to take baby steps to build a strong foundation. No person ever wants to hear the phrase I need more time to figure it out because it leads us to think one of three things. You just wanna keep dating other.

People on the side. You obviously don't value or care about me enough or you're just not mature enough to be in a relationship. All in all I think it comes down to this. Anyone that matters to you is worth fighting for. That doesn't mean putting them first above everything else in your life, it means understanding their role as your friend. To give them the assurance that it's ok that they haven't made the exact same decision as you yet. Trust me when a guy really likes a girl, he'll make it known. Just give him some time to reach.

That level of commitment cause I can guarantee when he does, he'll be fully immersed in that relationship. Like this tutorial if you want a partner that's going to cherish and respect you. Leave a comment letting me know if a person told you they needed time to commit to a relationship, what would you say And subscribe to the channel to see more dating tutorials and pick up tips or click the playlist here to see them all! As always guys, love and peace. This is the part where I do something embarrassing. We found love in a hopeless.

Men Watch Porn With Porn Stars

I'm sweating and it's not even that hot in here, I just think I'm so nervous. laughs Hi, I'm Paris Kennedy. I'm Danny Wylde, and I am a porn star. My name's Zack, and I'm definitely not a porn star. I'm about to watch some porn with Allie Haze, that she stars in. I'm a straight guy, and I'm about to watch some gay porn. I don't really watch straight porn that often. I don't know if this is the point where I admit.

That like I feel like I've almost definitely seen a porn with you in it before. My expectations are pretty high. This is a really old scene. Oh, excuses, here come excuses. both laugh I do act quite a bit in this. It's broken down as Intro, Blow Job, Sex 1, Sex 2. I also just noticed, this is one take, that's insane, that's like Birdman. No kissing You just going for it girl. Just go for it. I'm sorry, I just keep getting distracted by this frame,.

It's just kind of like flesh. We went from just nice kissing to there's a peepee. I think it's awesome that porn stars say peepee. Little spank. It's getting good. Do they direct you to do the spank or was that just like, nah, I'm in it, I'm feeling it. It was in the script. Weiner's out you guys. Do you like it when they talk to you Yeah, I do. Like, hey baby. You're like really good at sucking dick.

Thank you, oh my god, that means a lot. I'm impressed. Oh, there's three guys here. Yes. There's so many just like, appendages. That's a really big penis. This is amazing, all you guys have beautiful penises. Thank you. How much time do you guys sit before and like draw this out like a football play It's up to the camera guy really. Your abs must be killer. Like your core strength, holy shit. You're in the gym just like, yeah.

That's a typical one. Look at how much you're sweating, holy crap. The roller skates are making me taller, so he has to be on his tippy toes. Are you being spitroasted I don't have a dick in my butt. Are most porn stars like circumcised or not circumcised, is that I'm actually not circumcised. I could tell, I did. That is something I was able to tell very quickly. Oh wow, oh my god! laughs We are really going for it right now.

How well do you know these, these guys I just met them. That's seems very professional. Oh, that I just met them and And you just dive right in. Yeah, totally. I would be nervous if I had to do like a kissing scene. Girl, does that not hurt It doesn't take a toll on you physically I know my body well enough that when I'm ready to be done, I'm like, timeout. You do this, clapping and I'll just wet slapping.

That's basically what's happening in our ears right now. And then like some moans. Do you have to like do that to your coochycat No, it's kinda just for the visual, for the viewer. Like are you enjoying this Let's freeze on this closeup of your testicles. This is almost like abstract art. I could see that like hung up in some old persons apartment and they don't even know what it is. It's not my, my style. But I appreciate it. laughs I get it.

I'm pretty familiar with all the equipment that you guys are working with. You know he's about to cum, laughs It's true. Cause they do a little fade. It's totally true. It'll show it like five times, like in slow motion. Okay. He's gonna cum on the roller skates. He's cumming laughs Oh, wow. All right, well that was a thing we did. I think it's really interesting, like to hear like, how these actually get put together. You know it's not as awkward as I thought it would be.

He's a normal guy, he's just a dude. I commend you for actually sitting here, and doing that, cause I couldn't sit next to somebody and be like, watch me have sex. laughs I would be worried they'd be like, you like it like that, that's what you do I'm not gonna lie, I have a little like softie. Oh wow. That's like such a big compliment from a gay guy, like I wanna cry right now. I'm glad my first time watching was with you.

How to Cope With Your Exs Rebound Relationship

Hey there this is Clay from RelationshipInnerGame And today I want to talk about what to do when your ex girlfriend is dating another guy. This can be pretty painful for a lot of guys who are going through breakups. A lot of times the rejection of being dumped by her will sting that much more when she's moved on to that rebound relationship. Especially if you're trying to work things out with her or stay in touch with her. It can really make it hurt that much more. You're probably already hurting as it is because of the breakup,.

But just the fact that she's actually in the process of getting together with someone else is going to make it sting that much more. What I'd recommend you do though, is that you not really concern yourself so much about what they're doing with each other. Because, it is a rebound relationship, and rebound relationships don't really work out in the long run anyway, because, a lot of times, when someone breaks up with someone else, they have a lot of emotions that they have to deal with. So, what you need to understand is that she's going to be.

Dealing with those emotions after she breaks up with you. And a lot of times people go into a rebound relationship to try to avoid those emotions. They hope that going from one relationship to the next will sort of smother all those feelings out, but it doesn't work. Those are going to have to come up sooner or later anyway. And what's going to happen is that's going to put a lot of tension on their new relationship. And eventually that's going to pull their relationship apart, in most cases.

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