How Hidden Developmental Trauma Can Cause You To Freak Out

Hi. I'm Barry Weinhold. Welcome to the intro to Freaked Out 101. This is the first of three online courses on how hidden developmental trauma can disrupt you life and relationships. If you're like me, you've found yourself, at times, freaking out and overreacting to certain people and situations and you didn't even know why. Well, this course will help you discover why that might happen. It gives me great pleasure to share with you over forty years experience in working with developmental trauma, as a psychologist, a university professor and in my relationship.

As a martial partner. My wife and I, when we got married, decided that we were going to make our relationship a laboratory. And if it didn't work for us we weren't going to share it with anybody else. So what you get in this course is what we've learned from all these different sources. And this is the summary of the best tools and information that we've come across. There are two skills probably that are the most important. One of them is the ability to selfreflect. To be able to look at what's going on in your life and be able to connect.

The dots with how that might have been caused by something that happened early on in your life. And the second skill would be selfcorrection. After you've done that personal archeology as I call it, you begin to then look at life a little differently. You correct the way you think, the way you behave and maybe even the way you feel. I have a warning for you, though, in this course because it may bring up some old feelings for you. And, if you're still carrying around some anger at your parents for whatever they.

Did or didn't do when you were growing up, you're likely to stay stuck in infancy. You actually have a choice you can either hang on to your old angry feelings and stay stuck or you can take responsibility and grow up. This course will help you do that if that's what you really want to do. Also, if you're a parent, as you watch this course you might feel some guilt or shame about some things you did or didn't do as a parent for your children. You'll need to.

Get past those feelings as well because, if you don't, your kids might end up having more of a relationship with your guilt and shame than they do with you. So it's very important that you look at all the things that come up for you and begin to process them, reflect on them and then possibly correct those feelings and behaviors. The course is going to show you how and why people Freak Out from these hidden developmental traumas. It also can help improve your health, because we know that these hidden developmental.

Traumas have an effect on physical health longterm. And so there are also are a lot of selfquizzes, I think there are six in the course itself, that help you personalize the information an help you see how this information might relate to you in your life and your relationships. And it will help you understand why you have these kind of reactions and how to get free from them and what you can do to change your life. So it's a very informationpacked course but it's also very relational. It has a lot of.

SelfHelp Advice Intimacy Problems for Older Men

Hello, I'm Doctor Bernice Bernhard, a New York State licensed psychologist practicing her in New York City. In this segment we're going to talk about some of the intimacy problems that some older men face. The first thing I want to say is that it's not necessarily because they're older. But what happens as men get older is they may exercise less, they may gain weight and because of that they may find that they have high blood pressure or diabetes and they may take medication for those problems. When you take medication for.

Those problems some people will have side effects that interfere with intimacy. For those people who are lucky enough to find medication that can counteract that, that's wonderful. But there are some people that no matter what, either for medical reasons or for other reasons which we don't always understand, they really can't take medications to help with the intimacy problems. What I want to say is think how wonderful and lucky you are that you can go back to the way people were in the forties and the fifties when there.

How to Stop Yourself from Contacting Your Ex

Hello everyone, it's author and relationship coach Brad Browning here. And today, I'm going to talk about how to stop yourself from contacting your ex. I know I talk a lot about not contacting your ex on my YouTube channel and articles, but again, it is a very powerful tactic. However, for many people, it's not the easiest tactic in the world to do! I'm sure you've spent nights contemplating what you could say to your ex right then and there, so it takes a lot of selfcontrol to actually pull this off well. As I've mentioned before.

Numerous times on this channel,it's always best to cut off the lines of communication between you and your ex if you're trying to get him or her back. There are many benefits of this it will make your ex miss you, it will show her you're strong enough to handle life after your ex, and it can also make them jealous. But, even though you may know all the benefits of not contacting your ex, the urge to talk to them can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Here are some tips and tricks to help you not contact your ex.

1. Put Down The Bottle. Not surprisingly, one of the things that can totally ruin your selfcontrol and lower your natural inhibitions is alcohol. If you really want to win back your ex, and you're the type to drunk dial' after you've been into the adult beverages, then you really need to think about laying off the booze during your no contact period. This might seem like an unreasonable suggestion if you're the type to use alcohol to numb the postbreakup pain, but a single drunken text message can really push your.

Ex away and upset him or her. or worse, depending on what you've said. So, for your own sake, don't overdo it on the liquor if you're prone to drunk dialing your ex. 2. Delete Your Ex From Your Contact List. Seems way to easy, right Well, for starters, many people have their ex's phone number memorized which makes this a useless tip. But if you don't have your ex's phone number memorized, deleting them from your cell phone contacts list is pretty much the easiest way to stop yourself from contacting.

Your ex. Worried you might not be able to recover your ex's phone number when the no contact' period is over and you want to contact her Write your ex's contact info on a piece of paper and give it to a trusted friend with instructions not to return the paper to you for at least a month. 3. Remove All Reminders As you probably already know, after a breakup it's wise to remove any visible reminders of your ex. Take down photos of you together, put stuffed animals and love notes in a box in the basement do whatever it takes to.

Remove any visible reminders of your ex from your immediate surroundings. By eliminating reminders of your ex, you'll help push him or her to the back of your mind, making it less likely you'll feel the urge to contact them. 4. Train Yourself By Setting A Rule Set a rule such as this every time you think about contacting your ex, put a dollar bill in a piggy bank and remind yourself that not contacting your ex is the best way to get him or her back. Other people prefer more painful or irritating selfreminders for example, any time you.

Reach for your phone to text your ex, poke yourself in the eye. Or do pretty much anything that's unpleasant in the hopes that this action will remind you why it's a bad idea to contact your ex for now. My personal favorite Each time you grab your phone and think about calling or texting your ex, send yourself a text saying I must not talk to himher! instead. 5. Get Support From A Breakup Expert AKA, me! If you want to learn more about my program and how you can help yourself from.

Online Therapy for Codependency with a Licensed Counselor

I love working with codependents. They are good people with bad operating systems for getting their needs met in relationships. Sadly, they decided as a result of childhood dysfunction, abuse, trauma, or tragedy that their needs and feelings are bad, wrong, selfish, or a burden to others, so they learned to disregard them and focus on the needs and feelings of others. In addition, they came to believe they had the ability and responsibility to make others happy and to make relationships work all by themselves, which simply is not true. As a result of these mistaken beliefs and magical thinking, codependents feel stressed.

By the overresponsibility they put on themselves for others, depressed because they feel like failures when they can't make everyone happy, anxious because they have no control in their lives because they won't advocate for themselves, and resentful because their needs are not being met. In online therapy with codependents, I help them identify the mistaken beliefs that drive their unrealistic approach to interacting with others so they can upgrade their operating system to one that allows them to negotiate relationships in a healthy way. I also teach them the necessary skills, such as identifying.

Their own needs and feelings, being assertive, and setting healthy boundaries. And finally I help them overcome their Wounded Child fears that if they advocate for themselves, they are being selfish and no one will like them. If you found this tutorial helpful, please click the Thumbs Up button. And if you want to hear more from me, then subscribe to my channel, Counselor Carl. I will be publishing a new tutorial every other weekend. And if you'd like help in learning to have healthier relationships, then visit my website, serenityonlinetherapy,.

Psychologist Janet Reibstein on the Helping Process on thecoupleconnection

Can you tell us a bit about the helping process that lies at the core of the site Well the helping process broadly you can think of as a five part process which gives someone a management of great when they are in the mingst of distress and distress just kind of usually, means you just can't think your way through. I mean it's an accompaniment to distress. So it's about breaking down distress into manageable parts. And those parts are roughly exploring, understanding, making plans, making changes, and then reviewing. And the site is divided.

Into these three parts, check it out, talk it out, work it out. Roughly check it out and talk it out are in the exploring and understanding bit. To a degree you talk something out you might be thinking or finding out from other people's experience something about the making plans and making changes. So there is a bit of overlap in some of the helping process. The work out is very much centred on the making plans, making changes and then reviewing. So the site helps you to get through the helping process, that 5 part helping.

Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job Promo

If you are you frustrated by the quality of your work relationships. If your working environment is conflictual or abusive. If it's difficult to work with some of your colleagues. And, you lost the joy, the challenge and the satisfaction that you used to feel form your work. You will find here a solution to your problems. Work on your emotional intelligence and everything will change for better. Take a short course with, high impact. Practice what you have learned and enjoy the results. And you have 30 days, money back guarantee to see if this works.

After completing this course, you will be able to 1 understand the impact of workplace emotions, 2 develop empathy and communicate with empathy, 3 apply key emotional intelligence skills in a confrontation scenario, and 4 help others to develop selfawareness and empathy. Made for the busy ones, the course includes tutorial materials, written documents and quizzes to facilitate rapid and optimal learning, and reinforce your understanding and practical skills. If you take this challenge, in less than 2 hours you are going to learn how to use your 4 key emotional intelligence.

The Nutty Professor 1012 Movie CLIP Relations 1996 HD

You never brought a girl home. The leastyou can do is let us talk to her. Yeah, l'd like to get to know her a little better myself. Ain't nothing wrong with havin' relations. Don't be ashamed ofthat. Relations is beautiful. When l was young l used to always have relations. Evey night, ifa nice gentleman bring me flowers and candy, take me to a movie, show me a lovelyevenin', then l would take him home and give him hot, lovely relations. Relations is a beautiful thing. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Especially twoyoung people. That blowhole. Cletus! Sometimes when l'm alone, l relate to myself. l can relate. Oh, Mama. l don't wanna hear this shit while l'm eatin'. Mama Cletus! Carla, doyou like children Yes. Oh, that's wonderful. l can't wait for Sherman to bring me home some grandbabies. l know you're gonna enjoy making them babies. Got those childbearing hips. Clears Throat Your family got any money l ain't payin' for no bigass wedding. l know a wonderful minister. What religious background areyou.

L still got mywedding dress. Ifyou want it, l'll take it in. You'd look so lovely in it. It's white though. Can you wear a white wedding dress, young lady Now, Sherman, you can wear a white tuxedo. 'Causeyou know Sherman Whispering Sherman has never had relations. Mama, you gonna embarrass my baby. l hope you got a strong back. When you get all that man, and release all that that's been built up. for 35 years Just wantin' and wantin' and wantin'! Whoo! Might make your head blow off.

Pop goes the weasel! l got my own selfhot tellin' that stoy. Pop goes the weasel, 'cause the weasel say ''pop''! You gonna get married here or in Chicago Mama Do you cook 'Cause somebody's got to feed my Sherman. Yeah, l know a wonderful church down there on Main Street, but theywon't maryyou ifyou're a lesbian. Not that l have anything against lesbians. l love lesbians. Lesbians is cool. There's nothing wrong with a little bingo. A little cunnilingus ain't never hurt nobody. Why is it the woman always gets the choice where they're gonna be married.

Tradition, my ass! l ain't gonna pay for eveybody flyin' to no Chicago! You know how much plane tickets cost You cheap bastard. We're gonna have to drive down there. l'm not driving over to Chicago. Sherman gonna have relations My baby's not gettin' married Loud Fart There you go again, poppin' offgas in front ofthis lovelyyoung lady. We're tying to have a meal. Put that brake on this gas. l hopeyour ass turn into a frog. Don't nobodywant to hear your flatulence, Cletus Klump. Loud Fart.

What are the Stages of Puberty in Girls

Let's talk about purity in girls now your teenage years are really awkward for you and they're hell for your parents because you are an emotional and physical mess ouch. Was that harsh Okay, well maybe it's not entirely your fault because you are going through a lot of hormonal changes now I'm not saying that's an excuse to freak out on your parents but let's take a look to see what exactly is going on your body. So pubity is a process of physical changes that helps a child's body mature into an adult.

Capable of fertilization and sexual reproduction it's kicked off by hormonal signals that trigger your libido which is your sex drive as well as growth and transformation of your bones, your skin your blood, your hair, and basically everything. Your height and weight change a lot right during this time tooo so if you're a chubby kid you may grow into your body or if you're really short you may skyrocket in height after the sixth standard. Now puberty in girls generally start around the ages 10 to 12 and in boys it starts later.

But girls finish earlier. So girls, if you are the tallest one in your class and you tower over all the boys, don't worry many times the boys will catch up around the 10th or 11th standard. So there's delayed puberty and early onset puberty but let's just focus on actual changes. First physical sign is growing breasts now you aren't gonna go from a flat chest double D overnight, but the soreness, the darkening and growth of areolas, that's all part of puberty. Here one breast may be bigger than another. Totally normal.

Generally the second noticeable change is that you begin to grow hair on your labia don't know what a labia is Well guys, that's why I made the anatomy tutorial. check that out first. Anyway as hair grows more dense it also spread to the upper thighs or your bikini area. Sex organs like your vagina uterus and ovaries. Now these are things that you don't outright notice because they are internal. You have an increase in estrogen hormone and these organs also increase in size. Said it before and I'll say.

It again, the biggest factor of puberty in girls are their periods. You're now capable of becoming pregnant. Your curves are born during the time period. Due to the rising level of estrogen, your hips widen, providing a large birth canal, you know, and maybe to fill out a pair of jeans and fat tissue increases to become a bigger percentage of your body especially in breasts, hips, butt, upper arm thighs and all those places that you find yourself complaining about later okay, so I'm closing on grosser note but the smell your sweat does change due to.

Hormonal shifts and you get oily skin which causes acne So that was all the physical stuff. Now for the harder to explain emotional stuff. Basically due to all the hormones and the changes that are going in your body puberty is generally characterized by lots the feeling of confusion, selfconscious, peer pressure and dealing with this new sexual interest. Basically if I may quote the great Britney Spears you are not a girl and not yet a woman. So guys, relax I promise this is just a period of time.

The 1 Root Cause Of All Breakups And Why Your Ex Lied About It

Hi everyone, Brad Browning here. Each day, I receive a number of emails from my coaching customers that begin along the lines of, Hey Brad, my ex broke up with me because of and then they'll proceed to tell me the reasons behind their recent breakup. Now, occasionally the reasons for the breakup are perfectly logical cheating, for example. But much of the time, the reasons that were provided by your ex to explain the breakup are flatout lies. In this tutorial, I'm going to explain why your ex lied about the breakup, and what the.

Actual underlying reason is behind almost all breakups. Let's start by talking about why your ex would have lied to you when they were explaining the reasons behind your breakup. It's actually fairly simple your ex felt that they needed to give you some sort of closure, and felt compelled to explain the breakup, but he or she didn't want to hurt you any more than was absolutely necessary. Remember ending a relationship is extremely difficult for both parties, not just the person being dumped. Unless your relationship ended with a screaming match and lots of animosity,.

Then your ex probably felt bad about having to hurt you by breaking up, and they wanted to soften the blow' as much as possible. That's why, in most cases, your ex will either blatantly lie about the reasons behind the breakup, or they'll only tell you part of the truth. After all, when you look at it from your ex's perspective, what's to be gained from telling you the truth and hurting you even more For example, if your ex couldn't stand your friends and was no longer attracted to you.

Because you'd put on a lot of weight since the start of your relationship, wouldn't that be a lot more hurtful to hear than if he or she simply said something like, we've just drifted apart and I don't feel that connection anymore or I'm just at a point in my life where I need some time alone As I mentioned earlier, often times your ex may have told you part of the truth he or she may have picked one thing that was bothering them about your relationship, and.

Told you that was the main reason behind your breakup, when in fact it was just one of several issues that led to his or her decision to end things. And although it's important to recognize that your ex probably wasn't being 100 truthful, and it's helpful have a clear idea of the problems that led to your breakup, the most important thing to understand is that all breakups are caused, fundamentally, by one thing a loss of attraction. Love is attraction. Attraction is the glue that holds together every romantic relationship.

Sexual and emotional attraction is the main thing that differentiates romantic relationships from friendships. When your romantic partner loses his or her attraction for you, the relationship is essentially destined for failure. And that's why a loss of attraction is the underlying root cause of all relationships you simply can't maintain a sexual or emotional connection with your romantic partner if you aren't attracted to them. Sometimes, a single event or a few main issues can lead to his loss of attraction if you cheated on your partner, for example, that lack of loyalty can cause your partner to.

Lose his or her attraction for you. Other times, it's a slow process that happens over time as your relationship becomes stale and your partner loses interest. Whatever the reason, you must understand that if you want to start a new, healthy, lasting relationship with your ex, then you need to rebuild his or her attraction for you. That's why my Ex Factor Guide program is just as much a guide to rebuilding attraction as it is about getting your ex back you simply can't enjoy a fresh start and a longterm.

Relationship with your ex unless you can rebuild the mutual attraction that is critical to all successful relationships. For more info on how to rebuild your ex's attraction, go to my website, BreakupBrad, and watch my fulllength tutorial presentation I've explained how to use a 3step psychological process to make your ex forget about the negative things that plagued your relationship, and rebuild his or her love for you. And of course if you have any questions, you can comment below and I'll do my best to respond. If you found this tutorial helpful or you enjoyed some of my other tutorials on how.

CoDependency Anxious Attachment Why Do We Stay In Unhealthy Relationships

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Can We Love Too Much Why Do We Lose Ourselves In Relationships By Helen Mia Harris

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