Bristol Palin on Obamas Gay Marriage Support

Bristol pale and is in the news for talking about brocco baba supporting gay marriage uh. so bristol kaelin had an issue with the fact that obama said that he sat down and talked with his children who have friends that have id parents right and that helped and uh. you know help the evolution of his opinion when he came to gay marriage will be certain personal kaelin doesn't like that and she said quote well it's great to listen to your kids ideas there's also a time when done.

Simply need to be dads in this case it would be helpful for him to explain two million sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people that's not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage for that as great is our friends maybe we know that in general can do better growing up being a mother father home ideally fathers help shape their kids worldview organize really ideas it's not even sure places that personal view and down and explain what a glass houses to that.

Because ibmr you're gonna talk about how important it is to have a father in the picture i make it the president of the united states parenting advice now the girl got pregnant sixteen and his outspoken about the fact that levi does not in the picture yeah it's a choice this under your bed it's on little ok but think about when she did get pregnant right when she did get pregnant the republican party kind of rallied behind her and said all spore sixteenyearold girl hughes full indiscretion she didn't know what she.

Was doing you know what you guys can not criticize her okay she's just a child when it comes to minorities getting pregnant think about the double standard and repair right briscoe kaelin drop in an environment where she does whatever she does as she doesn't get what held accountable for it she doesn't get the same criticism as minorities what right so in this case she's basically living in this huge glasshouse she doesn't have a father figure for her son but that's okay because she's bristol payment yet she doesn't have to be held accountable.

But she can judge others ep and i mean it i mean it's insane and i think that committee or somebody actually get somebody was the one who first cut of twenty that would work are you talking about lady i don't know that said i don't trust him i think that was one of them drag economics i i don't know daily anyone even close to snap wholesale amused by dot if you recall that by slipping here on the yeah i mean it's just it's crazy how how this party.

Like you said was a rallying around bristol it are really talked about be indiscretion they never talked about the teenager getting knocked out the victimizer and then he turned her into a few ready to think that what she did in the port he made the right to see that your understanding because she had the baby it's crazy to me what of course she's a hero 'cause she had a baby she's enough for payments daughter she had the means to raise this child she had extended family support there's.

Marriage Tip Taking Compliments At Face Value

Hey Pesa here, coauthor of liveyourbestmarriage Today I have a message for the wives out there When your husband says something positive, PLEASE take it At face value. It's okay to take a compliment from your husband, and trust me, he Means it. Regardless of your own self image. For example, so when you wake up in the morning and your husband Says Hey beautiful! Don't try to look for a hidden meaning. Most men Don't have the skills anyway to manipulate. So, take it at face value and Go on with your day on a positive note.

Love Has No Labels Diversity Inclusion Ad Council

Music And I can't change even if I tried even if I wanted to and I can't change even if I tried even if I wanted to my love, my love, my love she keeps me warm 4x music and I can't change even if I tried even if I wanted to my love, my love, my love she keeps me warm 4x and I can't change even if I tried even if I wanted to my love, my love, my love she keeps me warm 6x My heart doesn't see race.

What Its Like To Date A Med Student

Second rib. Third, third rib. T4 dermatome blonde girl Ok guys, jus Should I go I'm just practicing. He's got an exam tomorrow. A practical exam. Ned Date night! Let's do this, I got 10 minutes, here we go. You ready for your test Ned I am. girlfriend How's Dr. Frankenbaum being Hmm, Frankenbutthole, more like it. Mmhmm. I have a prescription for you, doctor's orders. Grey's Anatomy. Ned Aah, yes. Love it. Ned Give me a kiss.

Bye. girlfriend Good luck. Thank you. Hey Ned Could you come look at my poop Ned Yeah. Is this bad Ooh. If you became an OBGYN, do you think you'd deliver our baby Absolutely. Really No. Uch. That is abnormal stool. Hmm. Ned Hold on. camera clicks girlfriend Really, you took a picture I'll compare to my textbook. Hello. Ned What have we here What You smell. It was cadaver lab.

Uch! Oh. Oh, God. Yesterday I was dissecting a cadaver, and the head girlfriend Ned. girlfriend Ned. Ned The spleen Ned looked like a football. Nobody wants to hear about your cadavers at the dinner table. Well, Jade wants to hear about it. No, she doesn't. Your insurance claim has been denied. Oh my God. You're serious. What's your favorite internal organ Uch. Uuugh. I failed. You know, what are the cranial nerves again There's like an order.

What Right, the cranial nerves Cranial nerves Olfactory, optic, oculomotor. What is the nickname of the hot doctor in Grey's Anatomy McDreamy. Not that I watch it, because it is highly medically inaccurate. Glossopharyngeal, vagus, accessory, hypoglossal. See. Nailed it. Bet you didn't fail. Superior thyroid artery. You're doing that and eating pizza at the same time I, yes, I am. Ok. Phenelzine. SNRI. I think it's an MAOI. No, no way. Yes. Ned Ooh, oh my God.

Expectations In Marriage In The Top 3 Reasons For Divorce

What do I expect of my wife Well, I expect her to be my partner and always take my side in an argument even if she thinks I might be wrong. I expect her to make love to me when I want to, as long as she's not under the weather. I expect her to help take care of the cooking, mostly. I think, if I can do repairs and maintenance, she can take care of the kitchen. I don't expect her to wait on me hand and foot because she's not my maid, but it sure would be nice once in a while if she spoiled.

Me a little bit. I would expect that she supports my opinions and values the same thing that I do. And that she would see that, even though I'm a man, once in a while I can be vulnerable too. I don't expect her to understand why I need my friends but I hope that she respects that I do. And lastly, once in a while I'm the one who needs encouragement, and I'm the one who needs a hug. Yes I'm her man, but I bleed too. What I expect from my man is, I think, what all women expect.

Respect. I may not be as strong, I may not know how to tune a motorcycle, but I have skills and I am intelligent. Just because I'm a woman I don't expect or want him to coddle me like I'm a child. But, when I've had a bad day, I expect that he'll understand that I'm a woman and my occasionally a good cry is good for my emotional health. I expect that I alone will be enough to satisfy him but, on the other hand, I know that men are wired differently.

Sexless Marriage 4 Tips to a Better Marriage

Are you struggling with a sexless marriage There is no shame in that, it happens to a lot of couples, especially couples that are business owners. Stress builds, exhaustion sets in, maybe we are we have been fighting and having tension within the marriage about things happening in the business Or maybe we are struggling with cash flow. Whatever is going on maybe there is some level of resentment or anger, or bitterness that has come up that is causing us to want to backlash against your spouse and withhold sex.

Big mistake. If you are in a sexless marriage right now I want to offer you four tips that can help change the way you feel about your spouse to help bring that passion and that life back. Number 1 Touch and touch often. They say that touch to marriage is what food is to the body. Touch often. It brings positive feelings and causes chemical reactions in our body that give us positive stimulants and bring back great memories. So, touch, hold hands, snuggle on the couch, do something. But touch often. Maybe it's a kiss. Touch.

Often! Number 2 Communicate and share what is happening in your life. You know, business is hard. If we are not communicating that challenges and struggles that we are having with our spouse because we think we are trying to protect them, we are kidding ourselves. Stop trying to protect your spouse and instead protect your marriage. You protect your marriage by communicating together. Be sure to communicate and do that often. Talk, talk about the things the make you happy. Talk about the things that make you sad. Whatever you do, communicate because your spouse doesn't know what's going on in your mind if you don't.

Tell them. Number 3 Just give one up for the team. Alright, so you don't want to have sex right now. You are not feeling up to it. I understand. We've all been there and we've all done it. Nonetheless, sex is important to a marriage. It is important to bring you together as a team. It's the most physically and emotionally intimate thing that you will do together. With that said, don't withhold from each other. Even if you just don't feel like it. If you're physically not up to it if you can work on making your spouse happy. Find some pleasure,.

Find something in doing something that will make your spouse feel good and will bring the two of your closer together. Number four finally, surprise your spouse occasionally. Or better yet surprise your spouse often. Take off early from work, buy flowers if it's for your wife, buy an appropriate gift something small if it's for your husband. Write a hand written note or letter. The point here is through all of these things show that you love each other. Maybe you're not there where you just physically cannot do it Maybe you are exhausted Maybe.

You are stressed out Maybe you need to find a way to go for a walk together and just hold hands and talk But, whatever you do, if you're in a sexless marriage right now your marriage may be in some type of jeopardy You may be feeling or your spouse may be feeling some type of unfortunate regret, resentment, anger, or bitterness Lets get the problem solved. You solve that problem and you get your marriage back on track. So, those are my four tips for you today. I hope you found them beneficial Leave me.

Join UNICEF UK Ambassador Cat Deeley in ending FGM and child marriage

Growing up should be an exciting time for any child a time for discovering new things, making new friends, having fun. Sadly, this isn't the case for millions of girls around the world. Over 125 million girls and women alive today have been subjected to FGMC, female genital mutilation or cutting, and one in three girls in developing countries are married before they reach 18. One in nine are married by the age of 15. These practices violate the fundamental rights of children and have immense and longlasting consequences. They cause both physical and emotional pain, destroy childhoods,.

Disrupt schooling and contribute to cycles of poverty that are passed down from generation to the next. The good news is that things are changing in the heart of communities and families across Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. More and more people are saying no to these practices. Girls themselves must be at the centre of any action to end FGMC and child marriage. They are the ones whose rights, bodies and lives are at stake, but we know they alone are not responsible for creating change. Everyone has a part to play, and by working together we can enable girls to.

Financial Tips For WomenBudget and Save Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with financial tips for women. Every woman, whether married, single, widowed, young or old should understand their finances and maintain a level of financial independence. Here are a few tips Keep some money tucked away. Set aside you change, for example, or saving daily. Keep a record in writing of all financial transactionsbank or cash. Women should increase their financial knowledge by reading books, talking to experts and reading online. Read more financial tips for women in the article below. And, be sure to subscribe to our channel for more of the financial tips.

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