C4 Ignite Your Catholic Faith What is Gods Design for Marriage

What is God's design for marriage Marriage is just a piece of paper. Why is marriage so important When we have an authentic experience of love, we want that to last forever, because we realize there's something deeper and richer there than just the two of us. We know that God is somehow at work in every authentic experience of love that we have in our lives. For us as Catholics, we value marriage so much, because we see in the union of husband and wife. in this mystery, in this sacrament, the fullness of God's love for us.

We could look at the whole scripture through the prism of marriage and we see in the beginning, God creating Adam and Eve in his image and likeness in all of their beauty and in all of their difference. We see that marriage imagery continue throughout the Old Testament as God establishes his covenant with his chosen people. Many of the prophets speak powerfully of God seeking out, pursuing, even wooing His people and finding them as the center of His heart. For us as Christians, that marriage between God and us reaches its completion in the person of Jesus Christ.

In His birth, His life, His death, His Resurrection, that on the cross, Jesus pours out His life for us. He completely makes a gift of Himself to us and so St. Paul says that the Church is the Bride of Christ, both born from Jesus' side but also married to Him in the mystery of His gift. Today many people wonder, Why do I have to get married Why can't I just be with my girlfriend, my boyfriend We love each other. Isn't that enough The Church sees something so holy and so permanent in marriage,.

That it's not just the two of us making that decision, but it's God calling us, choosing us, even anointing us to be husband and wife for each other. Bound in a sacrament. Permanently loving in this commitment. Open to children. Open to life. Marriage is fruitful. It's permanent. It's life giving, It's the basis of society. It's the building block of the Church. Indeed, it's the domestic Church at work and in action, where children first learn how to love God, how to pray, how to believe. It's the Year of Faith and we're connecting Christ and the Catechism of the Catholic Church!.

Should Catholic Priests Be Able to Marry

According to the Vatican's secretary of state priest celibacy is an open question for the Catholic Church and it should be. Family values and passing along belief in god to the next generation are a large part of Catholic life. Plus, marriage is one of the seven sacraments. Why in this day and age does the church require its Priests to miss out on those elements of their religion Well, first off they don't. Celibacy is not a revealed truth passed down from God to man. It is a church discipline and as such there are some exceptions. According to USCatholic.Org.

About a hundred Catholic Priests in the US today are married. These Priests were Episcopalian and Lutheran ministers who got married. Then later converted to Catholicism at which time they were ordained as Roman Catholic Priests and allowed to keep their marriage vows, wives, families.etc. Plus, Eastern Catholic Churches who are self governing but considered Catholic by the Vatican, have always allowed sections of their Priesthood to marry. So, Celibacy is not an absolute requirement for doing the job of priesthood. Plus, Celibacy wasn't a part of Catholicism early on. St. Peter was married for example,.

It only became an official part of religious life in 1075 when Pope Gregory VII issued an official decree banning marriage in the priesthood. His reasons mainly involved stemming church corruption and putting an end to the practice of Priest leaving church property to their wives and children. So, the argument for opening up marriage to the entire church seems strong. So, why haven't they Well, according to current Catholic teachings they see celibacy as a gift that God bestows on those who are called to the priesthood A gift that allows Priests to give themselves fully to their parishioners, all of their.

Love and energy can be spent in that direction and it also allows the Priests to keep their parishioners first in their hearts and minds, not second or third behind their wife and kids. Some Priests think Celibacy brings them closer to their work and as a result closer to God, which you can argue is a practical benefit of celibacy. There are also financial benefits of celibacy or more accurately financial obstacles to allowing marriage. Can the diocese afford to take care of entire families Does each parish have the facilities Would they carry insurance Would they pay for higher education.

Do they take on debts or liabilities of their new dependents And there are few moral pandora's boxy type questions that go with priest's marrying. How do you handle the inevitable divorce or separation Could they marry noncatholics Is it ethical for a priest to take their wife's or child's confession What about the child's or widow's inheritance Can they receive that or are they more like feudal serfs than children Those are a ton of questions and we didn't even mention any of the current gay rights, birth control or any of the other hot button issues for the catholic church.

C4 Ignite Your Catholic Faith Who Can Save Us When Were Lost

Why does everything have to be so difficult I just can't do this anymore! I'm not a perfect person, but can I still be saved I'm doing just fine on my own. I don't need any help. Have you ever felt really lost Once when I was a little kid, I got lost in a park and a stranger brought me home. We all feel lost at times, don't we Lost in addictions to alcohol, or to food or to drugs. Lost in a bad marriage. Perhaps as parents, we feel that we can't reach our children anymore.

Or our friends at school have turned their backs on us. There are moments in our lives when we feel just so alone. Perhaps we have given up on ourselves. Perhaps we replay in our heads all those tapes of the bad things that we've done. That we despair that God could ever forgive us or that we could even forgive ourselves. The Great News for us is that God comes into our life like a hero. like a stranger who shows up when we're lost in a park and brings us home.

And that Savior for us, is Jesus Christ. When you study Jesus' ministry, it's clear that He loved lost people. He reached out and hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. with sinners, with the unclean with lepers, with the poor. The people that society thought didn't matter at all. He loved to reach out to lost people because they knew that they needed a Savior. They needed a hero to break into their lives and He was the hero. He was the Savior for them. The only people that Jesus really gets mad at are the selfsufficient.

Those who think they have it so well put together that they don't need a Savior. Their whole life is this independent little world, and nobody else can break into it. So when we feel lost, when we feel unforgivable, when we feel unlovable. That's when Jesus loves us the most. That's when he breaks into our life. He doesn't wear the costume of an action figure, but he wears the costume of every person around us. that loves us, that reaches out to us with compassion, as we do for others.

Ted Turner famously said that Christianity is for losers. He meant it as an insult. I choose to wear it as a compliment. Christianity is for losers. It's for those who know they can't fit it all together themselves. that they can't make their life work without God. Those that know that they need others, that they need others help and need others love. And it's when we know that we're weak and sinful, that we know the love of a Savior and that's Good News for us. It's the Year of Faith and we're connecting Christ and the Catechism of the Catholic Church!.

Pope Catholic Church Obsessed With Gay Marriage, Abortion

Image source Wikimedia Commons BY DANNY MATTESON In his brief six months in the papacy, Pope Francis has been no stranger to controversy. Now he's testing the waters again, faulting the Roman Catholic Church for its focus on gay marriage and abortion. In a wideranging 12,000word interview, his first extensive sitdown as pope, Francis called the church obsessed with the hotbutton issues going on to warn if it continues its dogmatic stance, it could face collapse. Via Catholic News Service Quoted by The New York Times, he said We have to find a new balance. Otherwise even.

The moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel. Pope Francis also said he believes the church should be a home of all and not a small chapel that can hold only a small group of selected people. Via Vatican The interview with Italian Jesuit magazine La Civilta Cattolica was originally conducted over three separate meetings in August, and so far it's been widely embraced simply for its humanity. One writer for The Washington Post called it an extraordinary moment in journalism,.

Adding A palpable profundity and humanness come through the interview. It also is comprehensible, especially for something that borders on a papal document. The coeditors of CNN's Belief Blog gave some more specific examples. Francis said he prays at the dentist's office and felt trapped in the Vatican's traditional papal apartments.. He has a taste for tragic artists and Italian films and keeps the will of his beloved grandmother in his prayerbook. There are, of course, those who have criticized the pope's views which many believe don't align with the church's teachings.

Speaking specifically about abortion, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin told The Rhode Island Catholic It's one thing for him to reach out and embrace and kiss little children.. It strikes me that it would also be wonderful if in a spiritual way he would reach out and embrace and kiss unborn children. But if Catholics, and the public at large, are taking issue with the pope's unorthodox behavior, they're not showing it. Behavior like washing the feet of a Muslim girl, eschewing the papal apartments for a Vatican guest house, and signaling a new acceptance of homosexuality during an impromptu inflight.

A Very Catholic Valentines Day

Oh honey! I'm home! Happy Valentine's Day, dear. Roses! Happy Valentine's Day, dear. Will you be my Valentine A box of chocolates for my Sweet Heart. Who is so sweet that she ALWAYS gives me a toothache. A romantic, candlelight dinner for you on this Valentine's Day, mi amor. romantic music plays in background doorbell sounds. and loud knocking at the front door is heard I'll get it. Whoa. Yes May I help you Hey, who is it honey Whoa. Well, hello! It's great to see you again! Um, I'm sorry. But.

Do we know you Psst.Do you know me Ha! As if you can forget! It's me, Cupid! Remember I hooked you two up. with my bow and arrow! Well, such appreciation. Well, listen you two. Today's St. Valentine's Day. And I'm just making my way through the neighborhood..going house to house passing out flyers. to remind everyone to remember to give thanks to Saint Valentine.. the patron saint of love and marriage. You know, so many people don't even bother to think of him on this day.. even though it's St. Valentine's Day !!.

Absurd AntiGay Ad

And antigay and that was posted on the trouble with this is we don't know which organization made this we don't know who is just an individual and i also don't know if this is meant to be taken seriously because it is one of the most absurd anti ever seen reissue spirits can't withstand person his daily that's a fair now dot is known as that's relapse if doesn't get financing when the health insurer in cult yeah i mean they're ready sneakers in the just an overview of moral civilly.

Sonny without learn what it is that the parents with a lot to do about all intimate me but you had never seen modern family internet would go raising they denied uh. right now but if you don't have a mommy you just called the heartless has strayed far that we also like that this is that at the end of the bomb went off now that's also may come up they did not intend that to be coming yet there was a patty did a little bit more over the top.

It was so rediculous and whatever a statement they were trying to make their was sold to do is not a logic behind it you know i'm saying a lake i don't understand what they were trying to say and then the woman's rediculous acting in that way think that is alive and we go to backup pure love look back how do you love me or two and this is an act for inside like any particular display share no problems issues politicians is like levy gay ass whereas there lovey.

Catholic Church shifts tone on gays, lesbians ,

The Catholic Church has signaled thats ready to make an about turn on its view on homosexuality. A preliminary report from an assembly of bishops at the Vatican opens the door for a greater acceptance of gays and lesbians. Sohn Jungin has more. It is being described as a striking shift in tone by the Catholic Church regarding gays and lesbians. Following a weeklong, closeddoor meeting, the Vatican released a preliminary report Monday, which showed an unprecedented openness to accepting the relationships of samesex couples. It said they had gifts and qualities to offer.

The Christian community. While no doctrinal changes in the Churchs condemnation of homosexual acts or gay marriage were proposed, the report said it should recognize the positive aspects of civil unions and couples who cohabit. The document summarizes the ongoing debate between Pope Francis and 200 bishops on traditionally controversial issues such as divorce, birth control and homosexuality. Bishops said although Catholicism does not support samesex marriage, they must find ways to make gay people feel included. Its language that is less judgmental and more compassionate than previous statements under different popes.

C4 Ignite Your Catholic Faith God in HumanForm

Was Jesus really one of us Is Jesus really God on Earth Does it really make a difference, at all We all have acquaintances and we all have friends. Acquaintances are the people that kind of skim along the surface of our lives and we can have a good time with them. They know a few things about us, but they don't really know us in the depths of our soul, in our joy and our sorrow. Friends are those precious people in our lives that really enter into the nittygritty of our spirit.

That understand us and we understand them and we can share both joy and sorrow, we can just simply be ourselves, we know that we're just unconditionally loved and accepted. When we're with friends, we can just be at ease with them. In the person of Jesus Christ, God literally befriends us. Because in Jesus, the fullness of God became a human being. As John's Gospel says the word became flesh and dwelt among us and so it means that God gets it. God gets our human condition because He became a human being Himself.

God could have saved us any way that He chose, but He chooses the most personal way. He chooses this path of friendship, of accompaniment, of becoming one with us in our humanity. So, when I feel afraid or sad, when I feel overjoyed or overwhelmed, when I feel in love or out of love, God himself understands every human experience because He has lived this life with us. He has walked the way before us. And that's what Christmas is all about. God becoming visible. God becoming human. Jesus entering into our human condition, getting down into the pit of our suffering.

And sitting with us and laughing in our moments of joy. We bring all of that to Christ and He brings all of that to us. And as Jesus says at the Last Supper, I no longer call you servants, I call you friends. So Christmas is about Jesus becoming a friend to us in the depths of our humanity. It's the Year of Faith and we're connecting Christ and the Catechism of the Catholic Church! Ignite your faith! Share this tutorial with a friend and sparkup a spirited conversation today!.

Changes looming for the catholic church The Infidel 20150529

A continued relaxation in the Catholic Church's position on divorce and homosexuality is evident in Germany's branch of the church, where bishops have voted to allow lay workers in its hospitals, schools and other social services to remain employed even if they have divorced or are in a homosexual relationship. The German Bishops seem to be taking the lead in this trend, which is gradually taking place around the world in response to Pope Francis' statement on the subjects. A worldwide synod of bishops at the Vatican was split last October on the topics, but another such meeting this.

Coming October could move the needle on the matter. Even in Germany, the feeling is not unanimous, though, as almost a third of the diocese in still oppose such leniency. One problem the church has is with respect to German laws, which in the case of commercial organizations would take a dim view of dismissing someone for their sexual views or marital arrangements. Such clashes between civil laws concerning employment and the views of religious groups who employ people, even of their own faith, are becoming more common. Pope Francis has made several comments in his two years in office indicating that he.

Doesn't expect to be around for too long. He, again, alluded to his mortality recently when addressing a group of elderly at Rome's seaside parish, telling them that he was a little old and a little sick, and that they should pray for him too. Francis has also implied that he might step down rather than waiting for death to end his papacy when he said that his predecessor Benedict's move to retire should not be considered an exception, even though it was the first time a Pope had retired in 600 years.

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