Welcome to the metagame with me, oni black mage, here to share tips and suggestions towards optimization of marriage and children for the newest installment in the Fire Emblem Franchise, Fire Emblem Fates. If you haven’t seen the first part of this guide that covers class and skill inheritance basics, I would suggest watching that now, as this guide will be approaching marriage pairings from a stat growth rate and class perspective.

Whether you’re new or veteran to the series, let’s cover some basics first. Growth Rates Children are rebalanced in general in Fates so as to not completely overshadow their parents like in Awakening. In fact, there are many units that stay more effective than children throughout the game given the constraints on classes now amd they have competitive or better growth rates.

Growth rates are the percentage that determine how likely a unit is to gain a stat increase at a level up, so the higher the better. After all, Stat caps don’t matter if you don’t have the Growth rates to reach them. There’s individual growth rates and class growth rates, with total together to give a character’s full growth rate. For example, if a character has a natural Str growth rate of 40 and they are currently.

A class that has a str growth rate of 20, then their full str growth rate is 60. meaning, if they level up as that class, then they have a 60% chance of gaining +1 to their Str stat. Going forward, I will be talking about growth rate pools, which is the all of the ability growth rates of a character totaled up into one number. Now, keep in mind a single number doesn’t tell a whole story. Characters lacking exceptional gains are generally more wellrounded.

Or dump magic or strength entirely, including the avatar. a character with a lower pool of growth rates isn’t necessarily weaker, as most characters are biased towards being martial or magical characters. What is does help show is the larger the growth rate pool, the more likely the character will gain stats on level up across multiple abilities, and likely max out their stats. Don’t forget, growth rates, stat caps, skills, a large amount of RNG luck, and your own tactics determine how effective and powerful any given unit.

Actually is. For reference, I am only noting the Strong gains = 50+ growth rate and any exceptional growth rates above 60. I will also be approaching this from a Revelations perspective, so all potential parents and marriagable characters are considered here, in addition to exceptional growth rates they can pass onto their children. Not surprisingly, the Avatar and the royal children are all top tier when it comes to growth rates. The only thing unique here is.

Mozu, as i listed her growth rates with aptitude equipped, and without. Children Children will have their own growth rates, but their real growth rates will be the average of their own and whomever their dedicated parent married. So, they start lower, with the opportunity to be curved up depending on the spouse. Some Children have exceptional growths, so beware spouses that can curve the growth rate down.

Child’s growth rate = (spouse’s growth rate + child’s growth rate) / 2 Now let’s take a look at each child unit from the perspective of their growths and how well they match up with their classes, and see what potential parents they can have to complement their strengths. Keep in mind that, again, there are no best combinations, and its up to personal combat style. I will be approaching this from a maximization standpoint, so I tend to have characters play their strengths, and specialize in either martial, magic, or.

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