How to Attract and Have More Money Tithing 10 to the Church of You Gary Douglas

Hi everybody Gary Douglas founder of Access yet again Okay so today's bleep of consciousness is Do you want to change your money flows Okay so one of the most important things I read all kinds of books I went to seminar after seminar Trying to figure out how to have money One of the things that I discovered Is you need to tithe to the church of you It's not about not tithing to your church If you want to do that Not a problem But you want to tithe ten percent.

Of every penny that comes Into your life into the church of you What you're doing is you're Telling the universe that you deserve money When you pay you first When you put that ten percent away for you What you will create in your life Is more money coming in How does that work Well if you go, Okay I'm going to pay all my bills first And you pay all your bills Usually what happens is you get more bills Is that really what you want More bills Or would you like to have more money.

So you start paying you the ten percent It may mean you have to adjust for a few months Like stretching bills out before you get used to it But I can guarantee you If you will do this tithing to the church of you Ten percent of ever dollar that comes into your life Ten percent of the gross not the net Don't try to weasel If you will do this In six months your whole financial universe will have turned around It's really important to do this From the point of view that you're actually.

Doing this as an honoring of you Not because I tell you to do it I tried that Doing it because other people told me But then as soon as I got into some kind of financial bind I'd spend the money Then I'd go, Ah I have no money again Well when you get to this thing of Putting that ten percent away There will come a time when you will have A certain amount of money And each of us has our own certain amount of money That once we have that we will no longer think about money.

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