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Hi rs, my name is Joe, and today I'm going to be talking about this really cool product called save my marriage today. This product is currently listed here tinyurlgetsavemymarriagetoday for $49.95, and I'm assuming that if you are watching this tutorial, you are wanting to know if save my marriage today course is any good. If you're looking for an unbiased review of Amy Waterman's Save My Marriage Today Guide, you've come to the right place. First of all, I want you to know that you'll be getting essential information in this review.

That you will need before grabbing a copy of the guide for yourself. Also, I want you to know that I've personally bought the product in order to give you the information in this review. Save My Marriage Today is a comprehensive guide on how to revive your marriage even if you are on the brink of divorce. An while it clearly targets the message to people that are close to divorce, it's techniques are applicable to people who are happily married as well. The guide covers numerous challenges that married couples face on a daily basis.

Some of these challenges include the stress involved with having children, the strain of financial challenges on relationships and how to deal with the situation if someone has been unfaithful. One of the things that the guide does well is go into behavioral causes of specific situations. After potential causes are explained, specific actions that can be taken to remedy the situation are then given. This is a much better format than what most guides have, which is to simply rattle off potential actions one can take without going into possible causes.

In my opinion, Amy Waterman's Save My Marriage Today Guide is one of the most comprehensive guides on the market today when it comes to the topic of relationships and divorce prevention. Amy's writing style makes for an easy read which make the guide pretty enjoyable to go through. While I've been happily married for a decade, I was able to take some tips from the guide and apply them to my own marriage. If you're looking to save your marriage or turn things around if you're on the brink of divorce, I highly recommend you pick up.

A copy for yourself and go through the whole thing. You won't regret it. Overall, I highly recommend that you pick up this product. If you want to learn more please follow the link bellow the tutorial. Oh, and one final thing just to let you know, I do make a bit of money if you decide to purchase through this link, it helps me feed my family and I do appreciate. However, if you don't want to help me that's fine, smilesmiley just head over to quickly speak domain savemymarriagetoday and you can buy it without me getting anything.

Girls Dont Poop PooPourri

You would not believe the mother load I just dropped. And that's how I like to keep itleaving not a trace I was ever here, let alone that I just birthed a creamy behemoth from my cavernous bowels. Nothing is worse than stinking up the shared toilet at work. Or the toilet at a party. Or your lover's apartment. Of course, flushing removes the graphic evidence. Maybe two or three flushes, if your skid marks are as tenacious as mine. But what can be done of that subtle scent of a 300cow dairy farm.

Aerosol air fresheners aren't the most effective option, or the healthiest. trying to mask the stench, giving you a nice blend of chemlab carnations with just a touch of feces So, how do you make the world believe your poop doesn't stink, or in fact, that you never poop at all PooPourri. PooPourri is the beforeyougo toilet spray that is proven to trap those embarrassing odors at the source. and save your relationships. Simply spritz PooPourri in the bowl to create a film on the water's surface that actually traps the odors in its porcelain prison. And when your little asstronauts splash down.

And make contact with the film, they release Poopourri's pleasant aromas so all those around you smell is a refreshing bouquet of essential oils. Yes it is a real product. And yes it really works. We've sold over 4 Million bottles. On Amazon alone, there are over 1000 reviews rating it 4.8 of 5 stars. That's a better Amazon rating than the iPhone 5. If it doesn't completely stop your stench from spreading, send it back for a complete refund, our unconditional stinkfree guarantee. If your poop stinks click here to get your Poopourri today at Poopourri.

What Are Paper Towns

Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday. You'll never guess where I am.I'm in an airport! I was last in this airport so recently that my login to the wireless hasn't expired. Ok, so, yesterday, Subbable was acquired by Patreon that was great news, and more great news today is the publication day of Hold Me Closer, David Levithan's musical novel companion to the book we wrote together Will Grayson, Will Grayson. It's like the actual Tiny Cooper musical from Will Grayson, Will Grayson it's fantastic. And in even more great news the Paper Towns trailer comes out on Thursday which is why.

I'm in the airport because I have to go be on The Today Show. Also, 100 of my current children have vomited on me in the past 24 hours, so I'm a little nervous that I might get a stomach bug and then throw up on The Today Show, which would be very problematic on a number of fronts, but especially, like, the GIFs I just keep imagining the GIFs of me throwing up on Matt Lauer. Anyway, giving the forthcoming release of the trailer, I've been thinking a lot about.

The phrase Paper Towns. Like in the book it means different things to Q, the narrator, at different points in the story. But in real life, as you know Hank, the phrase Paper Towns is about copyright. Like mapmakers create fictitious entries in their map to make sure that no one else is copying them. Like if you put my fake place on your map, I know that you've stolen from me. Every map company does this, Hank. Like Google Maps does it all the time they probably created a paper town called Argelton in England. But you see it all the time.

It's usually not paper towns it's usually like paper streets or paper bridges. My favorite example of this aside from Agloe, New York the one that I use in Paper Towns is Beatosu, Ohio, which is a town created by mapmakers who were fans of the University of Michigan's football team and wanted them to beat OSU. But Hank, these copyright traps aren't just limited to mapmaking you see them everywhere. In encyclopedias, in dictionaries, in paleontology textbooks. Like in Paper Towns, Margo's dog is named Myrna Mountweasel in honor of this fictitious entry from the New Columbia Encyclopedia.

About Lillian Virginia Mountweasel. The encyclopedia said that she was a fountain designer and photographer who died in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles Magazine. I'm just totally fascinated by how much fictional information is floating around in the nonfictional world, you know Like Google recently used fictitious entries against Bing. The Billboard Charts have used them but my favorite example comes from the New Oxford American Dictionary. The word esquivesence.nope, it's esquivalence. I'm sorry, sometimes I mix up my nonexistent words. Esquivalence or maybe it's occurs to me that I have no idea how to pronounce.

This fictional word. Anyway, it's defined as avoiding one's official responsibilities, you know, as a thieving lexicographer would. And the crazy thing about esquivalience is that like Agloe, NY and many other fictitious entries, it has kind of become real. Like it's in a bunch of dictionaries now, and the Apple dictionary even gives it a fictional etymology. Now, like obviously this is an appealing idea for a writer because I need to believe that madeup stories can really matter in the lives of real people. But it also reminds me that.

How to get your husband back Get him back

1gumFze How to get your husband back during separation or divorce Are you searching for a way to repair your relationship with your husband If YES, then please keep on viewing. By the end of this tutorial, you will know precisely how to get your husband back home, even after a divorce. Some time ago my husband left our home after a period of us being in constant conflict. That day he left our home was truly heart breaking because his last words were, I want a divorce. Now in spite of our continual fighting, seeing him walk out of our home left me feeling abandoned.

I immediately went on a mission and that was finding out how to get him back. I couldn't fathom being separated or getting a divorce from my husband and in my determination I made several mistakes. In learning how to get your man, here are a few things to avoid 1. Don't threaten your husband with anything 2. Do not beg 3. Do not make promises. a. that you will do whatever he wants b. that you will change 4. Don not use your children as pawns 5. Do not attempt to negotiate with your husband 6. Do not stalk your husband.

7. Stop calling him several times a day 8. Do not spam email him These things will only make you look desperate and decrease your chances at getting your husband back home. However if you've committed these mistakes, it is still possible to win back your husband. Here are a few tips on how to get him backyour husband. Truthfully it is not what to say to get your husband back, but what you do. 1. First step is to reconcile yourself to God and afterward forgiving yourself. a. After this, you can begin your attempt at winning him back.

2. Do not try to hasten it because you may only push him further away. Getting your husband back home is like the healing of a wound and will require some time. 3. Do not allow yourself to be driven by your emotions as you learn how to win him back. Your husband may do things to affect your emotions, so do not rely on your feelings. Instead allow your desire to win your husband back to be driven by principle and commitment. 4. Get Help!! a. These may come in the form of books, seminars, tutorial courses, audio courses, and websites.

B. I want to recommend that you read 'The Magic of Making Up by T. Jackson. Trust me this book is invaluable as you learn how to win him back. i. here to visit his website to learn more about this book. ii. Also visit my website to get a summary of the chapters. c. You may be surprised to learn that some of your efforts to get your husband back, may be actually pushing him away. The 'The Magic of Making Up was truly instrumental in showing me how to get my husband back.

It helped me understand his mind and I was able to use this knowledge to get him back. Go ahead, try The Magic of Making Up and learn how to how to win him back and save your marriage. It worked for me and I know it can work for you too. here and visit the authors' website to learn how to get your husband back. Visit my website to learn what you get from each of the chapters. get my husband back how to win your husband how can i get my husband back how to get him back.

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For wedding officiate and justice of the peace weddings visit a beautiful ceremony as an awardwinning wedding officiate and author of The best of the Best Wedding Words'. We make sure that your wedding ceremony is as beautiful and as meaningful as possible Rev. Kevin and his professionally trained team of wedding officiate are the only marriage officiants that offer a 'Full MoneyBack Guarantee' if you're not completely satisfied. If you don't want to leave the beauty of your wedding ceremony to chance, then keep listening. Clients of A Beautiful Ceremony received three.

Free bonuses. A 'Ceremony Planning Kit' to help you view your ceremony options. It even includes tutorial samples. Brides also receive a name change kit. The kit will save at least eight change kit to help save at least eight hours off the process of changing the bride's name. Copuples also receive a lifetime enrollment to an online marriage education course. This is a convenient way to discover proven relationships secrets regarding communication, conflict resolution, parenting, staying connected and finances. Athough the marriage course is not required if you spend at least 4 hours on the course you'll receive a discount.

North Korea Explained

Good morning, John! That is, if the world still exists. If the world does not exist anymore, then bad morning, John, very bad morning. But assuming that the world has not been destroyed by the kind of crazy that would be hilarious if it wasn't so freaking terrible, let's see what the world wants to know about North Korea using our old friend, Google AutoComplete. Is North Korea going to bomb us Well that depends first on who the 'us' in question is. If 'us' is me, then no, because their missiles can't reach me, which.

Is nice for me. But if the 'us' is everyone who's not inside North Korea which I really kinda feel like it should be then, well, if you're in South Korea or Japan or even Guam, they could. They almost certainly will not. North Korea is a huge fan of the crazy threat they've been using them for over 50 years and though these are kind of really extra crazy, it's pretty normal. So why, you may be asking, the uptick in the crazy A bunch of reasons, actually.

Number 1 Recent U.N. sanctions against North Korea are pissing them off, especially because China who is literally North Korea's only ally is supporting them. 2 South Korea just got a new president, and every time South Korea gets a new president, North Korea test that president by being crazy at them. 3 Every year, the U.S. and South Korea do some joint military exercises and, as always, increases the rhetoric that North Korea starts to spew. And, finally, number 4 No one knows how North Korea works at all! Like, there's.

Just nobody who knows how the internal political structure of Pyongyang works, and so there may be some internal political reason for this, and we will never know. Is North Korea a threat Yes, unfortunately. First because, yeah, they've got nuclear weapons, and they're probably the only state on Earth left that's crazy enough to use them. But more importantly, we should all note that North Korea's biggest threat is to its own people, who are malnourished the average North Korean child is 5 inches shorter than the average South Korean child.

If you are decalred to be an enemy of the state in North Korea which is surprisingly easy then you go to a concentration camp, where the conditions are just terrible, but so does your entire family, and any children that you have. They grow up and live their entire lives in that concentration camp, and so do their children. Three generations of people. There are people in those concentration camps today because their grandparents sympathised with South Korea during the Korean War. What! Is North Korea communist No, not really. I mean, it says it right in the title.

They're a democracy the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and they can vote, actually. There's only one candidate on the ballot, and if they write someone in, they can be declared an enemy of the state, which as previously noted, can be a very, very bad thing! So yeah, their system, they're kind of an absolute totalitarian multiparty hereditary military dictatorship. Did I say that right Now on to why does North Korea hate the U.S. Well first, because we supported South Korea in the Korean War, which defines North Korea, basically. This is a.

Complicated story, and I don't have time to get into it, but we remain South Korea's strongest military ally, and that, that is reason enough. But second, and probably more importantly, military dictatorships need an enemy to rattle their saber against, and by rattling their saber against the United States the strongest power in the world they can pretend to their citizens like they are a global power, which they are not. The people who live there have never heard anything different, and so to them it does not seem absurd. But while most of the.

Citizens of North Korea are ignorant to everything that's going on outside of the country, I mean it's the only place left on Earth where you can't buy a coke. The leaders of the country are not we hope as idiotic as their rhetoric makes them sound. They know that if they drop the bomb on another country, we would wipe them off the map. It would be terrible for everyone, but we would do it. But these like, tantrums for lack of a better word have gotten them concessions in the past,.

Mass Incarceration in the US

Good morning, John it's Friday. A few weeks ago a company called Visually emailed me, and was like Hey Hank. If you could do a highquality, animated tutorial on any issue in the world, what would you choose. Now that was a hard choice, but I went with incarceration in America, because it is messed up. Now, crime is also messed up bad things happen to good people, and that's terrible, and something should be done about it. Well, we send people to prison to be punished, and to prevent them.

From doing bad things again, and to deter others from breaking the law. Punishment, corrections, and deterrence. Now we have this habit of thinking of prisoners as something very external to society after all, there are literal walls between them and society walls capped with razor wire and watched over by people with guns. But millions of prisoners are released each year today's prisoners are tomorrow's neighbors. So corrections should probably be the most important piece of the incarceration pie. Unfortunately, it is not. We are, however, really good at punishment. America has about 4 of the world's people.

And about 25 of the world's incarcerated people. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world. Over the last 30 years, that number has skyrocketed, increasing over 400. 41 of American juveniles and young adults have been arrested by the time they turn 23. Children as young as 13 years old have been sentenced to die in prison, and our prisons violate international standards. Solitary confinement increases instability and violence in inmates, and is considered by international law to be torture, but in America, it's not regulated by anyone except.

The prison officials no judge, no jury. Arguably the most devastating form of punishment we enact in this country, and yet there is no appeals process. And you think it's hard to get a job in America Well, we make it intentionally more difficult to get a job once you have a conviction on your record, not to mention just live your life. Convicts are ineligible for welfare, student loans, public housing, food stamps, and are often socially disconnected from community and family support structures. So in addition to have high recidivism rates, they have very high rates of homelessness and suicide.

Somewhere along the way, we started to think that being tough on crime meant being tough on criminals. But that's not the same thing. Punishment is only one piece of a much larger crime reduction pie, and it's an expensive one with some institutions paying more than $100,000 per year per prisoner. Long prison sentences have helped to decrease crime, but no more than 25 of the decrease that we've seen can be attributed to incarceration, and it costs far beyond just dollars the cost is to people, to our country, to communities, to families, and to ourselves. The policy.

Seems to be, if you've committed a felony, we just give up on you. These wars on crime, wars on drugs, they are wars on people the smart political move is to appear tough on crime because crime is scary, so we increased minimum sentences, we arrested more people, we sent more of them to prison. That's how we looked tough on crime, but the results are in it's bad policy! It's cruel, it's shortsighted, and to continue this policy of mass incarceration would be foolish. We're living inside of a massive $75 billion per year failed experiment. 2010.

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