7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship

Woman Hey, can we actually talk Man Yeah, what's up Woman Are we cool, are we good Man Yeah, I mean, I'm wildly in love with you. Is that okay Woman Yeah, that's, I guess what I needed to know. Man I mean, I guess, like, sometimes I feel you're too nice. woman laughs upbeat music crowd talking Man This is fantastic. She's always in such a good mood when she gets to talk to hot boys. girl laughs Nick Hey, I'm Nick.

Eugene Hey, Eugene. Nick Nice to meet you. Eugene Nice to meeting you. Nick God, he's cool. woman laughs Eugene I'm not that cool. phone ringing Woman Who's Katie Nick Katie You shouldn't of seen that, that's my girlfriend. Woman Oh, it's your girlfriend Nick Yeah. Woman Wow. I'm just so impressed that there's another girl who puts up with your bad rapping. Nick Oh yeah, she loves it. woman hums Nick She's always like, Gimme some more of that bad rapping..

And I'm like, who's the bad rapper I rap badly. Blonde Man Hey! Woman Hey! Blonde Man Good to see you. Woman You too. Blonde Man It's been forever. Woman Yeah, this is my exboyfriend Steve. Steve Hey, Steve, nice to meet you. Woman Yeah, good to see you. Nick Nice meeting you. Steve Yeah, nice meeting you, take it easy. Woman Don't worry, he's boring. I'm never gonna get a job. I wore this blazer that makes me look like Ellen.

Nick Hey, you're gonna get a job, okay Woman Not that Ellen's like a bad person, I mumbling Nick hums I'm so sorry. Let's just eat a bunch of ice cream, okay Woman Okay. Nick Maybe you'll get fat enough to where you won't have to wear that blazer again. woman laughs Woman You hate it too, right Nick I don't like this blazer. Woman What am I thinking I'm a truth teller. Man in tuxedo So, you do believe that nonsense.

Woman What. Nick What do you think, you think we're gonna get married Woman Nah, fuck it. Man in tuxedo Do you wanna get married. woman whines to Nick, discuss. Nick C'mon, c'mon, what are you doing to me What are you doing to me Woman I am hungry. Nick There is a dance floor and some more food. woman laughs Nick Did you guys kiss Woman with Black Hair Yes. Blonde Woman Well, then he's a fucking idiot. Woman with Black Hair No, dating just sucks in this city.

Blonde Woman Yeah. Nick You can get on Tinder, Amy's on Tinder. Amy I am all over that Tinder. All the swipes come to me. Woman with Black Hair That's how you got Nick Nick No. Amy No, I actually, I like found him on the streets. woman with black hair laughs Amy Yeah. Nick She bathed me and clothed me. Amy Yeah. Nick laughs Amy So, he's actually in a lot of debt to me. group laughs Amy Scandal, scandal, Nick Should we will watch.

Amy Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, Nick Uh oh, I think the DVR is broken. Amy gasps Nick I'm just kidding. Amy laughs Nick I already watched the latest episode of Scandal. Amy No! Nick I jump in the sack and I'm nasty Amy laughs Nick 'cause I'm the bad rapper. I'm rappin' all the time. I rap bad. Amy laughs Man in tuxedo Do young lovebirds still talk about matrimony Amy Yes. Nick At therapy, at therapy.

Relationship Advice How to Save a Friendship

I'm Joe Cuenco, with Family Resources. Today, we're going to be talking about how to throw a life preserver, to a friendship, specifically, how to save a friendship. Friendships are living, breathing things. They need nurturing, they need care, they need assistance. Friendships are also a two way street. It requires an individual to give, to receive, and this is a relationship, that goes on for mutual benefit, so what happens if we have to save a friendship Well, in order to save it, you really need to understand, what's taken place, to drive.

A wedge into the relationship It requires communication. It requires sitting down with your friend, and saying, What happened here What did I do What did I do that was offensive or was there perhaps, a situation, that needs to be resolved There can be some relationships, go through some rocky times. There can be some challenges, but in the end, if there's a true friendship there, it will survive, so you need to be prepared to apologize, perhaps come to terms, and work through whatever issues there have been. It will require rebuilding,.

Reengaging whatever it was, that started your friendship, so be patient and work through it. Pay attention to it, work on it, and treat it with the appropriate respect, because a friendship is something to be valued. If you have several friendships, that are true friendships, that last over a lifetime, you really should consider yourself very fortunate. There's a saying, You can pick your friends, but not your family, but if you have a friendship, you should treat that with gold. Your friends and you have something. You've made an investment.

Can Sex Save Your Relationship

Hi guys, Michael Griswold here with a controversial question, Can Sex Save A Relationship In other words, if your relationship is shitty and you guys don't communicate well but you really are great in bed really feel passion is not enough. Is that something that you can build momentomly Is that something that you can build on Well, I think we both agree that its not and that it's destined to just be a lustful affair that ends up in both people getting hurt. But it's surprising isn't it how often we get into that situation How.

Often we though we consciously think sex won't save a relationship subconsciously we think that it will. Now, here's the deal and here's the reality is that those sex can't save a relationship. It sure as hell can kill it. And it can kill it in two ways it can kill itsex can kill your relationship by being really bad and not being able to communicate about it to make it better, or it can kill your relationship by being the only thing there is. In the same way that if, you know, your sex life might be great but brownies.

Are great. If you eat nothing but brownies and that's all you have then your relationship with yourself, your relationship with food will be an unhealthy one. And you'll be fat and you'll be unhappy. In the same way, if your relationship with your partner is only around sex or primarily around sex then all these other things are gonna build up these subtle resentments. And after a while they don't become so subtle anymore. So, listen if you're in that situation recognize that your sex life isn't going to save a shitty.

Interpersonal Relationships How to Save Your Relationship

We all need a saving grace, but how do you save your relationship This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer Girls, A Boomer Woman's Guide to Men and Dating. Sometimes we say that everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe, maybe not. But if that relationship was good in the first place, it may deserve, that relationship, a second chance and how do you save that. When you look at what you have and you ask yourself, where've we been, where are we now and where are we going then you can answer if that relationship is worth saving.

If something is not worth saving, then close the door. But if it is, and only you can determine that in a relationship that you're in, not just one person but both of you. Both of you have to have a meeting of the minds, is this relationship worth saving My bet is that it is worth saving because it worked in the first place. There was a song once about a man who left his girlfriend, and he put an ad in the paper and he wanted somebody. He wanted to walk down the beach and do the various things, and of course, who'd he find, but.

Positively Addressing Personal Issues to Save Your Relationship

Hi! Do you feel like your relationship is just so bad that the only answer is to end it Well I have two things I'd like to bring to your attention but before I do I just want to remind you that I'd like you to watch till the end of the tutorial because I have a gift for you. I'm Dr. Karen Sherman, founder of MakeYourMarriageWorkNow So, a lot of times unfortunately marriages do have to end there's just nothing to do that can make things better or absolutely when it's an abusive relationship, a.

Toxic relationship. But there is also the possibility that it's really issues within yourself that have to be worked on. And so what I'm really ask that you to do is before you call it quits look into yourself work on your issues because that could be what's standing in the way of things getting smoother with your mate. The other thing that happens that's really interesting is that when we're feeling disconnected and not okay our psyche tends to rewrite history. We sort of look for other things that have gone on in the past that verifies.

Or makes it right to come to the decision that we've come to. And so then what happens is we focus on the negative and what do we see more negative! Well there's a real easy solution for that focus on the positive in your relationship. Start to look for the things that are good knowing this piece information that I just gave you, because the more that you focus on the positive, the more that you'll see positive. Before you quit in your relationship, work on these things because you know the interesting is that it's likely.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Save a Marriage From Addiction

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we're going to talk about how to save a marriage from addiction. Addiction is a very difficult part in a relationship. There are many, many types of addictions. It's not just drugs and alcohol. It can be work, it can be computers, it can be food, it can be out shopping. So, I think the most important thing when you start to see an addiction coming about is to seek professional help. Addictions go back through the generations,.

Through families of origin, and to understand where addiction is in the families of origin. What underlies all addictions is not having the love that you needed at a particular time. So addictions cover up the feelings and help numb what it is your really feeling. And again, underneath every addiction is a feeling of not being loved. So, with professional help we can get to the bottom of this sense of being, of what causes an addiction and help to end the pattern. This is Patti German in New York City.

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