How To Fix A Broken Relationship

(dramatic music) We used to go out. Concerts, dancing, hiking. We were fun. What do you think changed? It’s like when you lose weight. You don’t notice it happening. And then one day you look in the mirror and.

You’re a totally different person. How does that make you feel? I hate that I’m not who I used to be. Neither of us are. I come home to John and I’m frustrated that. I’m frustrated. I feel like anger is who I am now. When I try and talk to John about it, he just shuts down.

John is in the room. Please address him. John. What are you feeling? Are you mad that we’re here? May I ask, have you tried resetting? Resetting? A clean restart.

Of course we’ve tried resetting, that’s the first thing we did. Can we try it again here? In this office? It’s not gonna work. It’s more complicated than that. All I can do if offer proven strategies. Just because one doesn’t work the first time.

Doesn’t mean you should stop trying it. Judy Fine. You too. Alright, see you next week? Judy I think we’ve got it from here. Great. I love you, Judy. I love you, John.

Please come in. John Hey, how are you? I’m good, thank you.

My Boyfriend Demands Sex Before Marriage

Welcome to head vs heart an online advice column where you guys get to be the judge and the jury I’m going to read a question answer it from two perspectives one from the head one from the heart and in the comment section and in the poll you’re going to vote on wish you think the questioner should take this week’s question comes from jaded she says haitian a mere mehboob gonna be close to two years and dates have been amazing between us in the loop it together after one year and so far so great recently though I read the book the way by Devon Franklin and felt very inspired.

By it although my currently ship is good not so much they like sex has always been used against me all my life and I want to break I told my boyfriend of my decision after he was very supportive but then he said he was ok with it he asked for an open relationship and said can he seeks sex elsewhere once again I feel very violated in like sex is being used to control me I consider his request or leave this relationship ASAP how could you stay in that relationship you have to be willing to evolve with your relationship and if you can’t do that then you know maybe it’s time for.

That relationship to end you know she has what she needs he has what he needs and now those things don’t meet up you know you can sit and you can compromise with yourself and your own happiness all you want but you’re not going to be happy obviously that she’s not going to be able to be able to handle him having sex with other people so why would you stay in that carries the problem and you are making that a lot of people do you decide to flip the script you decide to change the rules of engagement has both of you guys got into a relationship of monogamy in the agreement that you were gonna have sex now you don’t want to.

Have sex anymore you want him to accept and respect that what she does and you also want him to not have sex to you don’t get me wrong but every right to switch to script up you can change your life time but you demanded a change in expecting somebody else to conform to your needs met you doing any kind of compromise what kind of world are you living in its talk about commitment like it to commit you made a commitment to that person and if you can no longer handle that commitment then you should be in a relationship with them that’s exactly why her boyfriend to the mature.

Thing and said let’s just the kind of relationship that where it if anything I think that you should be more in love with a guy who says hey there is an important part of relationship for me I still like you said things that we have a great connection that we do together however that’s just what helps lead appeal like a normal yeah maybe then you know respecting you I want to open their relationship allow myself to get something that you no longer want to buy while still continuing to build something positive I respect your decision I just respect how I work best.

No sorry if the first option that you jump to is you having sex with other people that maybe he wasn’t in the relationship as much as he thought or he’s not in a relationship as much as she thought ultimately he is letting her know that sex is more important than the integrity of our relationship she obviously has a problem with this I understand him brits good writeup that’s mature decision that he brought her down only did that cuz obviously it’s not okay with her so if it’s not okay she said this is what I want he said well I still want to have sex with the people and be with you.

She’s like having a problem with that so that to me is like well what’s the point in staying in that if both people’s needs are being met give you take sex off the table and that relationship crumbles then what was he really in that relationship for yes it is an important element it’s an important element of any relationship but she’s just taking it off the table for a short period of time and he can’t wait that out he got a sex with other people that shows his ability to stick through her thick with her through good times and bad that’s what you get into a relationship for that’s what you that’s.

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