(dramatic music) We used to go out. Concerts, dancing, hiking. We were fun. What do you think changed? It’s like when you lose weight. You don’t notice it happening. And then one day youlook in the mirror and

you’re a totally different person. How does that make you feel? I hate that I’m not who I used to be. Neither of us are. I come home to John andI’m frustrated that. I’m frustrated. I feel like anger is who I am now. When I try and talk to Johnabout it, he just shuts down.

John is in the room. Please address him. John. What are you feeling? Are you mad that we’re here? May I ask, have you tried resetting? Resetting? A clean restart.

Of course we’ve tried resetting, that’s the first thing we did. Can we try it again here? In this office? It’s not gonna work. It’s more complicated than that. All I can do if offer proven strategies. Just because one doesn’twork the first time

doesn’t mean you should stop trying it. Judy Fine. You too. Alright, see you next week? Judy I think we’ve got it from here. Great. I love you, Judy. I love you, John.

Please come in. John Hey, how are you? I’m good, thank you.

Wildlife Rescue of Injured Bird We Find While in Nature Learn How to Care For an Injured Bird

Here we see a Wildlife rescue of an injured bird How to Look After an Injured Bird We FindOne on Our Walk and Decide We Cannot Leave it to Die. So I took it to the Raptor Trust in Millington, NJ Dee and I were out for our evening walk, when we discoveredan injured bird in the road, huddled against the curb, unable to move, and bleeding slightly.I pick the bird up and move it to the Bushes nearby, unsure whatto do. We walked further down for about another mileand decided if the bird was still there upon

our return, we would bring it home and figureout how to help, rather than let a cat or other animal attack it and kill it. So a little while later, thelittle bird was still there, so I picked it up and carefully carried the bird home. After sharing our travels on facebook and hearing from a few friends thathave saved animals, we were directed to the Raptor Trust in Morristown, NJ About 45mins away. So I turned off the lights in my office, andlet the poor thing rest the night. The very next morning, I drive the 45 mins to Millington,NJ and brought the English Sparrow to the

Sanctuary to hopefully recover. I looked up how to care for an injured bird and instructions are: 1. Please use a cardboard box to transportthe bird. Prepare the box by punching holes in the sides and lining it with a soft towelor tshirt. DO NOT USE A WIRE BIRD CAGE! 2. Approach the bird with caution. Again,please see the section called Capturing, Handling and Transporting for special precautions touse with larger birds and raptors. 3. Secure the bird by throwing a large towelor blanket over it. Gently but firmly lift the covered bird and lower it into the box.Close the box securely!

4. Keep the bird WARM, DARK AND QUIET! Bring it to usor another licensed rehabilitator for help as soon as possible. Disturb as littleas possibleDO NOT ATTEMPT TO GIVE IT WATER OR FOOD unless instructed to do so by a licensed rehabilitator. Please do not attemptto care for the bird yourself.

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