Not Alone

Laugh I am a little bit nervous about people um. kinda hearing that I am this way and then thinking um. oh. well, you know, she's not welcome here I would say I am different. We're all different. Most people probably think I'm already weird anyways So I mean I don't think society's impression of me is gonna change drastically based on one or two discoveries that come to light after this tutorial. It's pretty scary, ya know You wonder how many people can I really truly honestly be open with.

I've tried to change this before but. it's too important to me. I actually think marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I already have an idea of what marriage should be. That will never change. At the end of the day. I think we don't need to truly be ashamed of how we really feel about things. So just be you. No one should be looked down upon. No one should be suppressed. Or no one's views should be suppressed.

I know a lot of people who are gay. I have friends who are gay. I don't fear them. you know They're wonderful people. I love them. What I do feel insecure about is speaking from the heart and being really open and honest about what I believe. I mean I love my friends, several of them happen to be gay. How would it not be the case that the everloving Creator who gave us everything we have doesn't love us Where's that balance, you know Where can you say No, I'm not going to be a part of this, but still respect someone.

Gay Marriage Backers Win In Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania become the nineteen state to approve or allow for gays and lesbians and transgender individuals to get married yes indeed it is true a federal judge ruled this past Tuesday that Pennsylvania on pennsylvania's ban on samesex marriages on constitutional US District Judge Jon Jones added in the decision of a white would verses wall filed last year set that LGBT couples can now get married and it struck down pennsylvania's Defense of Marriage Act his ruling came in one day after a federal judge ruled against organ gay marriage ban making.

The 14th legal victory in a row for marriage equality and making the state a Pennsylvania the nineteen state to allow for LGBTQ couples to get married congratulations to all of our viewers all wrong to live in Pennsylvania are those that want to get married on informed the Love sign in philadelphia or may be in for the Museum of Art wherever did you want to get married in Philadelphia Pittsburgh reading Scranton and on and on and on and on and you can now do you thanks to judge.

Counseling Laguna Hills 714 '01652 Relationship Rehab Social Media Boundaries

Hi. Robyn D'Angelo here, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Specialist. Today I'm talking about relationships and social media. More importantly, how to create some boundaries within your relationship so that Facebook especially does not mess up your relationship and the bond between you and your partner. So, I'm going to give you three rules. The first rule is don't overshare on Facebook with your posts. And that can be good stuff and bad stuff. It's really important to learn what is your partner's comfort level with how much you share on Facebook. They may not feel comfortable knowing or having.

Your whole social worldfamily, friendsknow that they made you a nice romantic candlelit dinner last night wearing only an apron. They also may be really uncomfortable if you're sharing details of a fight you had. That can feel really vulnerable to your partner. So, taking time to have a conversation before you're posting things about your partner's comfort level. And really getting that established so that you're setting those boundaries. The second rule is do not stay actively in touch with exes. And I may get some slack for this but sometimes people definitely can keepmaintain healthy relationships with exes, but I think.

It's important to talk to your partner about this. If you are connected with your ex through Facebook or a number of exes, think about why you are still connected with them. What is it about the relationship that gets your needs met that maybe your current relationship does not And what would happen if your partner was doing the same thing Would it upset you Again, everyone's answers to this are going to be different, but it's important to start having this conversation with your partner to really get some boundaries established.

The last rule, third and final rule, is avoid at all costs if you can those passiveaggressive posts. So this looks like, say you see your friends have gone out on a romantic date and you end up posting beneath the beautiful picture or whatever the comment is, you know, Boy, it sure would be nice to have a date night. Your partner can see that and it can be really hurtful. It can actually trigger some insecurities. It can drive a wedge between the two of you and the point of being in a relationship is to stay emotionally connected. Again, what.

I recommend is talking directly to your partner. If there's things that you would like to happen more in your relationship, it requires a conversation. Our partners are not mind readers. So those are just three things to keep in mind when it comes to social media and setting boundaries. Which is be careful not to overshare, not staying connected to exes on Facebook, and then avoiding those passiveaggressive posts. If this has been helpful, great. I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or you can email me at New Email! RobynCounselingLagunaHills.

God Did Not Make Death pol. mierci Bg nie uczyni Hugh Owen

Biblia naucza, w Ksidze Mdroci Bg nie uczyni mierci, stworzy bowiem wszystko po to, aby byo. A jednak, teici ewolucyjni, ci ktrzy prbuj poczy ewolucj z wiar katolick mwi nam, e Bg nie tylko uczyni mier lecz Bg raduje si z jej istnienia, i e Bg uywa mierci do wyprodukowania czowieka. Jak powiedzia Darwin mier przynosi ycie ludzkie. Czy te jak to oznajmi Carl Sagan tylko dziki mierci powsta czowiek. A wic bg ewolucji jest odurzony mierci, albowiem bg ewolucji uywa mierci dla kadego etapu, rozwoju i postpu Ewolucja jest realizowana poprzez mier.

Our Eternal Life What Do Mormons Believe

We live in a world that never seems to stand still. Every day technology advances, information moves across the globe, people die, children are born, and life continues on. Most of us have wondered at some point in our lives, What is the point What is the purpose of it all In today's fastmoving world it is easy to feel lost and alone. Lots of us think we're on a deadend journey with no real destination or that there is no help to get us there. Have you ever wondered why you are here, where you are from,.

And where you are going These three questions have crossed the minds of many people all over the world. We'd like to tell you that there is a purpose to your life. We call it God's Plan of Salvation or The Great Plan of Happiness. This simple plan will answer many of your questions. Let's start with the first question Where did we come from We lived with God as spirits before we came to earth. We call this our premortal life. God, our Heavenly Father, is the father of our spirits.

We are all brothers and sisters and part of His family. Next, we came here to earth. So why are we here Coming here was part of God's plan of happiness. First, we came to get a physical body. When we came to this world, our spirit joined together with a body. To experience all the joy that Heavenly Father wants us to have, we need to have a physical body. We're also here to gain experience that we could not obtain in any other way. This would include being tested by making choices.

If we continually make good choices, we can prepare to live with God again. So God's plan for us here on earth is fairly simple to find happiness by gaining experience, getting a body, and by proving ourselves to Him. Eventually we all die. Death separates our spirits from our bodies and is one of the obstacles that keeps us from living with God again. But we will not be dead forever. Part of God's plan includes the resurrection when our spirit will reunite with our body. Rest assured that, just like birth, death is another step in our eternal journey.

The other obstacle to separate us from God is sin. Sin is when we do something that we know is wrong. Because of our sins we cannot live with God again. Heavenly Father knew that we would make wrong choices and sin. He knew that we would die. So to overcome sin and death, Heavenly Father sent his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the first person to be resurrected, and through His divine power all of us will be resurrected and live again. Jesus Christ also suffered for our sins and made it possible for us to repent.

Being Gay is Like Being A Bank Robber, Says Christian Host

In the wake of like rob portman coming out like some people have been speculating is this is a is this a signal of a shift in the gop more broadly in or uh. conservative book in office and out of office from change to uh. i'm sure that that it is the signal to some example we have some indications that perhaps is not so we're gonna throughout brian fisher of the bus we've talked about a recently he owes us something stupid site when there's a place where the winners of opening.

For an intelligent reasonable debate he wants to sell for less is that the pastor with the radio city of shopping industry clearly were not for a model of us he until we can get out of the most everytime every effort is under the bus we're gonna put it up but there are enough so we got some tweaks for him uh. the first to be uh. the very classically class fully uh. compares uh. form insight into the bank robber a father can still love a son who robs a.

Bank without change his mind about the morality of bankrupting could've been a more offensive comparison he goes on to say how big a sun may be a powerful emotional argument for gay marriage the policy should be based on a reason not emotion that none of this country is in not your religion given that you think you're right i should think that like every time you can reach around there is really a little bit any whatever it had to vent for a projection of research that whatever the.

Gate at rights issue comes up that all proprietorship he's the first one was like well i'll tell you think is a lot alligator cake was sold belongs to terry well it's not a hundred campaign believe people do that to me artists are bad so bad despite the combat i know you don't like it is that a red but when he and love this last week reason without worry is the reason we're covering what is your reason forget their will be yes the american believer is this days that week.

Keeping Secrets Is Bad For Your Health

French novelist Andre Malraux said that man is not what he thinks he is. He is what he hides. And you know what I think he was on to something. Hey, everyone. Laci Green here for D News. When we're little kids, we first learn about secrets by, say, keeping a birthday present a surprise. And it's so fun. But as we age, and our lives become more complicated, so do our secrets. Then secrets become not as fun. But, hey, that's part of the grand disappointment that is adulthood. Maybe you secretly hate someone.

Maybe you're secretly a disgusting human who does gross stuff when you're alone. Don't lie. I know you all have some nasty habits. Or maybe you have sexual secrets, common ones being masturbating, cheating on a partner, or hiding your sexual orientation. Psychologists believe that the ability to keep small secrets is a sign of good mental health. There's a time and a place for sharing some things, you know what I mean I'm talking about those TMI secrets. Have a secret or two about ourselves has also been shown to help us develop a sense of self.

Outside of the crowd, which is a positive thing for our identities. But what about big secrets Damaging secrets Secrets that eat you from the inside out, secrets that you hold onto, maybe for years. Scientists have found that these kind of secrets are bad news. A study in the International Journal of Behavioral Development found that young adults who admitted they were keeping a secret had lower levels of self control, higher levels of loneliness and depression, and their personal relationships were compromised. The researchers checked back in with them six months later,.

And those who had revealed their secrets showed a dramatic improvements in symptoms. At the end of the study, they found that the women were more likely than men to have secrets and that they were also less likely to share them. Another super interesting study published in the Journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science found that secrets actually feel physically burdensome. You know how people talk about having baggage or feeling heavy People in the study who were told to focus on a personal secret judged hills to be steeper and distances to be longer.

Than they actually were, while people who were given the opportunity to tell their secret felt no such burden. So in case you needed more proof that keeping a secret feels like crap, and telling someone can be the greatest relief ever, now you have it. The good news or maybe the bad news, depending on how you look at it is that, one way or another, our brains usually find a way to purge itself of distressing secrets. Harvard neuroscientist Laura Smart explains that when we try to suppress a secret,.

A mental process called ironic monitoring unconsciously kicks in. Its surveys unwanted thoughts, eventually bringing them bubbling to the surface, where they become a part of the intentional operating process, which is our conscious awareness. In other words, secrets haunt you until they're allowed to break free. So, peeps, I really care about you, and I don't want you to have any nervous breakdowns, so today's comment board will be a confessional. Spill your secrets down below, and walk away a healthier person. Thanks for joining me for D News. I'll see you next time.

GOP Rep Ban Abortion Because Fetuses Masturbate

The house of representatives today is considering in incredibly restrictive and unconstitutional abortion bill where all abortions are banned after twenty weeks before twenty four weeks it's actually unconstitutional so this bill is unconstitutional but nonetheless their brought considering inhouse representatives and apparently right before i came on air they said it is gonna come up for a vote and keep in mind the bill doesn't even make exceptions for life of the mother incest fatal field defects so as a complete and over ban after that twenty weeks so on that monday evening representative.

Michael burgess who's a republican of texas and actually in albee g y n by trade interesting told his colleagues to quote watches sonogram of the fifteen week baby and they have moments that are purposeful they stroke their face is there a male baby and they have their hand between their legs if they feel pleasure wise it soared to believe that they could feel pain in other words you get me saying ban abortion because fetuses masturbate that so dumb i don't know where to begin no fetuses don't.

Masturbate you you can't masturbate i don't know if you know this you are a lot i young boys masturbate when they hit puberty because i cannot say before that what you mean what would be four their sexual organs are developed the reproductive system isn't functioning that's the whole point of not hitting puberty and you're saying fifteen we called fears by the way i think the lease and i don't think it's yet we've got a miracle attorneys were for and i've been pleading to the right way to listen to the science on this.

How Far Does Religious Freedom Go

Indiana is currently in the midst of a national uproar over it's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Major state politicians, LGBT groups, and tech companies have all spoken out against the bill, saying it will lead to discriminations against gays and lesbians in the name of religion. So what's going on How much religious freedom do we have in the US And does this bill protect that or is it just discriminatory So, first amendment things, first. American citizens are guaranteed freedom of religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. That's at the CORE of this entire country's.

Political system. But over the years, asterisks have been added to this principle. Like you don't have the freedom to yell fire in a crowded theatre. And, in terms of religious freedom after a landmark 1878 Supreme Court case, the Chief Justice declared that you can't express your religion at the cost of social duties and good order. Okay, so human sacrifices are out, but what about refusing to work on Saturdays because it's against your religion Or choosing to withdraw your children from school due to religious conflicts A number of supreme court cases in the last century focused on.

Narrowing the gray area of legallyacceptable religious freedoms. Many cases hinged on something called compelling interest. This means that if the government doesn't have a strong constitutional reason to protect the public's interests, then any interference in an individual's religious practices could be deemed unconstitutional. The 1993 FEDERAL Religious Freedom Restoration Act reflected this sentiment. It was passed following two lawsuits publicly considered to unnecessarily violate the religious rights of Native Americans. It said that even though a law is religiously neutral, it can still have a negative effect or burden on religious practices. So the RFRA clarified.

That a law may only constitutionally burden one's religious practices when doing so both advances a compelling government interest, and there is no less restrictive way to do so. However, the law did provide legal standing for unintended forms of discrimination. Take for instance, the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case from 2014, wherein a company refused to offer their employees birth control on religious grounds. Based on the argument that corporations can be considered people due to an earlier Supreme Court ruling, the government wasn't allowed to significantly burden the company's religious practices,.

And upheld their refusal. Similarly, Indiana's recent passage of their own Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been especially incendiary for fear that it could allow businesses the right to discriminate against gay people in the face of a looming landmark Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage. So, is Indiana's new religious freedom act discriminatory Experts say yes in its current form, the law could be used to discriminate on the basis of religious freedom. There are quite a few other places across America that have no legal protection from discrimination for the LGBT community. To learn about this issue in more detail, watch.

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