What Causes a Midlife Crisis Cause of Anxiety Negative Thoughts

Hi, I’m Larry Bilotta and this is the sad story of Wayne and Jayne. A real married couple that I helped years ago. Both of them were born into chaos kid homes where both of their brains were programmed by chaos kid parents. Chaos kids are children born to parents who have never dealt with their own childhood chaos. These parents end up pouring that chaos into the brains of their own children and that chaos takes them over when they marry as adults. It’s often called the midlife crisis. In this tutorial I’ll illustrate with a midlife crisis looks like from the inside. It’s.

Important that you understand how wildly erratic emotions of a midlife crisis are created. Very few understand where emotions begin. This is Wayne. Outside you see his body and inside you see the man within. Even though he’s a Chaos kid, he would still like to be a good person if he had the choice. But the problem is that events come into his life and they come in without meaning. Events cannot have meaning until they reach a little organ inside Wayne’s brain called the amygdala. Represented by this keyhole symbol that contains the question “What does this mean? The amygdala is constantly searching for meaning to every event. That wouldn’t be bad except.

For Wayne’s little voice inside his head. It is that condemning little voice that urges Wayne to do the things he really doesn’t want to do. The things that Wayne is sorry for later. The worse the childhood, that is, the more abuse, abandonment or neglect, the stronger that voice is. Wayne had a strong one. That little voice inside Wayne’s head grabs a memory from his past and connects that old memory to a current event. The little voice inside his head tells Wayne’s amygdala what events mean and it constantly attempts to tell him that every event is bad. When that happens, the amygdala shuts down Wayne’s brain down so he doesn’t know.

What’s happening to him. Wayne’s little negative voice produces a movie that plays on his imagination television, his i TV. Once that little voice places this bad movie into Wayne’s imagination TV, an amazing thing happens. Wayne’s 10 million nerve nervous system is suddenly convinced that the bad movie playing on Wayne’s ITV is real. When Wayne’s nervous system is convinced the bad movie on his ITV is true, it produces Wayne’s feelings. So it looks like this. The bad meaning leads to the bad movie. The bad movie leads to bad feelings. Wayne’s bad feelings lead to a bad belief and his.

Bad belief leads Wayne to a bad attitude. Naturally, with a bad attitude, Wayne’s behavior is destructive towards Jane. There goes their intimacy. Even his face is affected with a mean or sarcastic look. That’s why Wayne’s bad attitude creates his weird and unexplainable actions that frustrate and confuse Jane. His behaviors can take many forms but regardless of which form, the behavior is always bad. Try having a happy marriage under those circumstances. What’s the result of all this? Let’s see how Wayne and Jayne could not survive the intimate relationship we call marriage. I’ll show you the rest of the story and you can.

Follow along. Let’s watch it all happen quickly. An event enters Wayne. His little voice inside his head grabs it and tells Wayne’s amygdala that it’s a bad event. Wayne’s amygdala shuts down Wayne’s brain so he can’t think straight. Next that little voice inside Wayne’s head puts a bad movie into his imagination TV. His nervous system is convinced it’s real and produces a bad feeling. Wayne believes his feeling is true. His attitude goes sour which creates a bad action towards Jane. That action comes over to Jane as an event without a meaning but Jane’s little voice.

Inside her head grabs it. That voice tells her amygdala that this means something bad. That little voice pops a bad movie into her imagination television and her nervous system is convinced it’s real. She believes her feelings are true which creates Jane’s bad attitude which leads to her bad action which reaches over to Wayne and round and round it goes. Now, this wouldn’t be such a bad story if it didn’t happen every week. The question is how can Wayne and Jayne ever be happy if there are 2 little negative voices inside their 2 heads that never leave them alone. They really can’t. But let’s imagine that.

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