Happy to be together on happy together! Hello. / Hello. What are you wearing today? Your outfit is very colorful. It was my penalty to dress as a shaman. Since this outfit filled me with energy,.

i gave predictions for 2017. / what do you mean? (A shaman’s ritual for good fortunes in 2017) Dear viewers, the year of 2016 is almost over. In 2017, I want everything to go well for the people. (Myungsoo, the shaman will give a ritual.).

The two of you make a cute couple. (He blesses the young couple.) The two of you will get married. / We will. I hope you make a lot of money in 2017. Stay healthy in 2017 and live a long life. Thank you.

(he dances cheerfully.) You’ll have great luck next year. You’ll get into a great university. (That’s amazing.) Happy Together (A world of hope for the children).

I feel the energy of the universe. In 2017, Korea and the Korean people will thrive and prosper. (Everyone will prosper.) Go to a pharmacist for drugs, Noh Sabong for appetite,.

And um honggil for altitude sickness. What must leave will leave. It will be a good year. I should watch my words. Seriously. / I wouldn’t have known what you meant. That’s right. / Good things will come next year. That’s right.

all right. / myungsoo and his wife are known as Brangelina of Seorae Village. It’s not Brangelina, but the shaky Brangelina. The shaky Brangelina. / That’s right. The shaky Brangelina.

i see. / brad pitt and angelina jolie split, That’s right. / but my wife and I are very happy. Do you have quarrels with your wife? / Quarrels? Do you? / Of course, I do. Really? / My wife and I quarrel sometimes. I didn’t imagine that. / What are the reasons?.

Monkeynomics 101 Marriage Divorce and MGTOW

Greed . for lack of a better word is good . greed is right greed works. Hey everyone Turd Flinging Monkey how you doing? I watched a tutorial from Canadian MGTOW a few days ago called The Cost of love in Canada 2015 MGTOW which I’ll link to in the description, and in this tutorial Canadian MGTOW goes into the escalating cost.

Of dating courtship and marriage in 2015 i decided to put my own spin on the economics of dating and marriage with Canadian MGTOW’s blessing Please check out his channel and subscribe to him if you haven’t already his content is visually impressive and his rendition of Beyonce’s I Have a Butt is hilarious. Anyway let’s look at the longterm costs at marriage divorce and compare those to professional service alternatives. I’ll be using a lot.

Of statistics and i’ll be posting links in the description for anyone interested let’s get started the US median income is around $50,000 per year so for the remainder of this tutorial we will assume the subject earns that much in order to keep our figures simple and consistent. the average living expense for a single person in the US is $15,648 per year including rent.

Clothing basic food and cleaning supplies. keep in mind that if this sounds modest it’s because it’s based on college students who are known for being broke and is barely above the poverty line let’s say this single person spent the next two years dating in courting a young NAWALT eventually marrying her at the end of the second year in Canadian MGTOW’s tutorial regarding the cost of love in Canada.

He places the car to this twoyear courtship and about $23,232.96 per year in Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate of 0.8 that would equal $18,586.37 in US dollars per year which is more than the entire living expense that the single man would spend over the same year. Now admittedly many of these are onetime expenses such as the wedding and honeymoon but what does it cost afterwards as our young couple begins having children.

Let’s assume that our example couple has two children. the basic budget of a family of four with two parents and two children ranges from $48,166 per year in Mississippi the cheapest state. to $94,676 per year in New York the most expensive state the median cost is $63,364 dollars for modest living standards This is above our subjects $50,000 per your income which means in order to secure a proper standard of living.

His wife will have to work and earn a living as well or the husband will have to get a second job So in this idealized scenario based on average incomes and costs of living a man goes from earning $50,000 a year while only spending $15,648 allowing him to save or invest over $19,000 a year after taxes to spending $18,568.37 in order to court a woman. and then spending an average $63,364 each year to support his family.

Rather than have $19,000 extra each year he must now either get a second job or his wife will have to get a job as well but keep in mind that child care costs will destroy most of his wife’s earnings now let’s assume that our subject is in the unfortunate 50% of the married population that gets divorced let’s say that he goes back to living on only $15,648 a year like he did when he was single but now must also pay child support and alimony. Child support is based on net income so first we must calculate taxes our subject makes $50,000 a year which puts him in a 25% Federal tax bracket.

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