Drinking Divorce and Incompatible Imbibing

(Image source: MSN) BY LOGAN TITTLE The latest in love advice highlights how a healthy marriage could be found in a cocktail. Researchers in Norway tested nearly 20,000 married couples and found spouses who consumed similar amounts of alcohol were less likely to divorce. And no—this wasn’t because the couples drink more in order to stand each other longer. In fact, the more alcohol consumed, the higher chance they have of getting a divorce. And ladies—you might want to listen up.

The study found when the wife was the heavier drinker—the risk of divorce was 26.8 percent, as opposed to 13.1 percent when the husband was the heavy drinker.

One of the researchers explains women are usually more strongly affected by heavy drinking, saying, “A wife’s heavy drinking probably also interferes more with general family life that is, the caring role of the mother, upbringing of children, etc. Perhaps the husband is more apt to the leave the spouse than is the wife when major problems occur.â€� And this isn’t the first time a the effects of alcohol on a marriage have been studied. The American Sociological Association presented a study showing married women generally drink.

More than single women, widows or divorcees. On the other hand—married men drink less than their single friends. The study concluded “.while women can help keep their husbands’ drinking habits under control, men are simply a bad influence on their wives.â€� Seems these studies suggest the more prevalent alcohol consumption is in a marriage, the higher the chance of divorce—but going round for round with your sweetheart can still yield success. Cheers to that!


Adam Ruins Everything Why You Dont Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Oh my God, we’ve been out here for fifteen minutes We need to be hydrating! Everybody drink up. Actually, the risk of dehydration is way overblown. (chuckling) Buhbuhbuh! You’re gonna tell me hydrating is bad? Yeah, right, take a lap. Oh, I’d never make it all the way around.

In America, we’ve become obsessed with the dangers of dehydration. People think that if they’re not constantly drinking water, they risk death. You’re dehydrated. And you’re dehydrated. And, oh, my God, you’re practically a mummy. But that fear is totally baseless.

Yeah, right, bub. Everyone knows you have to drink eight glasses of water a day. Yeah, everybody knows that, but it’s not true. No study has ever shown or even claimed that. It’s just something people say. Really? Now you tell me. (sarcastic chuckle) Water prevents cramps.

Oh, where’d you hear that? From my coach. And I heard it from my coach, and he heard it from his coach, and so on. Well, you didn’t hear it from science, ’cause science says that ain’t true. Well, how much water am I supposed to drink? Well, you can just drink when you’re thirsty.

That’s crazy, you’re a crazy person. Who are you? Oh, Patty, this is Tamara HewButler. She’s a professor of exercise science at Oakland University. Our bodies already possess an extremely sensitive measure of dehydration. It’s called thirst. As long as we drink when we feel thirsty,.

We really won’t dehydrate. That’s how humans have done it for millions of years, and it’s worked out fine. The fact is, truly dangerous levels of dehydration are incredibly rare and only occur in cases of extreme sickness or isolation. As long as you have free access to water and you drink when you’re thirsty,.

You’ll be fine. Then why do I do this to myself? Hmm, maybe because beverage companies have spend decades drowning us in ads like these. (announcer) Hardworking hydration, keep at it. Hydrate the hustle. G2 from Gatorade, the lowcalorie, offfield hydrator.

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