Creeps Every Woman with Tattoos Meets

Even though tattoos are a mainstream body art, women who get them are often often stereotyped as promiscuous, harddrinking and impulsive because we cannot still seem to let go of this notion that if a woman's body attracts attention, it's an open invitation. Chime. To see just how IRL this is I asked lady fans over at Stuff Mom Never Told You's facebook page whether their tattoos ever attract unwanted or uncomfortable attention and you know what Ding. Brianne said, 'I've had plenty of stupid comments like, How will you get a.

Husband with all of those ' Disc scratch. Impact sounds. ' Aren't you worried how your tattoos will look when you're older ' Kelly said, 'I got a lower back tattoo at age 16. Immediately I began getting comments and touches from strangers.' Kara said, 'I had a lady wet paper a towel and try to wipe mine off. Megan says, 'I always wonder how many tattooed men hear that too familiar cliche of, Tattoos are ugly. Why would you ruin yourself ' Krista said, 'I've gotten asked, 'Why do you do that too yourself You're such.

A pretty girl. ' Disc scratch. 'I've been hit on in regard to being tattooed and have been verbally assaulted with homophobic slurs based on my tattoos that are lesbian signifiers.' Kayla said, 'One time a man actually asked if he could lick my tattoo.' Jordan said, 'Some guy in the grocery store once grabbed my arm without saying so much as hello just so he could see my tattoo. Jenny said, 'I got my tattoo at 17. It gave old creeps an extra reason to drag their fingers down my arm asking what it meant, but nah, we don't.

Need feminism.' Victoria said, and this is scary, 'I have a pretty big chest piece and I've had men grab my shirt trying to pull it down to look at the entire piece.' Impact sound. 'My tattoos are for me. They aren't for men to try and explore.' Jessica said, 'A man once grabbed my arms and asked me if my mother was proud of me. I told him she paid for them.' Farrah said, 'Yesterday while I was at a pub with my partner, I walked to the bar and a stranger grabbed my arm and when I asked him to let it go he said he was.

Just checking out my tattoos and that I should be grateful for the attention and tried to kiss me.' Honestly what is wrong with people Kris said, 'One guy said he didn't like my ink and asked me what I would do if I wore a strapless wedding dress There was so much idiocy to unpack in his statement.' Jamie said, 'I've had a guy once pull up my shirt to get a better look. It was a former coworker who was shocked a good girl like me would have a tattoo much less a large one on her back.' Francesca said, 'An older gentleman.

Asked me who made me get a tattoo as if I didn't make my own choice about my body.' Joanna said, horrifyingly, 'Mostly men but occasionally women will grab my arm and shoulder to look at those tattoos and will then ask me what they mean after basically trying to rub me down.' Personal space people. Chantal said, 'A few months after getting my first tattoo on my upper back I went to a pool party. A tipsy friend's dad asked me, Is it true that girls with tattoos are easier ' Chloe said, I love when people show interest in.

Marriage Divorce Fighting Alcoholism Caused by Divorce

Hi, I'm Joe Cuenco, with Family Resources. Today, we're going to be talking about how breaking up, may create some additional problems, for some. We're specifically talking about how divorce, might lead to alcoholism. The most important thing that you have to consider, is to assure yourself that you have self worth, and this is a very important thing, for you to go ahead and pursue, trying to fight off this type of an issue, and dealing with this failure. Alcoholism is typically something, that most people don't' fight off, or address.

By their own, and what I'm saying, is that people typically will need to get some type of counseling, some type of support, and help, professional help, to deal with the situation, because not only are you dealing with the addiction, you're also dealing with probably the loss of self respect, dealing with other losses associated with the breakup. It may be a lack of confidence. You may be angry, and suffering other situations, that may just further complicate the entire thing, that you're feeling, so realistically what one needs to do in this situation, is join a support group. There are Alcoholics Anonymous or other.

Groups. Just be among friends and family, who are supportive, to help you work through things of this nature, and it's also important to replace this drinking, or the time that you spend drinking, with more positive things. Get into a hobby, read, maybe do some volunteering work, or something more beneficial, something that is going to help yourself. Internally, it's also very important to go ahead and build your selfesteem. Rebuild the selfconfidence that you might have lost, and build your inner strength and character, and you might do this.

By doing some reading, looking at some selfhelp books, and other things that are valuable, to help you build your character. You want to put this thing behind you. You want to come out of it a survivor, but also recognize that you were the victim here, and you need to overcome this issue, and there are plenty of people, willing to help you do this. You have a good support group, and that is where you need to draw strength from, and that's how we combat alcoholism, caused by divorce. I'm Joe Cuenco, with Family Resources, Relationships.

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How To Cope With An Unwanted Divorce

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