Marriage Divorce Fighting Alcoholism Caused by Divorce

Hi, I'm Joe Cuenco, with Family Resources. Today, we're going to be talking about how breaking up, may create some additional problems, for some. We're specifically talking about how divorce, might lead to alcoholism. The most important thing that you have to consider, is to assure yourself that you have self worth, and this is a very important thing, for you to go ahead and pursue, trying to fight off this type of an issue, and dealing with this failure. Alcoholism is typically something, that most people don't' fight off, or address.

By their own, and what I'm saying, is that people typically will need to get some type of counseling, some type of support, and help, professional help, to deal with the situation, because not only are you dealing with the addiction, you're also dealing with probably the loss of self respect, dealing with other losses associated with the breakup. It may be a lack of confidence. You may be angry, and suffering other situations, that may just further complicate the entire thing, that you're feeling, so realistically what one needs to do in this situation, is join a support group. There are Alcoholics Anonymous or other.

Groups. Just be among friends and family, who are supportive, to help you work through things of this nature, and it's also important to replace this drinking, or the time that you spend drinking, with more positive things. Get into a hobby, read, maybe do some volunteering work, or something more beneficial, something that is going to help yourself. Internally, it's also very important to go ahead and build your selfesteem. Rebuild the selfconfidence that you might have lost, and build your inner strength and character, and you might do this.

By doing some reading, looking at some selfhelp books, and other things that are valuable, to help you build your character. You want to put this thing behind you. You want to come out of it a survivor, but also recognize that you were the victim here, and you need to overcome this issue, and there are plenty of people, willing to help you do this. You have a good support group, and that is where you need to draw strength from, and that's how we combat alcoholism, caused by divorce. I'm Joe Cuenco, with Family Resources, Relationships.

My Spouse is having an Affair What do I do Seattle Divorce Lawyer Eric Engel Discusses

You just discovered that your spouse is having an affair. What do you do Hi. My name is Eric Engel. I'm a Seattle divorce attorney with the Engel Law Group. Here are three things that you should consider when you think your spouse is having an affair. First you need to decide whether or not you want to repair your relationship with your spouse. This means whether or not you want to engage in some sort of martial counseling to see if you can repair your relationship and rebuild that trust. Two you need to get a copy of all financial documents.

Commonly when a spouse is having an affair they are also often hiding money. Three you need to take a look at all the appointments your spouse has especially if you have children. Commonly a spouse who is having an affair has an extreme amount of appointments on their calendar outside of their normal working hours. What this means to you is, who's watching your children Are you watching your children Or some third party watching your children while your spouse is out having an affair This can become very important when determining who's.

Are any Animals Truly Monogamous

Monogamy the practice of mating with a single individual for an extended period of timeisn't that popular in the animal kingdom. Only about 3 of mammals are monogamous, and, although 95 of birds pair off at least for one breeding season, paternity tests have revealed that the avian world is chockfull of cheaters. The least loyal bird species might be the superb fairywren they form lifelong bonds and, if you watched a pair of them from morning 'til night for an entire breeding season, you'd think they were perfectly faithful. But that's only because female fairywrens.

Cheat under cover of darkness. Using radio transmitters to track their movements, researchers discovered that fertile females make daily, predawn flights to other territories. These trips only last about 15 minutes, but apparently that's more than long enough DNA tests show that just 25 of baby superb fairywrens are their father's biological children. So modern genetics might be deflating our romantic notions about lovebirds, but from a biological standpoint, social monogamy without sexual monogamythat is, pairing up with one individual and then copulating with others on the sidemakes a lot more sense than absolute.

Sexual loyalty. For birds, pairing up is a good strategy because their young require a ton of care, so males increase their chances of successful reproduction if they stick around and lend a beak. On the other hand, putting all of one's eggs in a single basket is a risky proposition, so it also makes sense for males to try and slip some of their genetic material into a few other nests if they can. Females, of course, can't have more than one nest, but for their part they can try to sneak in some variety.

Cheating might also help explain the otherwise unexpected physical differences between males and females in apparently monogamous species. We've long had a solid explanation for malefemale dimorphism in explicitly nonmonogamous species if a male plans to mate with many females, he needs to win their affection and fend off other suitors. Over thousands of generations, the traits that help him successfully mate can become more and more pronounced, even if they serve absolutely no other purpose. For example, male gorillaswho fight each other for exclusive mating rights with the females in their clan are much larger than female gorillas, while male and female gibbons,.

Which are monogamous, are the same size. Which brings us to our favorite primates, homo sapiens. There are undeniable physical differences between males and femalesbut it's unclear whether they're pronounced enough to suggest that our ancestors lived in harems like gorillas or whether our differences stem from a monogamous but adulterous society like the superb fairywren's. One thing is clear among all the species on Earth, monogamy is rare, and sexual monogamy is rarer. There is, however, at least one known example of perfect, lifelong fidelity, and its name is Diplozoon paradoxum. When two of these young flatworms find each other, they literally.

Adultery, Divorce Emotional Distress

The question that has been posed has been, My spouse has committed adultery, I am planning to get divorced, can I also sue for emotional distress Starting with the first part of the question If your spouse has committed adultery, you can use that as a reason for a grounds for divorce, but you must have independent corroboration, a thirdparty witness, neither your spouse nor the person they are having sexual intercourse with to very and substantiate the claim for adultery. In New York State, there is a much easier grounds for divorce.

Under Domestic Relations Law 170 subdivision 7. You can seek a no fault divorce based upon the irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship for more than six months. It's much easier to proceed that way than under adultery. The second part of the question is, Can I also sue for emotional distress You can sue for emotional distress if you can show damages. You would need to show some type of medical damages, such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist bill, medicine, treatment, possibly lost wages. It's probably not worthwhile from a business point of view and a cost benefit.

Marriage Divorce How to Leave Your Husband

I'm Bill Cuenco with Family Resources. Today were going to be talking about how to make those difficult choices successfully. Specifically, how to leave your husband. Now, chances are that you've made this decision because counseling or therapy, or some type of a.a friendly break up probably isn't rational or working for you. So, and if you haven't sought counseling or professional advice, please do so, and particularly so if there are children involved because this is much more than an individual decision. Leaving generally applies that you're not leaving on good terms, and it, it also implies that maybe there are some relationship.

Issues there that are unsalvageable. So, realistically, what's important is making preparation for your journey. Where are you going to go How are you going to get there And how are you going to sustain yourself for how long So, and it's really complicated. You need to treat this almost like a household move. A relocation may be involved, where you're going to stay, again, thee travel arrangements and how long you into sustain yourself when you are there, and may even involve getting a new occupation or doing something very different.

But, you can not do this alone, or you shouldn't do this alone. You need to get support from your friends and family. There are other support groups in many areas. You can take a look at websites, resources that are there online, or some federal programs, or some community, community programs that might be a resource to you. The important thing to do is to get back into the routine as quickly as possible because you're really dealing with a situation that has been negative, and you want to get yourself back engaged and rebuild your selfconfidence,.

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