Barney Frank If Youre an Atheist Politician, Dont Call Yourself an Atheist

Well, the problem with atheism politically starts with the phrase. I have advised people who are themselves nonbelievers, not to use the word atheist, it has a harshness to it. It is a repudiation, not necessarily literally but it comes across as a repudiation of religion and religion is very important to many people. It's a source of good feelings for many of them. It is not always unfortunately a motive for good behavior. I have noted that in the international situations religion is sadly more often a cause for people to shoot each.

Other then to help each other. When you get splits within two countries or even within countries where it's Catholics versus Protestants, Jews versus Muslims, Buddhists versus Muslims as it has been in Myanmar, Hindus versus Muslims, there's a very sad extent of that. But religion is important to people. It has a history of being seen as a source of good behavior. America's history has given religiosity a greater role than some other places. And from the politician's standpoint the question is why pick a fight that doesn't have to be.

Waged I never expressed the fact that I was not a believer in any theistic approach because it was never relevant. I did fight very hard throughout my 40 years in elected office to prevent rules and laws that put nonbelievers at a disadvantage. I've fought very hard against the establishment of religion, against people being forced to subscribe to religious views to get certain benefits, et cetera. But beyond that it didn't come up. In my own case there was another reason why I didn't talk about it, I'm Jewish. Obviously there's a strong.

Terrible history of persecution of Jews. Judaism is a religion, but it is also an ethnicity. And for many of us who are Jewish in America today it is the ethnicity more than or even to the exclusion of religion that identifies us. But for me to have, when I was a public official I was the first Jewish person to be elected to the Congress in the United States since 1884. It would've looked as, or to some people it could have been distorted to be a kind of I'm separating myself from the Jews and I wouldn't want to do that. Even today,.

Religious Homophobia How to Heal from Religious Homophobia

Hi everyone! In this tutorial I'll talk about how to heal from religious homophobia. Religious homophobia not only impacts LGBTQ individuals, couples and families, it also causes great harm within the straight community. Our society and cultures are in desperate need of healing. We need to become more loving, more understanding and more celebratory of diversity of all kinds. Recognizing what religious homophobia is and how it's impacted our lives, is one of the steps towards the journey of healing. Whether we were told growing up that we were sinful, less than, an abomination, maybe it was never mentioned.

And we had a felt sense that there was something wrong because of it. Whether we loved someone that was LGBTQ or we identified in that way, any message that is antigay, that is discriminatory, that is putting a group of people in a less than category, is very damaging and sometimes even traumatizing to our sense of wellbeing and our sense of self. So being able to recognize, you know, the messages like, Hate the sin, not the sinner, were just excuses to be able to continue to try and be in relationship.

While devaluing that person at the same time. It's kind of like saying, Love the sweater but hate the yarn. It is impossible and it's harmful and hurtful and it needs to stop. This can show up through internalized homophobia, transphobia, biphobia where we internalize the messages that we've heard from society at large. That even if we live our lives as an out gay man or lesbian woman or transgender person or bisexual person, that we can still internalize the shame and the messages and the trauma of religious homophobia. This can show up.

Through depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, intimacy issues. Kind of like selfrejection, selfharm by not taking better care of ourselves. In order to hear from religious homophobia we need to honor our own sexual orientation and gender identity. And this means developing greater compassion for ourselves and other people that are different than us. it can be about reclaiming our truth, our voice, our beliefs and developing critical thinking skills to recognize why we believe what we believe and to question what we were told. For example, those six clobber passages that are used in the Bible.

33 of Young People Left Religion Because of AntiGay Policies

This is very interesting to talk about we talk about religion on this program quite a bit and it's no secret that overall people are moving against the direction of religion more and more secular individuals and this is particularly pronounced when we look at Millennials young people and when we now look at will hold on a second let's explore why Maleny eels are moving away from religion it's fascinating the new results that we have from a study done by Public Religion the Public Religion Research Institute shows that.

Of the young people who left their religion onethird said that antigay policies within their religion were either incredibly important or somewhat important in their religion their decision to leave their religious affiliation this is fascinating because when we look at the numbers and let me give you one more statistic fiftyeight percent of all Americans said that religious groups are alienating young adults by being too judgmental on gay and lesbian issues among Millennials seventy percent believe that they are being alienated by their the antigay positions have their church.

Religion is becoming weaker and weaker specifically because if their so called since it a sincerely held religious beliefs which happened to be completely discriminatory against LGBT individuals this is an example love that freemarket which doesn't really exist a lot of places that conservatives claim to love which is all you're against the rights that we think LGBT individuals in individual should have well we're just going to move away from that religion we're going to we can you and that is now going to have any hopefully it will have the the.

Subsequent effect I V their number one making these religions change their position on these issues are number two as we often see religion although it may take 10 50 100 or 300 years have lag time religions will eventually take positions that are palatable to more people so right now we're seeing a situation where religions are lagging overall when it comes to LGBT rights I wouldn't be surprised at all if in 50 or 100 years the LGBT issue is not an important one for religions as as it becomes just more widely acceptable right and unfortunately I.

Think that or most religious organizations making the decision to you be more accepting is probably just a business decision absolutely when morow the antigay congregants who are the primary funders have these religions dil as the term is the religions will have to change their views because more and more above the young people who become middle age people and elderly people are not going to support churches that have these views and the views then will change I would assume in fifty to a hundred years religion will look.

NonReligious Voters Won Obamas Reelection

So pew forum on religion and public will life had a very interesting study on the knots so where the nun's they're not folks that where the black stuff in can get on a bus and bush progressive ideas although the nuns on a bus are awesome now there is an opposite in a sense because they are of a politically they agree they are the people checked none when they come to rule when it comes to religion so they might not uh. have any religion at all i maybe he is they.

Might be nice to be my b nonbelievers but they're also the category people who say i have religious or and spiritual are but i don't have a particular religion with tears up that category made all the difference in the world in twenty twelve this is the while the most important voting blocks in the country in the gets almost no press in washington socio under the numbers the in all higher the presidency loss the promise of vote by three points he lost catholics by eleven point so i it's interesting to see barely won them.

Major with a ed nationwide but he'll awesome in ohio cone lost all high over were not for the scanner or call the nuns which he won by forty seven points and they were twelve percent of the electorate in ohio and they swung collection in his favor savion virginia when you look at the numbers there president mama lost protestants by nine points calyx by ten points but new won the nuns with seventy six percent of their vote and they were ten percent electr swing virginia in present on bomb a scam.

And then in florida he lost by sixteen points that uh. among promises a lot of that is because the evangelical vote and then catholics who lost by five points but the nuns he s seventy two percent of their vote and your fifteen percent electorate in florida they swing the election in his favor obviously those are huge swing states that make all the difference and put present no bomb in the white house and when you look at it uh. the national numbers you can see the stark differences there as well.

Nationally president loss promises by fifteen points uh. he actually one catholics by about two points uh. and then he got seventy percent of the boat in the nuns category so that winds up giving their election a present no bomb a nap isn't it amazing that these people who do not have a religion or a big chunk of the country they're actually about twenty percent of the country that's been norma stratus order them blacks that's larger than latinos everybody's talking about latinos now as swing the election of her present almost so good.

This category yet in washington you'll never hear word about in your bank quite the opposite when i return transcending culture of this error they will have wall the wall like preceremony say did this social on religion on on meet the press and they didn't have one nonbeliever on the table all the who is people sitting around all yeah yeah all this that we should be on the street an absolutely and they would have one liberal religious person signaled by the way you know jesus actually for the poor.

They liked look we got the president anyway about one that we have four other religious guys who say that there was your favorite nobody not believers have of this category of people who don't have religion that's twenty percent a fifth of the country and at the side of this election you don't hear people out of washington whether it's the politicians or the press on this uh. but uh. it made all the difference in twenty twelve and should be something that politicians pay a lot of attention to.

Rick Santorum Gay Marriage Discourages Straight Marriage

Rick santorum says that gay marriage discourages straight marriages let's see what his explanation let's take a look at this from the bill o'reilly program senator equality it which advocates off really cares you know what you're all what the campaign is and it has been very successful at that time it has been very effective and not bent and the fact the matter is that's that's a great big concern that i think a lot of folks have are out and let me actually get into that keep part which and then to find which is of break here.

This is the question does it discourage straight marriage if gay people can get married rick santorum says yes learn form that was unions to provide the best opportunity to old again we don't know you can raise children would we be discouraging heterosexual marriage by allowing gay marriage that i i believe we believe we were quiet because we'd be sec and that marriages and about children high isn't about having children is about raising children and when we say that then of course you know the consequence are you're going to probably have less.

Children it's happening as we see a very happy in america that we've it before this whole gay marriage today we that we really have seen a change in what marriage is an american right so we just disprove them so yet he just disprove the subway even both for the gay marriage debate we were seeing is a change in birthrates of course we know why that is women now are choosing to first focus on their career instead of staying home and and birthing children raising children which is much more common in.

The nineteen fifties and sixties we're seeing uh. because of the increased longevity of the human race we're seeing people having children later on but i want a focus on a different issue here if marriage is about children then why is it that two people as long as one's a man and wonder woman of any age are able to get married if they are not able to have children and further the only way that gay marriage would encourage people uh. to not have a straight marriage would be if it's some kind of closeted individual.

Who has decided to enter into a sham marriage with someone of the opposite sax simply for co you know social expediency and actually i would argue that in that case it would be good for them to get out of that situation they would be very good if gay marriage discouraged uh. people from getting in sharman marriages because they are closeted yeah and direct the reason why the campaign forward uh. you know tells u bt rights has been so effective is because it's common sense did exactly right that's really the main thing rick i hate to.

Bachmann God Be Submissive To Husband

Here then send me the story about michelle bachman and how she talks about hard decisions out when he came to education why did you decide to go to law school well first of all uh. it's really interesting to see that there are women in the republican party right now they're trying to change that antiamerican uh. antiwoman image that the gop has rights so for instance there is a sandy adams is a representative from florida she's trying to go out there in saying there on the gop is problem in problem in ok uh.

But michelle bachman act is dense distancing herself from that movement and she is saying no i'm antiwomen i'll give you an example i went to law school because my husband gave me permission to friends women should be submitted to their husbands because that's what god wants for the lord says be submissive wives you were to be submissive to work with us ms bachman casket something yeah and and this is in all seriousness do you think the majority of men really do want a submissive woman like a woman who lol agree with everything will never.

Disagree will never put up a fight will not have her own opinions personality nothing just always say yes michael shara yes mister kisses like card sharks there is a record for students uh. you know i think a lot of went out there pretty submissive uh. and a lot of guys want their woman to be submissive trying to say i'm a hundred on to say sixty four uh. no i think for profit sixty four percent of that i think he s i think that there's something appealing to unmanned about that.

No i don't think that i think this takes a little far man i'm not submissive has its kind of levels to there's a level of sadness sadness i mean are and on the most men i sickness and in the right way and simply n announces the sexual way i'm talking about what you don't i mean uh. a man who once sort of to be e waited on hand and foot does not also want the right to ask them permission to go to school all so that there's some their pens there's a limit to what what you know.

How you define submissive but i think there's something and there's something attractive to a lot of men about that but i don't think to that extreme having right that becomes creepy and she is an amazing about that issue some was proud of it like right yes i have asked my husband for permission to go to law school at court left because of the religious right of course and and of course you know her fans of her supporters are thinking wow what a great one and she asked her husband for permission before she pursued higher education good for.

Her yeah good for her but another reason why bring up the story is because last week we talked about how michelle bachman during a speech has said that she decided to be uh. antitrust out because of the fact that she had lost a baby at during this kitchen miscarriage affidavit and in shape and a great point and even though he's not here i want to give you credit for his point because he said i don't believe her i don't think that if she didn't have that miscarriage that miscarriages which rigor her.

Conservative nature especially when it comes to abortion she was conservative from the get go see attended or roberts university is she was religious and she wishes a total completely um. evangelical type of person that that was the way she first of all it's in a ways away she governs and then in a way it's the way that she was brought up so it's not surprising especially when you hear about her father other members of a family house restrict oriented you working so there's michelle bachman she went to law school because her husband.

An Ode To Michele Bachmann Her Totally Straight Husband

Joe bachmann finally leaving congress good riddance obviously but you know what what without a gerry jackson special alone to do this job i've been all the times we had michelle good evening my name is anderson and michelle bachman minnesota's fixed district my good friends after great deals hot deliberation decided next year i will not seek the fifth congressional term is never going to happen wolf ron paul is not getting the nomination we see this unbelievable meant it momentum for me and i a lot americans want an american iron lady that the only.

Way to curtail this crisis it let bob dole final attack in other words the antiwar simple he's doing a lot better than you are in iowa honey explain that weblink make canceled last night the people of i was full with a very clear voice itself i have decided to stand aside bag appeared that there have been eight penetration in the heart argue it government buyers remarkable brother had down my favorite bands and hair fifteen completely so anchor at that it appeared that their are situation and preparing sensitive position and like being accurate and.

Editing rate down and must think my wonderful husband of thirty three years marcus five yesterday when we were out and main street and doubling high he was behind on december as is for our dog warmer while we're out there that in all of the many businesses barbarian need educated they needed the having this one and yes because someone he'll that being there doesn't mean that republican vote down bad road that republican filmmaker she tell me that her little daughter setback hired setback vaccine that injection and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter it isn't too farfetched to.

Think that the president and it states could say we need to save health care stances the federal government only paperwork one baby to be born in the hospital per family and it's insulting to say that these are political speech but that's one thing i'd to not do aren't sold parcel period your favorite moments when the crowd the robson laughter which she says that's awesome of course berg great speech to the nation is the head of the people you have to the presidential speech the shoes i'd let me tell you and also the hit your.

A challenge to gay marriage opponents

This is a challenge for all opponents of gay marriage. It's very simple. Just give me a secular argument against gay marriage, in other words, one that isn't based on your religion. Since the United States is not a christian nation, but a nation based on the separation of church and state according to the Constitution, public policy should not be dictated by the dogma of any religion. You are entitled to have an opinion against gay marriage on the basis of your religion, but if you want to convince others to share your opinion and.

Make it legally binding on everyone, you have to make an argument for it on nonsectarian grounds. Before you start, you should realize that talking about the sanctity of marriage is a religious argument, since sanctity means holiness. Also, if you say that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman, and can never change, the question is, defined by whom I can define marriage as between two men, three women, five midgets and an ostrich. Why is your definition more authoritative than mine If you say that is how God or your religion defines it, then once again you're.

Making a religious argument. Another point you should note is that I'm not talking about marriage as a religious ritual. I'm talking about marriage as a legally binding contract recognized by the state and given certain privileges in tax law, in inheritance law, and so forth. Please explain why the state should discriminate against gay and lesbian citizens. Finally, before stating your argument, be sure to watch the tutorial Straight Talk about Gay Marriage to make sure you aren't rehashing an argument I've already dealt with. If you think you have a good nonreligious argument against gay marriage, I would be.

Premarital Sex Illegal! Fundamentalist Says It Should Be

Assira fellow act that family research council things that we should add uh. prosecute people who have premarital sex of elicits add his name and i think he's not kidding it's ridiculous as he was happy and he says the following crap decided that single people have the right contraceptives affect up to do it right everything because what the supreme court essentially said his single people have the right to engage in sexual intercourse they just said no singles have the right contraceptive amusing or have the right to a sex offender marriage.

Brushing aside millennia thousands and thousands of years of wisdom tradition society never gave young people that right society function societies don't do that they stop it punches they corral people they share in the middle could ever the institution for the expression of sexuality his marriage and also say he's always shepherded young people there coincide with bruise on a list that you have to have facial so this is the american step that molester mustache to another israeli that creepy moose that's going on yet they uh. experiments are bad.

The that he's talking about what the some muslim fundamentalist big chorale them they shame them and sometimes they don't start til israelis hope their premarital sex it's sent on the wisdom of the ages we'll get into the area more is this going back i want to use the two hundred years hotmail but not in here's the question i always ask me a break here religious fundamentalist getting involved in what goes on at that point why do they care sometimes fred i don't care was having sex and when that happens that's right um. i.

Care about leaders reparative love of those two he looks really cares a little too much at stake for it this guy wants to make premarital sex illegal una will not be legal in legal critically it's rather kit act what did he wins within the republican party there wouldn't have probably party at dobson family search council said leslie premarital sex it we but i will go see will receive is about seventy you would you rather than america how pops tell people what they have sites day an an that.

Uh Oh. Pat Robertson Might Have a Point About Gay Acceptance

The supreme court struck down bill uh. basically struck down property uh. we've been giving you some of the reactions coming from politicians for pundits religious figures and swiss or back uh. pat robertson is not happy with the supreme court's actions this week knowing obviously is a bit frustrated actually and if you have the interesting period for exactly why i can't be any others voted to knock down doma jeremy eskimo anthony candidacy has some for certain of the east days date if you look at a series of cases that he's been involved in um. he is.

Taking the view that on sexual orientation is a special class yet i guess that that is in some way sort of accurate we did determine if there are special class a class that we call humans sick not apap it's not easy to defend pat robertson so i won't but one other thing status that bit you know he brings up a great point he goes to the heart of the beginner rights movement in the seventies in the sixties and seventies which was to try and get people to come out.

And the reason you get people to come out is because when people who'll heretofore either don't think they've known gay people or have not interacted with them realize that gay people are in fact people before their day uh. it you know that gets people to change their minds let's say in a perfect world let's say anthony kennedy was like pat robertson but anthony kennedy does happen have works or get right in his cloistered world he start to meet people read it that so it's a postal worker that that is exactly what is supposed to happen so.

That is why he has changed his position on gay rights bravo that's not supposed to work rob portman changed his son is get objected to the morale the conduit buddy changes not that's okay that's what we want to see happen statistically speaking i'd hate to break it to you but someone who works for the seven hundred club is no doubt about it and fair is a great motivated to raise money for the seven hundred abortions yet knows about just saying that you know if pat robertson is.

Onto something here then maybe he is the last word in that when you know gay people you realize that they are in fact the poor and it's okay to change your mind at a certain point you know some yet this story is it is a bit frustrating for me in particular because that we've had this street now about several months maybe even six months for pat robertson is mostly been making sense and he seems to be moved a little bit more tolerant direction uh. but here at that's not the case i will sleep that except more than you.

More than usual mostly for the the stories that we should use the coverage at worse is not randomly that determine sample but but they also went on to say that he believes that this might lead to something like someone good morning he was talking with the civil rights attorney about that and he said the guy that something pretty drastic sort of implying or threatening that might happen again um. any also we should bear in mind that last year i he has a pretty consistent opposition to gay rights at last year he said that it was somehow.

Related to demonic possession uh. tonight back with progressive when it comes to this issue but we shouldn't be surprised is a very old gentleman he comes from a very different races as life on a book would have been away we all know that that's uh. that could be a very silly thing in yet the dinosaur that is pat roberts thanks we will go away soon and like the patent nothing has changed the past generation of american politics all solutions like of the country's view on this particular issue cell so quickly ten sources of.

Their even within the hole the in a cosmic sense it is change very quickly doesn't seem that way you know to somebody who it is maybe a young americans taken up most of their life but it not been in the way that america has as both legally and and socially changed on this issue it's it's a real testament into the gay rights movement because it's happening quickly in the context of the citizens are additional bible as a picture of rwanda populistic one and thankfully soon it will be gone that.

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