On the 29th of april 2011 the most talkedabout couple in the world tied the knot. It was a real fairytale wasn’t it? It was the real thing and since that day it’s been a whirlwind 12 months for Will and Kate.

From taking part in the local pub quiz in anglesey, he actually said to me oh what colour the Simpsons card is? and I couldn’t help myself I said I think its royal blue and he laughed his head off when I said that. I love being in Anglesea and it’s a beautiful place.

To their first official royal tour French: Merci beaucoup, Votre Excellence It will improve as we go on. *Laughing* Just what happens when you come face to face with the Duchess I didn’t know if I could touch, what I can touch, It ended up looking like I was playing twister with her.

I personally thought it was absolutely phenomenal and I think they were just terrific the two of them. we’ll find out what makes this twosome tick. The fact that there is a passion there, there is a chemistry there is very clear.

And here how the world’s favorite couple has won over everyone on there way. They’re just very normal there down to earth, there caring, they sort of identify with the ordinary working man. We’ll see them deal with Britain in.

Turmoil the signal that they were sending out was that they care that they understand and while the Prince does his duty overseas, In Argentina’s capital there chant is ”Get out of the Falklands”.

We see the future queen consort flying solo. ”I feel enormously proud to be part of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices” Oneyear on from their big day, this is the inside story of how William and Kate stole the nation’s hearts ”and now as they say lights camera action”.

William kate: the first year On Friday the 29th of April 2011 The eyes of the world focused on London and the fairytale wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton William Wales Kate Middleton were history of arts students together at Saint Andrews University today they are making.

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