Questioner: sadhguru, namaskaram how to conduct oneself when, you know, when you have a very exploitative spouse, you know? Sadhguru: Youre talking about how to conduct him or yourself? Questioner: Myself. Sadhguru: No, actually you want to know how to fix him, right?.

Questioner: no, sadhguru. (Sadhguru): So this is very important. Im particularly talking to you. Please sit down. Its very important that we are straight with life, do you understand?.

What you want is your husband fixed, but because youre sitting in front of me youre saying, Sadhguru, how do I fix myself to fit into this exploitation? (Laughter) which is not the truth (Laughs). You want to know how to fix the man. Yes or no?.

Please tell me, all the ladies (laughter). If you perceive him we dont know what he is were not talking about your husband. I do not know what he is, but if you perceive him as exploitative,.

Obviously you want to fix him, isnt it? If you perceive yourself as a problematic wife, then maybe some thought about, Maybe I want to fix myself, will come up. When you perceive somebody as exploitative, the intention is to fix them, isnt it? But we wouldnt want to be straight about that.

Because the culture doesnt tell you the culture tells you Fixing your husband is not a good thing you must fix yourself (Laughs). So if you get a headache, go for a foot surgery then the foot will be aching more than the head (Laughter) kind of fixed (Laughter).

At least your attention is gone. So its time If we are concerned about life its time that we are one hundred percent straight, at least with ourselves. Maybe in the world, we dont know what profession you have, what situations you have,.

We dont know how straight you can be I will not interfere with that, but at least (Laughs) with yourself you must be hundred percent straight very important. Otherwise, neither yourself nor your life situations will ever get fixed, simply complaining and going on.

Weird Things Gay Couples Do

are these yours or mine? Does it matter? Yeah, it matters, I’m not gonna wear your underwear. (sniffing) Mine. Babe come on we gotta go, we’re gonna be late.

yes, yes, yes, i am ready to go. No. What? No, go change. Why? We are wearing the same suit, go change. So, you go change.

i put it on first. (sigh) I wore it better. That’s why you’re changing. Aw man, Joel, you’re just a little piece of pumpkin pie.

he’s a fox bear. He’s a little goose snake. He’s a fur snake. He’s a little sea lion. Yeah, you’re a sea lion. Yeah. I told you not to be a sea lion.

You’re suppose to be a dog. Where do ya wanna eat? Anywhere it doesn’t matter. I gotta pick last time, you pick this time. No, you pick. Okay, Chinese?.

hmm, no, too greasy. Okay, Italian? Hmm, too heavy. Okay, clearly you have opinions about where you want to go, so just tell me where you want to go,.

And we can go. i don’t care, i don’t care. I don’t even know, anywhere. Anywhere. Oh, anywhere? Anywhere. Anywhere? Anywhere.

mexican. No. Okay, I’m gonna kill you. He’s got short legs, so. Did you just check out that guy, like, right in front of me? No.

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