How to Overcome Anxiety this was HUGE for me

And that Michael here as from How to Overcome Anxiety passes view for the past four way course I used to be really suffer from some pretty bad anxiety if really was ruining my night i mean sometimes beat through to you random nighttime at a birthday party How to Overcome Anxiety really now an enormous tonight have this huge chest I'm wave fixit I stopped reading Frost over some I would have to look myself into a room and hope that it would pass pretty see my society head creeping up on me until it was something I carry.

With me 247 really had gone to unknown point before somehow I stumbled upon the Panic Away system How to Overcome Anxiety I flew through the whole course and to my surprise but things I had been told began to work now committed more and a little bit more until pretty soon my anxiety was completely wiped away today I now know happenin you like can't really be because I much down brands I in team panic attacks How to Overcome Anxiety this program has been substantive for me and has given me the tools.

Marriage Lawsuits Keep Piling Up Sept 16 Marriage News Watch

The lawsuits are piling up in Pennsylvania, where a judge has put marriages on an indefinite hold. It'll be at least a month and a half before the New Mexico Supreme Court will decide whether the state can issue marriage licenses. And the New Mexico clerk who first issued licenses has started a fundraising campaign he now needs tens of thousands of dollars to defend against an antigay lawsuit. At the American Foundation for Equal Rights, I'm Matt Baume, and welcome to Marriage News Watch for September 16, 2013. A judge in Pennsylvania has ordered a stop to marriages in Montgomery County. A lone.

Clerk there named D. Bruce Hanes had been issuing licenses since July 23rd, when he determined that the state's ban is unconstitutional. But with the Pennsylvania Department of Health now suing Hanes, Judge Dan Pellegrini ruled that it was best for the marriages to stop while the lawsuit moves along. In the mean time, Hanes handed out 174 licenses over the last month and a half. Are they valid That depends on whom you ask. Hanes says he thinks they are, but that it's not up to him. Republican Governor Tom Corbett is leading a lawsuit over the marriages and would probably.

Say they aren't. At least one of those couples has filed a suit of their own in state court to determine whether they are actually married. And there's also an earlier ACLU lawsuit in federal court over Pennsylvania's marriage ban. So there's a lot of momentum in Pennsylvania right now. And also in New Mexico, where the State Supreme Court will hear arguments about marriage licenses on October 23rd. Some county clerks are issuing marriage licenses, other aren't, and they've all requested guidance on what the law actually allows. But the federal government doesn't appear to be waiting for a ruling. At least one married.

Couple has obtained a spousal ID card at Kirtland Air Force Base. In the mean time, Doa Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins is raising money to defend his office against a lawsuit from antigay legislators. Ellins was the first clerk to issue licenses in New Mexico, and he'll need $40,000 to defend himself. You can visit EqualityDonaAnaCounty to chip in. It's looking good for marriage equality in Hawaii. Governor Neil Abercrombie said that he would only call a special session if he had the votes to pass a marriage bill. Last.

Week he announced that he will indeed call that session, on October 28th. Earlier this month, an informal survey by the Honolulu Civil Beat showed the bill passing by a margin of just one vote. There's a new lawsuit in Kentucky, filed by the Kentucky Equality Foundation. Equality Ohio has teamed up with Freedom to Marry, the Human Rights Campaign, and the ACLU to pursue a stronger public education campaign. And a Native American tribe in Washington state has become the sixth to extend marriage recognition to LGBT members. Those are the headlines this week. Subscribe here on YouTube and at AFER for regular.

Marriage Counseling How to Pamper Your Wife

Hi, I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. We're talking today about how to improve our marriage relationships, specifically, how do we pamper our wife This may be the most important thing that we do in our marriage. So listen carefully as we talk about how do we pamper our wife. This is really going to be specific to your wife's personality. Each woman has things that are very important to her, and there are things that she doesn't like as well. So it's very important that we pay attention to these things. But before.

We pay attention to them, we first have to understand and know what they are. Have a dialog with your wife. Ask her what it is that makes her feel special. Ask her what it is that makes her feel like the most important person in the world. You need to dote on your wife, you need to pamper her. Do these things to make her feel special. Of course, the foundation fundamentals have to be there. Love, trust, respect, friendship, communication. Those are huge, but building upon those are ways that you can actually make your wife feel.

Very special. Buying here chocolates, buying her flowers. When was the last time you rubbed her back, or gave her a foot massage. Or actually, perhaps, rubbed her back in the jacuzzi, doing something to really make her feel special. How are you with her.her family members You know, this is important to mention, being able to get along with the family, her mother. You want to eliminate those things as far as any.any stress in the relationship. And also, make sure that she has the physical attention that she needs. Are you holding.

Her hand Are you.are you putting you arm around her Are you opening up the door for her when you go out on dates And also on the intimacy side, are you giving her more than you expect And is she getting less than you want to give perhaps So, it needs to have a happy medium. So, have a dialog there. Be prepared to give, and ultimately you'll receive. Doctor John Gray of the Venus and Mars book series, has a lot of good advice here. There's other things that you can do. Attend workshops. But it may be as simple.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Save a Marriage From Addiction

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we're going to talk about how to save a marriage from addiction. Addiction is a very difficult part in a relationship. There are many, many types of addictions. It's not just drugs and alcohol. It can be work, it can be computers, it can be food, it can be out shopping. So, I think the most important thing when you start to see an addiction coming about is to seek professional help. Addictions go back through the generations,.

Through families of origin, and to understand where addiction is in the families of origin. What underlies all addictions is not having the love that you needed at a particular time. So addictions cover up the feelings and help numb what it is your really feeling. And again, underneath every addiction is a feeling of not being loved. So, with professional help we can get to the bottom of this sense of being, of what causes an addiction and help to end the pattern. This is Patti German in New York City.

3 Tips for Relieving the Stress That Can Hurt Your Marriage

Hello, I'm Dr. Poonam Sharma, author of Strong Women, Strong Love The Missing Manual for the Modern Marriage. I'm a licensed psychologist in the State of Texas, so please be advised that any information provided in this tutorial is strictly for educational purposes, and should not be thought of as any form of counseling or psychotherapy. In a prior tutorial, I spoke with you about the negative effects stress can have on a relationship. Today, what I want to do is talk with you about three tips, three things, you can do.

To keep stress managed. First one is really paying attention to your physical needs. I'm going to sound like your mom for just a minute. I'd you to ask yourself the questions, Did I eat breakfast this morning Did I get enough sleep last night Am I drinking enough water Those may seem like little things, but for many of us when we are stressed, those are the first things out the window. And it's really critical for your body to keep serving you well that you take of it. Most people need about 5 12 hours of core sleep, so if you're not getting that at least.

Keep that target in mind and see if you can get a few more minutes each night. Second tip I have for you today is to do anything you can to decrease the pressure on yourself. So, take a look at what's on your plate. See what you can take off, what you can put on the backburner, or maybe something you can put away until later. Anything you can do to decrease the demand on you right now will be helpful. And I think as a couple, it's really important to also ask the bigger question, What can.

We do to decrease pressure on our relationship in the longterm Sometimes our lifestyles are really the culprit, that's the reason why we are constantly stressed. So, the two of you may need to put your heads together and think about what choices do we need to make to lower the level of stress in lives altogether. And lastly, look for support. Seek help. I know those are not popular things for people to do. We live in a society that says we should be able to it all ourselves that we shouldn't.

Need any help either. Now, that's absolutely not true, especially when you're hitting your limits. It's really, really critical to seek that support. If your spouse is available, ask them for emotional support or practical help. If they are in the same boat as you are, then you may need to look outside to other relationships, friendships, family members, or maybe even paid support to help you get through the tough time. At the end of the day, stress management is about recognizing that we have limits, that we have bodies that do have needs. And in terms of protecting a relationship from stress,.

Parenting Tips How to Discipline Children Parents

I'm Dr. Ari Brown and I've got some great discipline tips to share with you today. Many methods work and different ones work for different situations. The key is to be consistent, follow through once you've set up those rules and limits, show respect and remain calm. Remember, you are your child's role model and he's watching you to see how you react when you're angry or frustrated. So, here are the four tips. Tip number one Teach natural consequences. It is much more meaningful for a child to see what happens when he makes the bad choice.

In a safe way, of course, than to choose a punishment that has absolutely nothing to do with the poor behavior. So, for instance, if your toddler throws her spaghetti at the wall, she is telling you she is done eating and should be excused from the table. Next time, she'll remember to eat dinner and not play with her food. Tip number two Ignore certain attentionseeking behaviors. I know it can be hard to disengage but if it isn't a serious offense, just ignore it. Kids will do many things in the name of getting your.

Attention. If your child doesn't get a rise out of you, she will probably stop doing it. So here's an example. Your child loves to interrupt you when you talk on the phone. The solution Ignore it, or else you have taught her that that tactic works and she will continue to do it again and again. Even better, prepare for attentionseeking behavior and prevent it. Set your kitchen timer and tell her you'll be able to talk to her once the timer goes off. Tip number three Give choices. Kids want to be in charge. A child.

Is more likely to cooperate if he feels like he is involved in a decisionmaking process. Just make sure those options you give are all things that you want to do anyway and be careful not to give too many options because that can be overwhelming. So, when you're trying to get out the door in the morning, say, which do you want to do first Do you want to put on your shoes or put on your coat Tip number four Use timeout. Yes, it really works if it's done correctly and consistently. The whole point of time out is time away from.

You. Your child can be moved to a safe place or you can move away from your child and that can do wonders to keep you calm and in control. The whole point is, losing attention from you is the most effective way to get your message across. Timeout is reserved for more serious offenses that put the child or somebody else in danger. So, for instance, if your child takes a bite out of her friend's arm, she goes directly to timeout city. Just remember, you won't see immediate success with any of these techniques. Your child will test you.

How to Repair Relationships Repair Relationships by Affirming Your Partner

Alright. Something that's really important to remember as we're going to move on, we're going to repair this relationship, we're presenting these solutions that we're going to try out to try to save this relationship a very, very, very important word for you to remember is affirm. And this may mean changing your whole relationship schema. But it's very important, in order to repair a relationship, that you affirm each other. Any strategy of relationship repair will only succeed if there are affirmations. And what affirmation is is positive talk versus.

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