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Hi, my name is Reka Marvay, I'm a psychologist and I'm going to talk to you today about understanding infidelity. If you find that infidelity has become a problem in your relationship then you can use this as a sign that there's probably some sort of problem in your relationship that you need to address. Infidelity is almost always, always a sign there are some underlying difficulties going on in your primary relationship. Maybe these are problems that you have been unwilling to discuss or maybe you haven't wanted to acknowledge that you have problems.

In your primary relationship. But treat this as a sign that it is time to take some time out and think about where your current relationship stands. Think about your life and what you may be unhappy about that's driving you to seek another relationship outside your primary relationship. It is not just the act of adultery that is most damaging to the relationship but also the secrecy that surrounds this act. Secrecy, lying to your partner, hiding from your partner what you are doing can undermine an otherwise healthy relationship. So try.

The 1 Root Cause Of All Breakups And Why Your Ex Lied About It

Hi everyone, Brad Browning here. Each day, I receive a number of emails from my coaching customers that begin along the lines of, Hey Brad, my ex broke up with me because of and then they'll proceed to tell me the reasons behind their recent breakup. Now, occasionally the reasons for the breakup are perfectly logical cheating, for example. But much of the time, the reasons that were provided by your ex to explain the breakup are flatout lies. In this tutorial, I'm going to explain why your ex lied about the breakup, and what the.

Actual underlying reason is behind almost all breakups. Let's start by talking about why your ex would have lied to you when they were explaining the reasons behind your breakup. It's actually fairly simple your ex felt that they needed to give you some sort of closure, and felt compelled to explain the breakup, but he or she didn't want to hurt you any more than was absolutely necessary. Remember ending a relationship is extremely difficult for both parties, not just the person being dumped. Unless your relationship ended with a screaming match and lots of animosity,.

Then your ex probably felt bad about having to hurt you by breaking up, and they wanted to soften the blow' as much as possible. That's why, in most cases, your ex will either blatantly lie about the reasons behind the breakup, or they'll only tell you part of the truth. After all, when you look at it from your ex's perspective, what's to be gained from telling you the truth and hurting you even more For example, if your ex couldn't stand your friends and was no longer attracted to you.

Because you'd put on a lot of weight since the start of your relationship, wouldn't that be a lot more hurtful to hear than if he or she simply said something like, we've just drifted apart and I don't feel that connection anymore or I'm just at a point in my life where I need some time alone As I mentioned earlier, often times your ex may have told you part of the truth he or she may have picked one thing that was bothering them about your relationship, and.

Told you that was the main reason behind your breakup, when in fact it was just one of several issues that led to his or her decision to end things. And although it's important to recognize that your ex probably wasn't being 100 truthful, and it's helpful have a clear idea of the problems that led to your breakup, the most important thing to understand is that all breakups are caused, fundamentally, by one thing a loss of attraction. Love is attraction. Attraction is the glue that holds together every romantic relationship.

Sexual and emotional attraction is the main thing that differentiates romantic relationships from friendships. When your romantic partner loses his or her attraction for you, the relationship is essentially destined for failure. And that's why a loss of attraction is the underlying root cause of all relationships you simply can't maintain a sexual or emotional connection with your romantic partner if you aren't attracted to them. Sometimes, a single event or a few main issues can lead to his loss of attraction if you cheated on your partner, for example, that lack of loyalty can cause your partner to.

Lose his or her attraction for you. Other times, it's a slow process that happens over time as your relationship becomes stale and your partner loses interest. Whatever the reason, you must understand that if you want to start a new, healthy, lasting relationship with your ex, then you need to rebuild his or her attraction for you. That's why my Ex Factor Guide program is just as much a guide to rebuilding attraction as it is about getting your ex back you simply can't enjoy a fresh start and a longterm.

Relationship with your ex unless you can rebuild the mutual attraction that is critical to all successful relationships. For more info on how to rebuild your ex's attraction, go to my website, BreakupBrad, and watch my fulllength tutorial presentation I've explained how to use a 3step psychological process to make your ex forget about the negative things that plagued your relationship, and rebuild his or her love for you. And of course if you have any questions, you can comment below and I'll do my best to respond. If you found this tutorial helpful or you enjoyed some of my other tutorials on how.

How to Know Who ISNT Your Twin Flame 2015 Explosive Sexual Healing Twin Flame Healers 2015

Lets look at the signs that you have not found your twin flame so one of the things that we notice twin flames can be long distance he might be in one place and you might be in another if theres some kind of long distance relationship maybe youre emailing,found someone online, youre talking on the phone but you havent met for months but theres actually an avoidance of meeting them in person even if theres not a conscience avoidance if the meeting hasnt happened within a month or so question it.

Even if its been under a month, dont get overly committed to it being a twin flame relationship just because its hot and you guys are up talking for 6 hours at night or whatever it is. often times when you finally meet its a big bust its a big let down its a big, oh ok, that wasnt it and then the pattern is to get real disappointed you get upset and act like the whole thing shouldnt have happened in the first place if that happens, what you want to do.

Is be grateful for it be grateful for the energetic boost be grateful that person showed you what it feels like to be in a state of excitement attraction maybe even love or lust, right use that energy with someone else who is your guy who actually is the one im looking for use that energy to set your vibrational compass everything we draw in is through vibration everything is energetic so what i urge you to do its fine if you want to online date or meet people online but what i urge you to do is.

DACA Issues Can DREAMERs Travel Outside the US How To Get a Travel Document

Hi, immigration attorney, I currently have the deferred action because I am a dreamer. Can I travel back to my county to see my grandmother Do you have an approved application for deferred status as a childhood arrival Yes, I heard that I can travel now. Well, its not that simple. Because you have deferred action you have to apply for advanced permission to travel. You have to apply on Form I131 for advance parole. ok. So, can I do that It depends. Immigration will not grant you permission to travel so that you can take a vacation. If you have a valid reason, then.

Do I Have A Twin Flame Explosive Sexual Healing Twin Flame Sexual Healers 2015

Explosive sexual healing. sex therapy and coaching so this tutorial is about answering how do i know if i have a twin flame because im married to you thats how you know how do i know if i even have a twin flame is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get how do i know if i even have a twin flame in physical form and of course the answer is everyone does have a twin flame but not everyone has one in physical form so how do you know if you have one.

Heres what ive found if you feel a calling an inner calling to do life purpose work on this planet with a parnter youve got a twin flame coming if youre being drawn to do work with ben and i if youre listening to this tutorial right now youve probably got a twin flame coming youve signed up for the twin flame sisterhood you need to start trusting your inner knowing because if youre feeling a pull, if youre feeling a calling theres a reason that your soul is calling in this.

In the first place so stop feeling like a crazy person and start trusting yourself women who draw in twin flames are women who have a big life purpose these are women who are hooked on doing self growth these are women who are here to have a big impact on the planet, to shift the conciousness so if im describing you right now and youre looking to do life purpose work with a partner youve got someone coming. so stop worrying about it really start trusting yourself and your intuition.

Ben rode and i have been doing this over 3 years and when we started we had no idea we were all about divine feminine and masculine partnership but we had no idea that we were going to be the twin flame club and everyone that was going to come work with us was going to call in their twin flame weather they knew it or not we started finding that women were being drawn to us out of nowhere. many of them had never heard of a twin flame 910 if they were drawn to do coaching with us.

Couples Treatment The Way Out Recovery

Is your loved one suffering from addiction When one partner in a relationship is an addict, unhealthy role shifts and power imbalances can take place. When the abuser enters recovery, this power redistribution has potential for other problems. Couples treatment, also known as couples therapy, is intended to help both partners work together to adapt to the challenges posed during this transition back to a fullyfunctioning partnership. The underlying principle of couples treatment is that rehabilitation has a greater success when support exists. The most common treatment philosophy used is Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

and while men and women benefit from this type of therapy, studies show that women recovering from alcohol addiction have a greater success rate. One always hopes that ending addiction means a relationship can return to normal but in so many situations, the addiction has existed for so long that what is normal has become skewed. If issues are not addressed, the natural inclination is to fall back into destructive life patterns. In this case, couples therapy can help the couple reconnect to a way of life of which they're no longer familiar. To find out more information about couples.

RealityCheck Solving Brand Issues

What we do for clients that I think a lot of other people in our business don't do, is we see ourselves as thinking partners. So, we analyze on a deeper and a more meaningful level, what people are saying. And so the process we use that sets us apart is called the ninety, ten rule. Ninety percent of what's said in a focus group or any kind of qualitative research is known already. The client knows it, everybody knows it. And there is ten percent that they don't know. And that ten percent is really a lot more important than that ninety.

Percent. So what most people in our situation do is when they report to the client is they report on the ninety percent. They spend ninety percent of their time on the ninety percent. We spend ninety percent of our time on the ten percent. It translates into taking a piece of communication and understanding, what's the magic in it. And really helping an agency and a client, build on that magic. That's what the ten percent is all about. And that's where we spend our energy, because there is no use telling you, what you know already.

Internet Therapy Counseling for Anxiety Depression Talk to an Internet Therapist via Skype

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong. I'm a professional registered psychotherapist. I live in Colorado, and I offer online Mindfulness Therapy via Skype. Now this form of therapy, also known as Internet Therapy, is becoming increasingly popular. Most people like the convenience of being able to schedule an online session, rather than driving to a therapist's office. Also, scheduling therapy over the Internet allows you to get a greater access to different types of therapists. For example, there's now a growing number of people who are particularly interested in Mindfulness Therapy and.

This Buddhist form of psychotherapy in general, because they find it a much more effective way of working with emotions than the oldfashioned talk therapies. And indeed, Mindfulness Therapy is extremely good for working with anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, depression, trauma including PTSD, and other forms of very difficult emotions that have become stuck and are not resolved. The method that I use, Mindfulness Therapy, you can read a lot more about that on my website, CounselingTherapyOnline. If you're interested in Internet Therapy and would like to schedule a Skype session with me, please.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Save a Marriage From Addiction

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we're going to talk about how to save a marriage from addiction. Addiction is a very difficult part in a relationship. There are many, many types of addictions. It's not just drugs and alcohol. It can be work, it can be computers, it can be food, it can be out shopping. So, I think the most important thing when you start to see an addiction coming about is to seek professional help. Addictions go back through the generations,.

Through families of origin, and to understand where addiction is in the families of origin. What underlies all addictions is not having the love that you needed at a particular time. So addictions cover up the feelings and help numb what it is your really feeling. And again, underneath every addiction is a feeling of not being loved. So, with professional help we can get to the bottom of this sense of being, of what causes an addiction and help to end the pattern. This is Patti German in New York City.

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