Five Most Common Problems With Vertical Blinds

OK today, I am going to be showing you the five most common problems with vertical blinds one of the most common problems is simply a blind slat being out of step something as simple as this where it is just going to hang up and now your blinds are not going to turn and open up so first thing is your going to want to go along and make sure that all of your blinds are in a row and that's one of the most common problems. Another most common problem is a.

Broken blind slat itself often they will break off right here and what you can do is flip your blind slat over and use a hole punch and punch some new holes and than re hang it up. If you want to you can trim it off straight or you can get replacement slats and trim them down. I have a tutorial on those repairs, tutorial on that repair and I will try to put the link on this tutorial so you can click over to it. The Third most often repair that's needed.

Is a stripped master gear now as I showed you if one of the deals was hanging up or the blinds were hanging up and someone continued to try to force it it can strip the master gear And there is a couple of different types of master gears this one is a self aligning master gear it links underneath the first slat this one you can take out these screws and link it to the first carrier I've got a tutorial on that also so I will try to put the link on here.

Fourth most common type of repair that is needed is where you have an individual blind that is not turning all the other ones are turning just fine and that one individual blind is not turning what's needed is either the head the uh. the gear here has got some broken teeth on it or the comb gear itself has broken off and these can be replaced. I also have a tutorial on that I will put the link on this tutorial it is for the stem and comb gear. And the Fifth most common problem with.

Vertical blinds is that the blinds are hard to open. Now, this one is not so bad, it slides pretty easy, but if you had a set that was hard to open what you want to do is lube it with silicone spray. Apply it to the entire length inside the track. And it is not the best smelling stuff in the world but it really does a good job in lubing the blinds because what it does silicone lube dries and it still maintains its lubricant qualities and because it dries it is not going to collect as much dust and dirt and debris.

Aye Myanmar Association on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

My name is Thazin. I come from Yangon, Myanmar. And I am a volunteer with AMA. And I am a sex worker. Currently in Myanmar we have the situation where sex workers face problems of discrimination and violence. But when we report violence to the police, we do not get equal protection like other citizens, because we are sex workers. What we want to see change is that sex workers are recognised as human, and get equal opportunities with other citizens. So we want the Government and the State to stop the violence against sex workers.

Wheel Alignment Tips for Custom Cars What is Caster in a Car Steering System

DOUG JENKINS Hi, I'm Doug. I work with twenty great guys in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods, and we're going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. In this clip, I want to make sure I've explained exactly what caster does and how our adjustments of it are going to have widereaching effects here. If you look from above, this joint right here, where the control arm meets the spindle is a ball joint. The relationship of this ball joint to this ball is what we're measure when we measure caster. Ideally, you'd have.

Enough caster, positive, that the lower ball joint is ahead of the upper ball joint enough so that the vehicle wants to go on a straight line down the street. So let's take it to extremes. If I take the lower ball joint and put it here, oh, it's sure going to go straight but you won't be able to turn it, because you're having to lift the whole weight of the car when you do it. Likewise, if I move the lower ball joint back here, it turns very, very easily but it's going to wobble. It's not going to have any stability on the highway.

The War On Terror Is a Joke

Hey all! I would like to take a minute to remind you that the War on Terror is a Joke. From Somalia to Afghanistan to the current kerfluffle with ISIS. It's all just a sad sad joke. It's a joke because we continue to pretend that Saudi Arabia is a valued and trusted ally. Why is this Crazy Well let's just gloss over the fact that the New Yorker has reported that the Saudi government was probably involved in the attacks on 911. Also, let's ignore the fact that it's a weird medieval monarchy where women are treated like cattle,.

And people are still publicly decapitated. Instead, let's focus on what Saudi Arabia does internationally. For the past half century they have been using their oil money to fund Islamic Fundamentalism. How do people from the Philippines to Germany decide that killing people for Islam is a good idea Mostly because they've learned it from propaganda paid for by Saudi Arabia. If you listen to the jerks in Washington, DC, they'll tell you that Saudi Arabia is cooperating on shutting down funding for terror. This is Horseshit! Saudi Arabia may be paying for less bombs and flying lessons than they used to, but all of the ideological.

95 Confidence Interval for Two Means Worked Example

Minitab is the leading global provider of software and services for quality improvement, and statistics education. Quality, Analysis, Results. For more information visit Minitab Hello, today I'd like to walk you through a 95 confidence interval for the difference between two means. So let's say that population one is approximately Normally distributed we've taken 17 observations. Here is the sample mean 4.1 and there is the sample standard deviation 0.9. And for population 2, again, assumed to be relatively Normally distributed, 19 observations were randomly sampled. The sample mean was 3.7,.

Sample standard deviation was 1.1. Now, for this construction, I'm going to assume that the population variances are equal. So, for the form of the confidence interval the difference between the two means we take the first sample mean and subtract from it the second sample mean. And then let's go plus and minus I'm just going to call it t times the standard error. The standard error in this case is the square root of n11 times the first sample variance, plus n21 times the second sample variance divide.

All that by n1n22, then we multiply that by the square root of 1n1 1n2. Now, remember, this is the construction because I'm assuming equal variances. It's different if we don't assume equal and unknown variances. What's that tvalue that we're going to be using that tmultiplier Well, we have to take into consideration the level of confidence that we want, and the amount of data that we've collected. So it's going to be a tdistribution with how many degrees of freedom Well it's n1n22 if you assume equal variances. So.

It's going to be 17192. That's 34 degrees of freedom. So, for a tdistribution with 34 degrees of freedom, if you wanted to calculate 2.5 probability stretching all the way over, from this point here to positive infinity, you'll find that that tvalue is 2.032. OK. So that's going to be the tmultiplier that you would plug in. Place all of the numbers inside here and you'll find the the 95 confidence interval for the true difference between the two means winds up being pretty much 0.30 to about 1.09. So that is your approximate 95 confidence.

Interval for the difference between the two means. Notice that the value of zero does fall inside this 95 confidence interval, and if you look at the other podcast associated with the hypothesis test that's another way that you would show that the pvalue would be greater than 0.05. Keep in mind of course, in the previous hypothesis test, we were assuming that the difference between the two means was not equal to zero. That's very important it was a twotailed test. So I hope this has been useful, of course if you have any questions on this or anything.

How to find Regression in Excel 2013

This is Stephanie from StatisticsHowTo, and in this tutorial I will show you how to perform Regression in Excel. If you are performing an Excel Regression and you are in an Elementery Statistics or AP Statistics class, you are likely looking for three pieces of information. you are looking for the slope, the yintercept, both of those are to find the Regression equation, and finally you are looking for an Rsquared value. Another name for Rsquared is the correlation coefficient, and that will tell us how closely the variables are related.

If you are looking for those three variables, do not use the Data Analysis tool on the Data tab. If you click Data and click Data Analysis, you will go up this window where you can select Regression and it may seem That is the most obvious way to go. OK. But already you can see this has started to get confusing. We do not want a confidence level. Constant is zero pushes the equation through the origin. I have also got Residuals, Standardized Residuals, Residual Plots. This all should give you an idea that this.

Is for pretty advance statistics if we are doing hypothesis testing. I am going to go ahead and click OK. And there is our output. You can already see it is kind of complicated to try and figure out where the Rsquared is. It is up here somewhere. And what are all these statistics. But we are not running hypothesis testing so we do not need this fstatistics. So forget using the Data Analysis tool. Let us go back to our worksheet and I will show you the simplest way to perform Regression.

In Excel. Select your data. the Insert tab, and look for a scatter chart. It is right here on the Charts area. Insert a plain scatter chart, and we can already see there is some kind of correlation between the values. on one of those dots, right click, and choose Add Trendline from that drop down window. Over to the right you have got Trendline options. Scroll to the bottom. Display Equation on chart and Display Rsquared value on chart. And there is our Regression equation with our slope, 100.12, and our yintercept, 0.8667. Right underneath is our Rsquared value of.

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