Studies confirm that kids ruin your life at least that was a survey that was done by gallup and it was actually to me later I’m in conjunction with my mom I from so I there were there were two major surveys Bob done by gallup and it both it people have to do the same thing how do couples with children but feel in comparison to couples that do not have children.

So the first study focused specifically on americans the second study focused of on the global scale out what people other countries feel I and here’s what they found we find in terms of life evaluation people with kids and people without kids are not very different but people with kids have more joys and happiness as well as more negative emotions like anger.

Worry and stress now the reason why i’m this study is actually pretty good is because they didn’t asked like how do your children make you feel because oftentimes when you do that a lot of times parents will justify their reasons for having kids by pretending as if they’re totally happy and everything’s great but they just.

Asked in general like what here some emotions how often do you feel this emotion how often do you feel that emotion and of course there are positive and negative emotions in the survey %uh so basically look overall they have the same who level of happiness or the report the same level of happiness however those with children experience negative emotions much more often it’s more roller coaster.

Yeah it my gestures yeah know a role i know each other a little bit more like this I about got a boob job I a study also this week interestingly I came out in phnom by the Open University in and the UK believe study five thousand people Valley gay couples are likely to be happier and more positive.

About their relationships then heterosexuals in 5,000 people the gays cum and as happier up it found that simple things like making a cuppa tea in the morning taking it to them with the most treasured by couples examples intimacy rather than dramatic gestures such as declaring I love you a heterosexual parents.

Bob other group least likely to be there for each other to make couple time to pursue shared interests say I love you and to talk openly to one another so the findings in the study are super summer yeah that heterosexual parents are the worst fucking hate recycled some but but the gay couples LBG cue lesbian gay bisexual and queer.

To this in this article or more generally positive about it happier with the quality the relationship and the relationship they have with their partner so gate without a kid that’s the road to happiness are you a sexual with the kid you’re fucked alright let me write this yeah no I mean it is really interesting to see how people do.

My Wife Is Expecting Twins and Im Not Happy About It

A guy who’s going by the name of albert garlands that’s not his real name out writes about the fact that uh. his wife just got pregnant with twins now they have again sundance they were very very excited about the idea of had making sure their son has simply say what i have a daughter but since they’re pushing forty they had a very hard time getting pregnant.

Uh. they derive crystals in the nation didn’t work it was awkward c talks about being on a train with that uh. start his own siemens operate mum but then i finally went to in vitro fertilization which cost ten thousand dollars so it’s a lot of money to get pregnant uh. and eventually they do get pregnant.

But was twenty ways pimps so this is a cost a lot of money report to whatever’s in there we’ve some of the science said that when my mind goes it will do some the they would pay to fertilize embryos writes up the air there.

Okay and analyze x and so what what up happening is they want to be safer like ages one of a dozen worked out with a list of those ten thousand hoops they both worked out you got twenty and now here comes uh. now it’s interesting as you know he.

Didn’t enjoy raising his son the sun’s out three years old but he is a collegue baby anti heated he said he didn’t get any sleep they were miserable you really disliked it which is why i don’t understand why they decided to get pregnant and let’s say the ideal situation for and they had one girl few hidden raising wanted winding up another notably redeeming quality the steady wrote this post and on the status that the differences as a matter of.

Devastating couldn’t admit that imply society isn’t at least uh. honest about uh. how they wanted that there’s something should happen straight.

That they wanted and other sibling for the child because they have assembly in the photo worked out well for them and that he’s there were some things that the first in the first place because they wanted to as a now the rest of it is a disaster yes so he spoke to a few his friends out who had twins and one of his friends holden think of the worst thing you can imagine that’s what it is like.

Another person told handeye basis i literally couldn’t wait to get back to work every weekend is way too long did these people have horrible luck and a former colleague also told in twins were always my worst nightmare fits so.

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