‘lots of people remember their history lessons from school ‘as dates and battles, kings and queens, facts and figures. ‘But the story of our past is open to interpretation ‘and much of British history is a carefully edited ‘and even deceitful version of events.’ You might think that history is just a record of what happened.

Actually, it’s not like that at all. As soon as you do a little digging, you discover that it’s more like a tapestry of different stories, woven together by whoever was in power at the time. In this series, I’m going to debunk some of the biggest fibs in British history.

In the 17th century, politicians and artists helped turn a foreign invasion into the triumphal tale of Britain’s glorious revolution. Hello. Woohoo! ‘In the 19th century, a British government coup in India.’ GUNSHOT.

‘.was rebranded by the victorians ‘as the civilising triumph of the Empire. ‘And in this episode, ‘I’ll find out how the story of the Wars of the Roses was invented ‘by the Tudors to justify their power. ‘And then immortalised by the greatest storyteller of them all.

‘shakespeare presented this ‘as the darkest chapter in the nation’s history.’ Now is the winter of our discontent. Two rival dynasties, the House of Lancaster and the House of York, were locked in battle for the crown of England. This was the reallife Game of Thrones.

Brothers fought against brothers. Anointed kings were deposed. And innocent children were murdered. Never before had the country experienced such treachery and bloodshed. In 1485, a wicked king, Richard III, was slain.

And henry tudor took the throne. Henry’s victory would herald the ending of the Middle Ages and the founding of the great Tudor dynasty. It was to be England’s salvation. Or so the story goes. With history, the line between fact and fiction often gets blurred.

In 1455, the village of stubbins, in lancashire, was the scene of a legendary battle in the Wars of the Roses. The fighting began with volleys of arrows, but then, to their horror, both sides realised that they’d run out of ammunition. In desperation, the Lancastrians grabbed some makeshift weapons .

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