Justin Theroux on Wife Jennifer Aniston

So the last time I saw you, it was the beautiful wedding, and I haven't seen you since then and congratulations again Thank you, darlin'. For that amazing Thank you. cheers and applause Thank you. cheers and applause Oh, my God. cheers and applause It took so long for this to happen, and Oh, my God. I mean, it just It really was First of all, you held onto the ring forever before you even gave her the ring. Yeah, I had that forever, in my pocket.

Then you took forever for the wedding. You move slowly, Justin. laughter It's hard to schedule it. Yeah, I know, 'cause you were shooting. I was shooting, she was shooting, and then we were trying to figure out when the best time was, and And you know, we were trying to do it kind of under the radar, and we finally found the window. You did. Now, here's my question because I know that everybody's talking about this that some people were told that it was a birthday party.

Mmhmm. Most people knew I knew that it was a wedding Portia and I knew, and most people knew so very few people and you could spot the ones there that didn't know, that were in flipflops and jeans. Yeah. audience laughter Now what did you say to them, 'cause they must think that Oh, it was actually a massive miscalculation, because we thought, like, Oh, we're gonna tell some people this, and some people that, and then people that we really have to you know, that have busy schedules and whatever.

So then afterwards, we kind of realized, like, that was a terrible plan, because you're basically telling half your guests, You're unemployed and we can't trust you. audience laughter So Which was, of course, not the case, but we just sort of put it out there, and people that said yes to the birthday, and I'll be there, and then if they said, Oh, we can't, we'd really put more pressure on them to be at the birthday, and finally, we'd say, Listen, it's You need to come to the birthday..

Yeah, you need to come to the birthday. But there were some people that really did There were people there who were just in jeans and I know. We also had friends when we've done barbeques and stuff, that show up, like, dressed to the nines, like They're like, This is the thing, right And you're like, No, this is actually just a barbeque. Like, you know. Now you're calling her wife, I assume. Yeah. And that's a fun word, right I mean, did you do that I mean, the first couple days.

Of doing it, it's a great feeling, 'cause you're not saying Fiance, after a while sounds cute at first, then later on it's like, Uh, it's my fiance. Then, you get to say my wife. And you're right next to her. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah, right beside her. So, I know that you love motorcycles, and you but this is something I learned today, that Jennifer will not get on the back of the motorcycle She's gotten on like three times, but she's done with itshe doesn't want to do it anymore.

It's dangerous. She does not like it. She does not feel in control sitting behind someone driving fast on a motorcycle. Which I understandI wouldn't want to sit behind someone. I want to be driving. I got you something so that you don't feel alone when you're without Jen. cheers and applause Oh! Look at her. cheers and applause This is adorable. cheers and applause cheers and applause There she is. Oh, look at it. Ah, Jen! Hi! Jen What's going on.

You and Justin are such a cute couple. Oh, it's amazing. Oh. Don'tare you okay I'm doing great. She's just fixing her hair. Your husband is right there. Oh, I know, I love him. audience laughter It looks just like her, right It does! It's just unbelievable, the resemblance, and the blouse and everything. Yeah, everyshe always wears that blouse. And then, she's got swollen ankles. laughs I know! audience laughter She's always wearing those shoes, so they swell a little bit.

New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Dont Love Each Other

In Minnesota activists are out in full force today to protest a new bill that would ban marriage between people who don't love each other. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty expressed his intention to sign the bill earlier this week saying, I believe the definition of marriage is a union between two people who love each other. In addition to outlawing future loveless unions the socalled Purity of Marriage Act would also nullify an estimated 53 of marriages in Minnesota. Loveless couple gathered at the state capital today to voice their opinion that all couples have a right to be married,.

Not just those who can stand each other's company. Beth and I have been sitting silently in front of the TV set for 20 years, you can't tell me that's not marriage. Our feelings of codependence are just as strong as a happy couple's love. Just because I talk to her less than I talk to the dog that doesn't mean that what we have isn't marriage. We didn't choose to feel nothing for each other that is just the way we are. Joining us now from Saint Paul is Onion News Network.

Legal expert Olivia Walker. Hi Damon. Olivia, this is a real surprise since Minnesota has long been considered a real Mecca for loveless couples. Right. The state is full of bland suburbs and buffet restaurants serving endless piles of food, which loveless couple use to fill the void in their hearts. Where is the support for this bill coming from Well, the bill supporters say that for too long they have had to watch these people flaunt their loveless ness, bickering over which peanut butter to buy in grocery stores,.

And violently brushing lint off of each others' jackets. So, for them these miserable couples offend the very idea of marriage That is right. There have been reports from around the state of loveless couples suffering harassment. That's a shame. Even vandalism. Olivia, what about the people who argue that loveless couples can still live together unhappily even if their sexless unions aren't technically considered marriage Marriage has legal implications as well. For instance, if one member of a loveless couple got sick their spouse could no longer visit them in the hospital.

To berate them about how much that medical bill is going to cost. Well Olivia, not so long ago loveless couple felt they had to hide but the crowds there today show that many people are now comfortable with being openly indifferent to their spouses. That's right. As recently as the 1970's loveless couples were sent to camps where it was believed they could be cured of their loveless ness by undergoing group therapy and sharing exercises. But even if the Minnesota law passes loveless marriage activists will almost certainly try.

To bring this before the Supreme Court. Right, and there it could face a lot of opposition. At least four of the justices are rumored to be in loveless marriages themselves. Well, thanks for the update Olivia. Later in the hour we'll talk to our economics expert Joshua Russell who says a ban on loveless marriage could cripple the already flagging cruise ship industry. But first Shyla Buff has signed a deal with Paramount to ruin another one of your childhood memories. Still ahead this hour Surgeon Admiral adds nausea warning labels.

Louis C.K.Gay peopleWho gives a sh$

Louis C.K. Chewed up People SNL I never understood people are judging people for the way they have sex as some people get angry homosexuals just for being gay to get mad at them her an early understood that you know like because they're just having sex with each other the governors in a PP which is running down the street is putting people the ass willy nilly just like a pet stores like without asking you know like you're the Atma what the hot she says 10 minutes so glad you just might be right now yes seriously.

Threatening its important role in my new pants in mall shared another one fact am I gonna put home this is ridiculous in but they generally don't do that so I don't know what the fucking promise people get mad then when we get don't get married we don't have to go to a wedding with the put you to the by many it doesn't matter said something really well then ok I will marry his dog could talk about me blows his daughter who gives a shit it doesn't matter doesn't have any impact.

On your life with the fuck do you care or people to try to think it's not like I think it's a social issue like when you see someone stand up on and on talk show inside how am I supposed to explain to my child the two men are getting married I don't know what your shitty Kate you fuckin tell why is that anyone else's problem two guys are in love with a cake america's you want to talk to your ugly child for work in five minutes picking here's what you're surely he's really a faggot anyway.

In scooping that Aaron up your stupid no the only the only arm thing that a Ponzi have those that you're not you're not supposed to laugh a gay people when they're funny because sometimes they just harder for many like I lived in New York for a lot of my life in my neighborhood everybody was gay and and it you know some guys are just a guy walking on the street but some gay guys or a guy in little shorts and a half shirt and you know combat boots breaking its green.

The the whistle when he's standing on the corner going to go out packinghouse lives in history time business plan exists by the thousands and some when I see them I laugh really loud I just do you really don't have to get these did not apply because he's fuckin weird and silly his larry is in by spose threeact allow over the whole lawyers in seriousness you know in stupid him the only you actually the 1i would blow a baseman based on who he is is Ewan McGregor that if there is this one guy out there I gotta say.

That I have no game inclinations except for ice met this fuckin dude in person I was they work on support show in Near East and write their names like popped like I was just blown away the she's Christ is fuckin beautiful in any live music you know and I was like fuck and shivered like Icarus shivering like of the cookin gracious in like a week later I just it was like staring off into space and when I realize but I'll just daydreaming about you McGregor and like seriously I'm not gain any other week summer I wanna fuck that guy right.

Tatu Baby And Julia Carson Earn Redemption Ink Master Redemption, Season 1

Ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt ltigt Now that I have my son, I can truly understand the value of loving someone, and I understand why you want a portrait of your wife. Yeah, better than a random person. Exactly. It's a really big deal. ltigt rock musicltigt How come you didn't get this tattoo after our whole incident on the show The tattoo gods were like, Nope, forget about it. And now you're finally getting it. Yeah. All right, buddy. Ready to take a look.

Ltigt dramatic musicltigt ltigt ltigt Do you love it Holy bleep. It's amazing. ltigt I'm so glad you like it! Yay!ltigt That is sick. So do I get my redemption Yeah, I think you've earned it this time. ltigt Absolutely.ltigt ltigt Wonderful. Amazing.ltigt I'm so glad you like it. Thank you so much. Wow. After getting kicked out of the shop, getting told to go bleep myself, and waiting a whole damn year, ltigt I got to come back and get this awesome tattoo.ltigt.

Ltigt I changed Mark's view of me.ltigt I got my redemption with an amazing tattoo ltigt that people are going to remember I did.ltigt And I know it makes my husband proud of me too. Give me a hug, buddy. Thank you so much. ltigt rock musicltigt All right. I think we're done. Let's take a look. All right. Oh, that's bleep awesome, man. Beautiful. It looks just like her. Very happy. It's awesome. Andee, Baby. ltigt Wow.ltigt ltigt Now this thing isn't just floating there.ltigt.

Ltigt Now it makes sense. It's part of a story.ltigt ltigt It's a double redemption, you knowltigt I was able to finish the piece with something that I wanted. ltigt Yeah.ltigt And she was able to finish the piece that she started. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I finally got my redemption. ltigt I finally got to finish his wolf.ltigt I'm very happy, and most importantly, I'm very happy that he's happy. Five. She did a great job. It looks great.

Rani Mukerji Delivers Baby Girl Bollywood News 2015 LehrenTV

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerjee delivered a baby girl on Wednesday morning that is 9th December 2015 at the Breach Candy hospital in Mumbai. Rani Mukerjee was hospitalised yesterday at the hospital and the news comes right here that Rani Mukerjee and hubby Aditya Chopra are been blessed with a baby girl. Rani Mukerjee and Aditya Chopra were very happy for their first child and they named her Adira. The Mardaani actor has kept a low profile ever since the news of her pregnancy came out. It was only recently that she was spotted at a Diwali bash along with Preity Zinta.

Santorum Raped Women Should Accept The Gift of A Child

So great recross on fox news uh. thinks that uh. rick santorum would never say that uh. you should have uh. you know your rapist will it's letters you that you needed many thing he tells of this add to find out for example that makes sense for him that line that scranton him him angry that media raped and you get pregnant that that you should not be able to have an abortion he said let's ask a question hypothetically about if his daughter came to him yet is there a personal.

Thing and the other email addy i just feel that i was going to be would not do that i was told also interesting to our members said it you know if you're a poor or suffer insist the strategy well it's good or central fund strip i know that you believe even in cases of rape and incest in va you've got to go to the street unit b if you had the door to the canteen could be right and was pregnant i was begging you to that i have an abortion would you really don't look for.

In the eye and say no as a father i would that would do what every fathers do is to try to counsel your daughter to the right thing there will be people about this issue that and they will show you religious but he's also matter of religious value under that can lead to what is saying how can i do with this because if i make i have this baby disney considering our lives while you can make the argument that uh. if she doesn't have the stadium she she kills her child.

Protective cover life unbelievable thing now the the right approach this too is to accept this horribly created in the sense of of rain but nevertheless bs and and uh. and very broken way gift of human life except what god has given to you on yesterday's shelling rejecting morocco right out for forcing enraged girl to marry her rate that's right how is this any different you're forcing women in this country to give birth to a rapist child they've even the pope muzzle finals tomorrow after my mentor you know i i don't know what their view on abortion is a him in the savior of.

American esos they had to carry this out the here are own fundamentalists is saying if you're a percentage for you redistribute yet any of the terry that different nine months in and have that baby take care of it for the rest of your life and uh. you know obviously the rapists is not going to help you much but they listen that's or gift to you now christian crosses that it was a hypothetical about his daughter so it's not fair to say that the i've fixed that for every.

Now it was a hypothetical we showed it to take his word and it's a but it's recently one didn't really qualified he said that's his position thus anybody who watch that tape they'd honoring center or ninety he doesn't believe you should keep it up of course he believes you should do the job of slaves and on national tv while running for president chris morgan qualified he said because other people out there if they look at the bar and say that as well this is what they did a sits out there that is their daughters display image.

Unhappy Parents May Mean More Only Children

I'm Carol Nelson with Today's Health News. Couples who believe they are unhappy after they become parents are more likely to have an only child.A German study finds couples who perceived a drop in life satisfaction in the first year after they became parents had a lower probability of having a second child. Researchers looked at data from 20 thousand couples who reported their happiness on a scale between zero and 10 with 10 being the happiest. When the couples became parents for the first time, their overall scores dropped by 1 point 4 percent. More than a third of the new parents reported a two point drop.

Woman Says Jesus Told Her to Put Baby on Train Tracks

A Colorado woman is claiming that Jesus Christ told her to lay a newborn baby girl on train tracks as a train prepared to depart the Pueblo station last week I witnesses watched with horror on february 14th around 215 p.m. when they saw 31yearold Jennifer Sloan place a newborn baby on the tracks in front of a train that was getting ready to depart from the north and a Pueblo Colorado near the near 2910 lolol passengers started knocking on the door of the first car the train to tell the conductor that there's a baby on the tracks.

The train's conductor alerted to city workers workers grab the newborn baby from the tracks it remains unclear whether Sloan is the mother of the child police said that when they showed up Sloan was completely incoherent and that she was taken into custody and that she has said she wants to proceed without a lawyer and also told authorities that she believes in Jesus Christ took the twoyearold in been from her arms and placed her on the tracks in front of the train she's been charged with firstdegree attempted firstdegree murder for her alleged actions.

If Jesus really told her to do it wouldn't charging her with murder be a violation of the first amendment or something or her religious freedom it would be something along those lines yeah I have well they would certainly be a violation of the Bible right maths that's the biggest violation a ball I i really have trouble with this whenever we do a story because if you if you imagine a some kind of spectrum right where you have on one side of the spectrum a Jesus has told me that I should really.

Honor my father and my mother so I do that okay and then we have on the far other end of the spectrum this Jesus told me that I should put a baby on the train tracks it really doesn't seem like it matters what Jesus said right in other words what matters is whether what you're doing appears to be a sign of mental illness or not if you're honoring your parents your mother and your father we don't really think at least we as a society although certainly many individuals with think.

Doing anything because you think Jesus told you to do it sounds crazy to me but let's put that aside for a second okay as a society we're were we accept that we say hey it's great religion has influenced you to be respectful if your parents and other people in that really make sense on the other hand if the if it would Jesus told you to do is to put a baby on on the tracks we say no no no that's a perversion ABR alleging that absolutely ridiculous.

But in my mind once we've opened the door to what Jesus has told you to do and the concept of having a personal relationship with Jesus her with God and and and you pray and they speak to you who are we to say that yes Jesus tell some people to honor their parents but doesn't tell other people to put little babies on train tracks yet to me this is this woman thinking that Jesus told her to put baby a baby on train tracks and not thinking but that might not make any sense is basically the same as.

Someone listening to pat robertson tell them the yoga is demonic and just taking it at face value and not actually thinking to themselves or maybe that doesn't make any sense week we really need to have some kind of way to I open it up to the audience even if Jesus or God or whoever is telling you to do something that seemingly doesn't harm anyone is it any more or less logical then Jesus or God or Buddha or whoever telling you to put a baby on the train tracks that is my question to you today.

Should I Have a Third Child

Should I have a third child Why Does your husband need a spare heir to the son you already have, or does your daughter want a younger sibling to dominate I was thinking about having another child. What do you think We live in a world designed for four. Excuse me Family fourpacks of tickets, cars designed for two in front and two in back, family dining room sets come with four chairs. A third child is a fifth wheel in today's world. I don't mind an excuse to get a new car.

You do get to benefit from the economies of scale, as long as you don't get a new house. You can reuse clothes and toys from the older children. Food and childcare costs are about the same. If you have a third child, childcare for all three may be so high that you need to stay home. Unless that's your intent. I had a friend warn me that three was too many, because then the parents are outnumbered. How old were the kids Three kids under the age of five. The funny thing about having three kids is that if they are too close together, it is.

A ton of work. If they are too far apart in age, you have a baby and a teenager in the same house. Cool! Build in babysitter! And the oldest child has almost no relationship with the youngest child. It is like they are part of two separate families. Three kids close together in age create a lot of work. And they can share a lot of friends. If you have a third child, do it before you get rid of all the baby stuff from kid number two, or you lose the economies of scale.

10 Funniest Pregnancy Announcements

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Unhappy Baby Beethoven Best Of The Hawk Morning Show

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