Unhealthy Relationships

Maybe I’ll just text him and say that we had to cancel the trip. What? Ali, it’s totally normal to go on a weekend getaway with a guy that you’ve only been on three dates with, haven’t had sex with. Yeah, it’s totally normal. What is wrong with me?.

No, dude, it’ll be fine. No. God, how long does it take to get beer? I know right, and she’s late for everything, but always blames me. That sucks. Yeah, one time I was five minutes late, and she made me pay her $5.

Wait, dude, what? Yeah, it was fine though, it was a joke. It was a bit (beers thudding on roof). Babe, get out, Ali’s new man has to sit in the front. He’s not my boyfriend. Thank you. (giggles) Okay, you’re gross.

(upbeat electronic dance music) Excuse me, driver, do you have a 4S charger? God, I hate this stupid bit, also update your fucking phone. So have you and your boyfriend does the? Sharpen pencils yet? No they haven’t. He’s not my boyfriend, we haven’t but I think.

I’ll be really good ’cause like our makeouts, and have me on the dry humpage. I knew you would be good. Oh my god, Jen stop, Ali does not want to hear about her bestfriend’s remarkable sexual prowess. Ugh, you too are sick. Aw, he’s so much cuter than his Instagram. Hey.

Hey, you need help? Oh, no, I’m good. Ali, he has a fucking backpack, he doesn’t need help. Shut up, do I look okay? Brittany Yes. You got it? Yup, brought some wine. Ali Thank you.

How’s it going? Hey. Hi, Brittany, big fan of your Instagram. Thank you. Charmed. Right, all right road trip. Who’s that? George, my rat exterminator.

Rapunzel Bedtime Story BedtimeStoryTV

Rapunzel Once upon a time, an old couple lived in a small village Their dearest wish in all the world was to have a lovely daughter of their own, but they had no luck. One day, as the wife came to her husband and made a strange request. I desperately want a little bit of lettuce from the witch’s garden. On dear, can you please bring me some? The husband agreed, and went to steal the lettuce as his wife had asked.

Maybe this lettuce has magic powers and it will help us have a baby. Early the following morning, the infuriated witch burst into their house. How dare you steal my lettuce! You will regret this. I will teach you a lesson and put a curse on you! You will feel my wrath!!! I am very sorry. My wife wanted it so badly, and I really wanted to please her. Oh, is that so? Your wife can have as much lettuce as she wants, but I shall claim your firstborn in return! What?.

The witch vanished as suddenly as she had come. The husband didn’t understand what she meant and felt worried. Time went by and the couple had a beautiful baby girl, tiny and adorable. They were overjoyed, but they remembered the witch’s request and were afraid. What will we do if she comes to take our little daughter away? We can’t let that happen. We must leave tonight. That night they prepared to escape with their infant. But it was too late. The witch had anticipated them and appeared at their house.

Do you really think you can run from me? That child is mine! Please, no! Please leave me my baby! It is too late for tears and pleas now. I will claim her as we agreed. Such a sweet little girl. From now on, I will call her Rapunzel. The witch kept Rapunzel locked all alone in a tall tower. The years went by and Rapunzel blossomed into a beautiful girl. The witch never allowed her to leave the castle, so all she could do was look out the window and sing sad songs.

The witch would come to visit Rapunzel in her tower every day to see how she was doing. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair! When the witch called to her, Rapunzel would let down her hair from a window at the top of the tower. It was so long that the witch could use it as a rope to climb all the way to the top. One day, a prince rode past the castle on his noble steed. He heard a lovely voice singing, but he couldn’t tell where it came from. Where is that beautiful singing coming from?.

Could it be that tower? Hello? Is anybody there? No one answered and the singing stopped. The Prince looked everywhere, but found no one. He had to give up and continue on his way. The Prince returned home to his castle, but he couldn’t get the beautiful song out of his head. But who could it be? Why wouldn’t she answer my call? I will return there tomorrow and find out.

The prince went back to the witch’s tower to search for the mysterious singer. When he saw the witch approaching, he ducked behind a tree to see what she would do. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair! When the prince saw how beautiful Rapunzel was, he was surprised and angry that the witch kept her locked up. He resolved to come back the following day. The Prince returned the next evening after sunset. Mimicking the witch, he called to Rapunzel.

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