Don Purdum Asks What is the One Power You Have that Can Change Your Life

What is the one power you have to change in your life. For a lot of people, the majority of us are living with an incredible amount of stress these these days for a lot of different reasons. Maybe those reasons are attached to the economy that has created problems in your personal life, in your business, or maybe there are just problems that you've internalized and kept to yourself for many years, and those things are suddenly under the influences of stress and showing themselves. Here is the truth about stress. Stress doesn't come from the facts, stress comes from the.

Meaning that we give the facts. Let me repeat that. Stress doesn't come from the facts, it comes from the meanings we give the facts. That is a powerful, powerful statement. Here is the reality of it. When you give in to stress and you start defining those things, you limit your ability to choose. Your choices are the one thing that can change your life. There you go, there is your one point. There is the one thing that can change your life. Choice! How you choose to deal with your situations, your trials, your circumstances dictates the.

Results that you get. If you don't like the results you're getting, change what you're doing. It's really in theory simple. But the truth of the matter is by myself change is hard because we have to develop new habits. Habits take time. They take three weeks they say just to change something that you're doing to start to feel comfortable with it. And it takes up to six weeks to completely change what you used to do in to what you do today. So, choice. It's a big deal. What are the choices that you're making today that are.

Limiting your life That are limiting the scope, and the depth, and the breadth, and the width of your marriage What are the choices that you're making today that are hurting your business Choices are a big deal. So here is one choice you can make today. Maybe you are saying all of these things that area going on around me, maybe my marriage isn't so great Maybe the things that are going on around you right now are causing chaos in your personal life And that chaos is dripping into your business and it's preventing your business from being able to do all of.

The things that it is capable of doing because your attention isn't there. You're exhausted. You're tired. You just don't have anymore to give to all of this. Because what's happening at home is depleting you. Here is what we can do. If you're a spouse if you're a business owner, I want you to go to Marriage University today. On my website. The link is right below here. I want you to go there and learn how this eighteen week program can help you. It can help you by changing the way you think about each other and how you interact together,.

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