Ishi, not Baali

This is Hosea 21625, the reconciliation Assuredly, I will speak coaxingly to her And lead her through the wilderness And speak to her tenderly. I will give her her vineyards from there And the Valley of Achor as a plowland of hope. There she shall respond as in the days of her youth, When she came up from the land of Egypt. So the period of the Exodus and wandering is romantically imagined as, this time, of a very good and close relationship between God and Israel. And in that day you will call me Ishi and no more will you call me Baali..

This is a pun. Both of these words can mean my husband. Ishi is my man, a male. And Baali is my Lord. Women would have used both for their husbands. But Baal, obviously, has connotations with the god Baal. So instead of calling me Baali, my Baal, you will call me Ishi, my husband using a word that's free of Baal connotations. For I will remove the names of the Baalim from her mouth, And they shall nevermore be mentioned by name. In that day I will make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field, the birds of.

The air, and the creeping things of the ground I will banish bow, sword, and war from the land. Thus I will let them lie down in safety. And I will espouse you forever back to the marriage metaphor. I will espouse you with righteousness and justice, And with goodness and mercy, And I will espouse you with faithfulness Then you shall be devoted to the Lord. In that day, I will respond declares the Lord I will respond to the sky, And it shall respond to the earth And the earth shall respond.

With new grain and wine and oil, And they shall respond to Jezreel. the first of the children. I will sow her in the land as My own Jezreel was a fertile valley not just a place of war and death. And I will take Loruhamah not loved back in favor And I will say to Loammi, not my people, You are my people And he will respond, You are my God. So Hosea isn't unrelievedly gloomy and grim. It does provide these images, these very stirring images of hope and consolation and reconciliation. Amos also held out hope in the form of a remnant.

That would survive the inevitable destruction. So we need to think about the two traditions that prophets like Amos and Hosea are drawing on in this combined message of doom on the one hand, and hope on the other. Really, what the prophets are doing is drawing on two conceptions of covenant the two conceptions that we saw in our study of the Pentateuchal material and on into Samuel. On the one hand they recognize the unconditional and eternal, irrevocable covenant that God established with the patriarchs as well as the eternal.

Covenant with David, with the House of David. Those covenants were the basis for the belief that God would never forsake his people. But on the other hand, of course, they place emphasis on the covenant at Sinai. It's a conditional covenant. It requires the people's obedience to moral, religious and civil laws in the covenant code. And it threatens punishment for their violation. So the prophets are playing with both of these themes. Israel has violated the Sinaitic Covenant and the curses that are stipulated by the covenant must follow.

Pastor Bob Coy Moral Failing What does the bible say about this

So i was working yesterday and one of my friends sends me a link to the pastor. whole pastor Bob Coy Sandal. And I was devastated. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I saw it, I sent it to my mom, our family was hurt by it. Our church was hurt by it. The entire christian community was basically hurt by it. This is a pastor that has been preaching for so many years and has created so many followers and disciples of Christ. It's crazy and just to see what he has done, and what he just did, it basically unbelievable. It's.

Unreal. It's a big blow, it's a big blow to the christian community. It's a big blow to christians everywhere. The whole world is looking at us now and saying you guys are claiming to be all faithful and loyal to God and now you have your big leader now falling, and what are you going to do now But what does the bible tells us to do Our bible tells us do not see our eyes on man because man will fail you. Don't put your confidence on him, put your confidence in Christ. And I'm here to tell you that don't let this be a.

Set back to you. It is hurtful. It's really bad when one of the sons or daughters of Christ falls in such a manner. But when you think about it, God doesn't see the adulterer. God doesn't see the killer, the murder. God sees sin. And sin alone, bible says, will keep us from getting into the kingdom of heaven. But thank God that He sent his son to die for us. And sin, adultery, is no worse then saying a bad word or disobeying your parents. Sin is sin in the eyes of God. Whether you say a bad word, whether you're out there drinking.

At night. Whether you're addicted to whatever type of drug that is keeping you from staying connected with God. Sin is sin no matter what. God wants you to focus on Him. Because we're not perfect. Do not set your eyes on man because man will fail you but God will not. So just remember that you are a daughter, that you are a son of the most high God. And you identity is in Him and Him alone. It is not set on man. Don't feel discouraged. Keep moving, Keeping driving those feet. And I want you to know that he loves you and that he cares.

About you. Pastor Bob Coy was a great pastor. I still think he is great man that was tempted beyond measure and he fell. He's taking the right steps, he's doing the right thing at this moment. The best thing we can do right now as a community, as a church is to pray for him. Pray for a man that is right now badly wounded. The devil took the best of him and he has discouraged a lot of us. So right now more then ever is the best time.

Wives and Lovers

The first chapter is reported in the third person. And this contains God's command to Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman as a symbol of God's own marriage with a faithless wife, Israel. Go, get yourself a wife of whoredom and children of whoredom for the land will stray from following the Lord. 12 So he marries this woman named Gomer and she bears three children who have very inauspicious names. These names are symbolic of God's anger over Israel's religious infidelity 1 Jezreel. Jezreel because God plans to punish Jehu for.

His slaughter of the house of Ahab. Even though Ahab was no favorite of God, you still should not raise your hand against the Lord's anointed. And so Jehu will have to beAhab will have to be avenged. Jehu will have to be punished at Jezreel, which is where the murder happened. 2 Loruhamah, which means not loved, not forgiven, because God will no longer love or forgive or pardon the House of Israel and 3 the third child's name is Loammi , not my people, a sign that God has dissolved the covenant bond. He's rejected Israel as.

His peopledivorced Israel. There really could be no more stark and shocking denial of the covenant than this. Chapter 3 contains a first person Hosea's firstperson account of God's command to him. There it's said that God commands him to befriend, although he seems to hire, a woman on condition that she not consort with others. The woman, again, symbolizes Israel, who's brought into an exclusive relationship that requires her to remain faithful to one party in contrast to her customary behavior. And then sandwiched between chapter 1 and chapter 3, both of which have the accounts.

Of these relationships that are metaphors for God and Israel's relationshipsandwiched between them is the almost schizophrenic chapter 2. It contains, again, this sustained violent, very violent account of the faithless wife, of faithless Israel and God's formal declaration of divorce. She is not my wife and I am not her husband. This would effect a divorce, this statement uttered by a husband. We have that in verse 4. And yet, this chapter also contains a very gentle, very loving portrait of reconciliation. And it's in that portrait of reconciliation that we see another aspect of the covenant.

Concept emerge. An aspect that was, again, most pronounced in the Book of Deuteronomy. As Israel's covenant partner God loves Israel and he actually longs for her faithfulness. This steadfast covenantal love one of the words that's used repeatedly is hesed, but it refers to a special kind of steadfast love, loyal love this covenantal love will reconcile God to wayward Israel just as Hosea is reunited or reconciled with his faithless wife. And the prophet imagines a return to the wilderness. God is imagining it would be wonderful.

The Wayward Wound

But we need to look a little more closely at some of the themes of the book before we accept that evaluation entirely. And I think the one overarching theme that helps us organize most of the material in the Book of Hosea, and one that shows its deep indebtedness to or interconnectedness with the Book of Deuteronomy, is the theme of covenant, particularly Deuteronomy's notion of covenant. So I put covenant at the top there and we see this theme being played out in several different ways. The first I've just discussed as Yahweh's.

Covenant partneras the vassal of the covenant partner, Yahweh, the sovereignIsrael should be placing her confidence entirely in Yahweh. Any foreign alliance, any alliance with Egypt against Assyria for example, is against the terms of that covenant, that exclusive treaty between God and Israel. And she should not be relying on her military might, but relying on the sovereign, the suzerain. So anything short of complete trust in Yahweh's power to save the vassal Israel is a violation of the terms of the covenant. So we see it in the notion of its confidence, exclusive confidence and trust in God and his power.

A second way in which the theme of covenant is expressed is found in Hosea's denunciation of social injustice and moral decay, and of course this is a theme that's common to the prophets. Here he follows Amos. But he's now the first to couch his charge in the form of this formal riv, or lawsuit, in which God is said to bring a charge against Israel for violating the terms of the covenant, for breach of covenant. This happens in chapter 4, the first three verses of chapter 4Israel is charged. And Hosea employs language that deliberately.

Invokes the Decalogue Hear the word of the Lord, O people of Israel! For the Lord has a case a lawsuit against the inhabitants of this land, Because there is no honesty and no goodness And no obedience to God in the land. False swearing, dishonesty, and murder, And theft and adultery are rife. Picking out key terms from the Decalogue false swearing murder, theft and adultery, which of course occur in a threesome in the Decalogue. These things are rife. Crime follows upon crime! For that, the earth is withered Everything that dwells on it languishes.

Beasts of the field and birds of the sky Even the fish of the sea perish. Unlike Amos, Hosea also engages in a prolonged or sustained condemnation of Israel's religious faithlessness, which is figured in terms of adultery. And so here again, the theme of covenant is dominant and organizes the prophet's presentation. To represent Israel's faithlessness he invokes other types of covenantal relationships as metaphors, most notably the metaphor of marriage. Marriage can be referred to as a brit, as a covenant between a husband and wife, and so it's an appropriate metaphor. And we see it primarily in chapters 1 through.

How Does an Affair and Adultery Affect a Divorce in Ontario

How does adultery impact your separation or divorce in Ontario Hi, I'm Brian Galbraith. I'm the owner of Galbraith Family Law Professional Corporation. We're a law firm of divorce lawyers with offices in Barrie, Orillia, and Newmarket. Adultery has a huge impact on marriages. Usually, marriages end as a result of adultery. If you are the victim of adultery, you may feel deeply hurt, angry, or humiliated. You may not feel you can trust your spouse and may not be able to trust anyone for a period of time. Your selfesteem may be deeply damaged. If you're the one who committed adultery,.

You may be feeling guilty, regret your conduct, or just want this whole process behind you. It's a very difficult time for everyone involved. In Ontario, from a legal point of view, adultery is not a factor to be considered when resolving the legal issues. It won't be considered when determining the proper level of child support or spousal support, determining the division of property, or any equalization of property. Adultery will not impact how custody and access arrangements or parenting plans are determined. We have what we call a nofault system in Ontario. This isn't the case everywhere in.

The world, but this is the reality in Ontario. Of course, adultery may have a huge impact on how you feel and how you are able to negotiate the legal issues, but it's not to be taken into consideration when determining custody, access, child support, spousal support, or issues related to property. If this tutorial has been helpful, give it a thumbs up or like it, and you can share it with a friend or colleague. If you'd like to have some help resolving the issues related to your separation or divorce, first go to our website, which is galbraithfamilylaw.

Christian Living Beliefs About Divorce Remarriage in the Church

We are going to talk about divorce and remarriage in the church. Now divorce is a sad thing it's a devastating thing, it cripples, it cuts out, it's like putting two people together and they've been together for so long that they become one and then you slit them right down the middle. And they go their separate ways. You know what they are taking a little bit of the other one with them where they go. And so they are never really whole again. Well that's really the picture of divorce. This is why God says that I hate divorce,.

I hate divorce. It's not of me, it's not something that I want. Now however we know that God feels that way but there is still divorce in the church. So when people get divorced and they get remarried is that of God. Are they in sin Are they wrong How does God view those things Well that could be different you know, a view point for different people based upon how you interpret scripture. But as I read my bible I believe it's very clear that God simply says, when a woman divorces her husband and she remarries again, and therefore.

Her husband is yet still alive then that woman commits adultery. Wow those are some sobering words there. You know but the bible says what it says. And I don't think it needs an extra interpretation there. Now then when someone says, well I'm an adulteress and God is going to look frown upon me you know, I'm going to, I'm in trouble now, and I'm in sin whatever. You know, listen we serve an awesome God, we serve a God that is so merciful, so loving and so long suffering with us you know. I wouldn't want to be standing here and tell.

You you know God is mad at you and God hates you, you know. We know God is a God of love. So I think I would just simply encourage someone that's in that situation to simply just see God. You know our hearts will let us know whether or not we are in error or not and if you feel that you are in error then make the necessary adjustments. And do what you need to do so that you can have the peace that God desires for you. But remember the.

How Darwin Can Save Your Marriage

We are designed by evolution to be titillated by erotic novelty, males and females. Given that evolutionary design, it's completely predictable that 10 years of the same thing, whether it's the same music or the same food or the same sex partner, is going to lead to resentment, discomfort, whatever. It'92s going to lead to a diminishment of passion, certainly. So we start with that and then we add to that the notion that we're taught that that shouldn't happen, that if it does happen there's something wrong with you or something wrong with your relationship.'a0.

And so people aren't expecting that to happen, and so they interpret that diminishment of passion as a failure. The point that we're trying to get across in the book is that it's not your fault. It's not your partner's fault. It's the fault of the clash between the sort of animal we are and the sort of society we've designed. And as long as there's that conflict between our biology and our societies, there are going to be these problems. So a harm reduction approach might make a lot more sense than this sort of absolutist approach that a lot of people take where any.

Infidelity, any, you know, my husband looks at porn, that means he doesn't love me anymore. I mean, these sorts of responses to very natural behaviors cause a lot more problems than they solve, I think. I think if marriage is going to survive as an institution, it's going to certainly have to continue adapting to the realities of human nature as opposed to trying to shoehorn human nature into some predetermined shape. The point of marriage is that you want to get old with someone. You want to share your life with someone. Maybe you want to raise children with someone. You want.

To have a certain stability and trust that you couldn't possibly get with shortterm relationships. That's the point of marriage. And by imposing this expectation of sexual exclusivity for 40, 50, 60 years, we're cutting ourselves off from those really important things for something that's essentially trivial. Sex really isn't really that important. It's not that big a deal. And by making it such a big deal, we sabotage things that really are important, these primary relationships.'a0 We have children going through divorces, victimized by the psychological trauma of divorce, over what.

Over what That mommy or daddy had sex with someone else Who cares The problem is, much like the war on drugs, the problem is that we take this absolutist approach to something that people are always going to do. People are always going to smoke marijuana. People are always going to drink alcohol and coffee and whatever. But we make these arbitrary judgments on what's acceptable and what isn'92t, that have nothing to do with the actual harm that anything of these things could cause to people. So we throw people in prison for, you know, growing a marijuana plant on their windowsill.

It makes no sense it causes much more harm than just letting people do what they want to do. And really, whose business is it if a couple decides that they're going to, you know, allow a little casual sexual behavior on the side, especially if, as Dan Savage argues, and I agree, it takes the pressure off the relationship. If the door's open a little bit, you don't feel trapped. It doesn't mean the door has to be swung wide open, but, you know, the fact that it's open a little bit doesn't mean that the.

The Prodigal Son in F

The wonderful story of the Fond Father Feeling footloose and frisky a foolish fellow forced his fond father to fork over the family finances all the fathers farthings fleeing far, far off to foreign fields. and frittered the family fortune feasting fabulously with foolish and faithless friends.. finally facing famine and fleeced by his fellows in folly, he found himself a feedflinger in a filthy farmyard. fairly famished, he fain would have filled his frame with food from the fodder fragments. Fooey! My father's flunkies fare far fancier the famished fugitive fumed feverishly, finally facing facts.

Frustrated by failure and filled with foreboding, he fled forthwith to his family. Falling at his father's feet he floundered forlornly. Father, I have flunked and forfeited family favour. but the faithful father forestalling further flinching, frantically flagged the flunkies to fetch the finest fatling and fix a feast. But the fugitive's fraternal faultfinder frowned on the forgiveness of the former folderol. His fury flashed, but fussing was futile. Father, you failed to furnish a fatling and feast for my friends! Forsooth! any focus on feelings of favour will fester and force the faded facade to fall!.

Why You Should NEVER Forgive a Cheating Husband

Can you tell me why you should never forgive a cheating husband If he's cheated once, he's far more likely to cheat again. He says he won't. He said he wouldn't cheat when he promised to have and to hold, to love and to obey. Women say they're supposed to obey. For modern guys, it ought to be the other way around. But let's be honest, if you caught him, he may have cheated more than once. I wonder what I'm supposed to do. Get tested for STDs, make him get tested for STDs, and make sure you don't have sex until.

Both of you come back clean. That's going to be an embarrassing O.B.G.Y.N. visit. Not as bad as it would be finding out your husband is cheating because the OBGYN diagnoses you with an STD. He says guys sometimes wander, and that I should accept his apologies. At least he didn't say it was your fault for not being hot enough in bed. But if he's excusing it, you're making a mistake by excusing it. I do not want to get a divorce. Women divorce guys for violating their trust and falling out of love. He violated your.

Trust and made love to someone else. I'm devastated, but I've heard we could heal. You'll always be wondering if he's having a late night meeting at work or with a floozy. You'll always worry if he's travelling for work or for pleasure. Don't all marriages have trust issues Unless it is an arranged marriage, it shouldn't. Financial problems, that's normal. He's quoting Bible verses about how I need to be forgiving. Will you let him escalate to Bible verses on beating his wife Or polygamy No way. Leave him now while you're young enough to find someone else and start over, since.

Does The Bible Allow For Divorce In The Case Of Adultery John Piper

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.330.2 Infidelity Of Church From Bible By Gay Marriage Part

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