Man Divorced Wife For Ignoring Whatsapp Messages WTF

Have you ever imagine your not replying to whatsapp messages to your husband or wife may lead to your divorce. Yes you heard it right, today we bring you a story of a man in Saudi who asked for divorce from his wife after she ignored his whatsapp messages. The man, who got married two years ago, sent the message from his office and waited for a response from his wife. But she didn't reply to his messages. While waiting for her reply, he thought something must be wrong and he rushed home and there.

He saw her watching Tv. When he asked her why she did not respond, she said she was busy chatting with friends on WhatsApp and wanted to reply later. He divorced her instantly. According to sources he messaged her on whatsapp and he knew she had read them because of the latest update on the application but still she didn't answered him. The husband, in his 30s, said he was frustrated by his wife's seemingly endless interest in using her phone for chatting with friends and family. Well this was something very wierd but true. Subscribe to lehrenweirdtruefacts.

Chinese man jumps to his death after shopping fight with girlfriend

Ancient Chinese proverb say your girlfriend spend all your money at the Golden Eagle mall, you go kill yourself. Well, it goes something like that. A Chinese man in Xuzhou was shopping with his girlfriend when he decided to call it quits, literally. Eyewitnesses say the 38yearold could be heard telling his girlfriend that he already had more bags than he could carry, but she insisted on getting some new kicks. He replied that she already had enough shoes, more than she could wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying any more.

This caused his girlfriend to flip out and start shouting at him and accusing him of being cheap and ruining Christmas. The argument ended when the boyfriend threw all the bags on the floor and climbed over a 1.5m rail alongside an elevator shaft and jumped. The man hit Christmas decorations on his way down before hitting the floor seven stories below causing shoppers to scatter. Police say the incident is still under investigation and are looking for the girlfriend. In retrospect, maybe he should have just broken up with her. Or was she really that annoying.

Cheating husband beaten up by wife in India

Feeling the wrath of the woman who trains vishal sharma with words having an affair with a colleague his wife to fifteen years david which i'm glad to camera pans with the help of her relatives items were caught on camera three husband was working in an automobile company this girl was working with time accidentally has been brought into my house and sections having problems with his family and statements on the you also see that want to study and didn't want to get married and department mona sharma alexis and husband spent most of his time with his love of horses.

And that the clinton administration of the house party says he's innocent and being susceptible domestic problems frame only doing a job in my office they have their family problems he came with my maternal uncle into my house included that time and they were talking to each other in the fight broke out teaching hospitals enraged life and deputy chief their life love triangle transplant even the president's came to the scene shortly after the outhouses and failed to break it up and i don't know exposed couples as not only to the i love mona sharma and her.

Always Cheat on Your Wife Or Your Girlfriend

My husband is cheating on me My ex had 2 cell phones The guy I was talking to before was a married man I found out I got cheated on cheating The time I met The side chick Oh so the title offends you huh Lord Destro I love my significant other. Lord Destro I will lose her trust Coward spare me with your moral mumbo jumbo Your allegiance is to lord Destro and no other Youve been brainwashed by the masses. You believe your tender poems Romantic gestures Or your cliche gestures will get her nanny wet.

You poor fool. You are no catch. And she knows this. she has settled for you You have not earn her attention But you my friend are a place holder Until another better prospect comes along One that challenges her. One that she fears One that she lust for. Now do I have your attention Excellent.Why should you not have a harem Why should you aimlessness thrust the same orifices for sexually satisfaction Time and Time again Your one job in life is to spread your genetic code to all takers.

And believe me she will respect you for it She will praise you for it She will masturbate to your idol because of it. but your execution must be flawless There should be a halo of adultery that glows around you like the saint you are There should be no concrete proof of your sexual advances You should activate worry in all of her natural senses. hearing, taste touch smell all but vision Never get caught Worry less about seduction and focus solely on confusion She is not your equal but like the helots of Greece she must be conquered and subjugated.

Man Sues Wife for Being Ugly, Wins

And then in china has one one hundred twenty thousand dollars after over a court settlement after he sent his wife for being too ugly so it turns out that act he got his wife pregnant after the white delivered the child he claimed that that she cheated on him because the child was too ugly and looked nothing like that the mother of the child in her on his wife which he is now divorced uh. now it turns out that i had spent a hundred thousand dollars on plastic.

Surgery to improve my works which is what you see there the before and after picture which by the way three plastic surgeon okay personal largely s plastic surgery return see how that might be some exceptions and and this is a hundred of most somewhat wellspent disability for two hundred enough to be able to get the merce she apparently desired uh. but several of our house was a bit of a dumbass visit as good as that plastic surgery is it's so pretty obvious but there was plastic surgery and like what you thought.

Where you would hear from your kid the post plastic surgery come on that so stupid now don't have the heart to you publicly announced that you think your child is hideous nonwestern worthwhile and as a people life because this well exist for the for eternity on the internet no no i mean whatever it is a school due to your soul only your data is to your mom can you imagine say where where would i get written and i know you have an ugly emer and here the most part.

I came alive and happy one how do you think com output that hand he come up with that number one hundred twenty thousand dollars he probably translates veteran transparency and thank you guys feel that his wife had the obligation to tell him hanging in the past i had plastic proceed so no not others make sense we can't believe you wanna partisan seven of us and dumbass refers link indulge a blessing surgery well that's a sad day for you started as soon as you can still ugly what kind of sick that argument.

And looked down and i i'm i'm finding them i say hey you know what you got to be a lot of this man your wife's hotter than she would have been otherwise you pay for all of it does not work for a pleasant surgery the amount is work tylenol do do not consider myself a pretty in the aftermath of drugs with my kid is in the being some kind of thing on the phone withdrawn behavior so that the faa also v effective if that my kid can talk more about.

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