Marriage Divorce Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources, today we're going to be talking about signals of the kind you don't want to get. Specifically, signs your wife is cheating on you. The challenge is if you have this intuition it's said to say, most of the time you are right. If you feel like your wife is cheating on you, then it's a matter of you picking up on some of the subtle or direct changes in their behavior that signal to you that something is indeed wrong. Is she doting on you Giving you a lot more affection, perhaps asking for sex.

A lot more often or maybe the opposite, you may have had sex three times a week and now it's done to zero or once every month or so. There are some subtle signs as well. Maybe she is buying you flowers, maybe she is buying things for the children and trying to really actually deflect some behavior. But recognize that the subtle things need to be paid attention to and there are also some very overt things that are taking place as well. For example, is she buying new underwear Is she trying to make herself over with a new hairdo, new.

Clothes, perhaps going to the gym more often, perhaps dieting. So you need to be aware of these things that are taking place. A very offensive technique is also maybe putting the blame on you saying that perhaps you're cheating or you're paying attention to your secretary or girlfriends and so these are kind of deflection techniques or she maybe introducing some type of anger animosity into the relationship so that she doesn't feel bad about what she's doing. So you can go to the extremes of monitoring her phones, voice mails, emails and follow her at work or where she's going after work, electronic.

Surveillance, there's even a television show Cheaters that if you qualify, you may be able to have that all documented on camera if that's what you want to do. But you need to understand that in all relationship, there is joint responsibility, nobody's 100 at fault and nobody is at 0 at fault either. So you need to have responsibility. If all this else fails, try the direct approach, have you asked her And watch for behavior. Is she nervous Will she avert your eyes Avert looking at you So as a last resort you may want to talk to her friends, talk.

Cheating husband beaten up by wife in India

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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

Catching someone in a lie Not as easy as you'd think! Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews and if you have friends or partners who are chronic liars then you've come to the right place. Nonverbal cues are widely considered to be the most telling indicators of when a person is lying. So what should you look out for One of the first signs of a nervous liar is fidgeting so pay close attention. Are they shuffling their feet, or playing with their hair, or messing with their watch All of.

These could be potential signs of deceit. You've probably heard that liars tend to avoid eye contact, but did you know that dilated pupils can also be a sign These are caused by increased tension and concentration, typically experienced when someone is lying. Defensiveness is another telling behavior that can manifest in multiple ways. If someone's voice suddenly gets higher, for example, that's a pretty good giveaway. Liars also tend to be uncooperative, and make more negative statements, using words like sad and hate. Most of these seem pretty obvious when you think about it but modern research suggests.

They may not be entirely accurate. A study published last month in the journal Psychological Science claims that humans are better at detecting lies when they're doing so unconsciously, rather than consciously trying to decipher certain behaviors. According to Maria Hartwig, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, looking at a person's behavior and listening to their statements has a lie detection accuracy rate of about 54, which is only slightly above the rate you'd obtain from simply guessing. The real indicators, she says, are much more.

Subtle than the nonverbal cues we've been taught to rely on. Clark Freshman is a law professor who runs a firm that trains lawyers and negotiators on proper lie detection techniques. He says that while there's no surefire method for detecting liars there are some advanced methods they employ during questioning. The unanticipated question approach, for example, is useful in cases where you suspect someone may be trying to cover something up. This is based on the idea that people in these situations, will often fabricate stories without considering all of the details.

So, if someone commits a crime but their alibi says they were at a restaurant when it happened ask them questions they wouldn't expect. Like, where was the restaurant's bathroom located A person who's telling the truth, will have no problem answering these details but a liar, might struggle more. If you already have evidence that someone has lied, Hartwig says the worst thing you can do is to let the liar know you have evidence. Instead, ask them general questions, and see how much information they're willing.

To volunteer. People who are telling the truth, tend to be more forthcoming with information than liars, who are naturally evasive. Freshman also says to look out for microexpressions which are subtle facial cues that appear for only a split second. A 2008 study on the topic, showed that people who are being deceptive about their emotions, display inconsistent expressions and blink more often than those telling the truth. So if you REALLY wanna catch someone in a lie try not to focus too much on the obvious clues. It's the subtle ones that are usually the most telling.

Advice From The Blissful Wife Part 2 I Have So Much Pain and Anger

The young lady that posted her question on Facebook is saying that she's had, having feelings of low self esteem, worthlessness, hurt, pain and anger, hurt from the church, and sexual temptation. The second thing is that she talked about having hurt from the church. And I know that's a tough one. I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, but you're still gonna have to go to church. But what you're gonna have to do is just find a really great church where bible is being taught, and where you feel the presence of.

God every week. That for me is huge. Personally, I have to feel God when I go into a church. And so if you, especially when you're going through a tough period in your life. If you're not going to church every week and feeling a tug on your heart and feeling that God is speaking to you, and feeling that God is there then maybe you shouldn't be going to that church at this time. You know, I'm not trying to pull you away from any church that you're at or whatever. But, just keep in mind that for you to grow, and for you to really get.

Healing, you're gonna have to really know that God is in that place. The last thing I wanted to talk to you about is that you said you're struggling with why do guys keep treating you in bad ways. And so for this I don't have a churchy spiritual answer for you. I have just a really easy, basic answer. Don't let guys treat you bad. There's a lot of good guys in the world, but there's a lot of bad guys in the world that are gonna treat you bad. All you have to do is just stop talking to them. If someone is treating you bad then.

You say, Ok, you know what He's not a nice guy. And you know, I don't like how you treat me, and so I'd rather for us to just, you know, stop communicating. And that's it. And he won't be treating you bad because you don't be talk to him anymore. So, that's my answer for why do guys keep treating you bad. Because you keep talking to them and if they are just the type of person to treat people badly then you are putting yourself in the position for them to do that to you. And I'm not saying that in a judgmental way. I mean,.

We've all been there. But you don't have to worry about that because you can just make your own decision to say, it's not, has nothing to do with you. It's probably just because they tend to treat people badly, and so you just make the decision to say, Well, I'm not gonna let him do that to me. And the only way that you can change the situation is to change your own actions. You can't force somebody to treat you nicely. They have to decide that on their own, but what you can control is yourself, and what you allow to.

Porn addiction How To Break Internet porn addiction

I was addicted to internet pornography for quite a few years in a defect in my life in a very negative way and I was didn't even do this audio because you know it's on recognize my voice or or saw me it's its chain for and thats the hard part many people funny thing about pornography they think maybe it's not a big deal maybe you know it's harmless fine but really it isn't and if you watching as you may you may be experienced some other consequences maybe have a spouse that.

That aren't quite you watching it or maybe you find yourself being more distant are you see that over taking your life or maybe you're just wondering if you do have an addiction to porn addiction it it's not something I that you can't just stop doing it's actually a chemical addiction and I'm is a chemical process and change it happens in your brain when you watch pornography pornography addiction is actually been compared to herald heroin addiction on how hard it is to break it I mean imagine the computers there all the time and it's almost like a drug addict or.

Alcoholic that works in a bar right how you can stop drinking if he's surrounded by Haakon so it it's very very difficult it's not impossible it's very difficult to do on your own and unlike alcoholism or drug addiction you know I those things are bad and but you can get treatment for them and you're not give you the same has if you have a porn addiction I it's a very shameful thing to the people that i cant concerned about it the come in it if you're married its very hurtful.

To me if you have a wife you know that she feels I'm cheated or maybe she feels like she's not enough there's actually a great I'm free tutorial online that that you can look at talks about internet porn addiction you know I I I I went to a lot of different places eyesight psychiatrist who you know and then I i there's a couple courses I got but I mean this point was probably the best I'm this tutorial and and their did your arm it's just a really good are.

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