Zimmerman Helped Save a Family in a Crash

And an amazing story at a Sanford Florida george Zimmerman involved in an accident not in the wrong way apparently the right way he was not a good samaritans according to the news that I rushed out and helped a family of four for get out of a truck that had rolled over on the side on the way sup highway those a corner by four Route 417 use or two men who helped a family trapped inside their car I was an SUV that we had overturned now when you get even further details but dry part news.

Figure with a huge grain of salt suppose that he even had a fired signature with them he pulled the people on any put the fire out 0n to rusty you busy Diego um okay when I first saw the story house like 00 no way I just so the headline on the call of on what are the chances right after the verdict I mean it's a PR miracle it's exactly what you would what you see that put George he's been trying to help it's all good I do rescue these people whose family ok for.

So my the whole radar was going off mob live it now by and it now by dead but I'll tell you what I read into all the details ahead if it's a conspiracy if the dramatic one uh it appears to be real it you know he we have the police say not that the police of their own eyes with the when they arrived December was there with someone else I and and that they had in fact help the family at least in some ways now look you want to see the bright by people with a fire extinguisher things.

Nonsense I hear your brother by the way was he doing the fire extinguisher in his car that makes no sense whatsoever and I know they want a poem in a put him in a he wrote like and they think he's Zimmer my on okay but a but look at the store looks real and if he did good for him I mean just because somebody did something wrong way obviously there's something very wrong that night you don't think he did anything wrong then I did something really wrong with.

You and the kid is dead right to 70 year old kid was dead even if you think things went awry in Tremont has some responsibilities centauri I hope you're a little sad that the kid I D which is a man had followed him in the first place but anyway doesn't mean that he's gonna do everything wrong and and apparently here in this case he might have helped out a little bit is an unbelievable coincidence they would happen light after the verdict but sometimes that happens now of course on Twitter.

It's clear they're taking my not buying it and taking it to a whole new levels um what they didn't tell you Calvin got a job which is awesome six on Twitter well they didn't tell you is zoom was following the card cause a crash I I MA another gentleman here by the name ok DX many guys can take a little you know clearer and easier Twitter handles the flip side is said the guy whose name is Jiang Q ver looks like sank wider anyway nah 0 min caused that accident because it is is too much for me.

Okay now that's one hell of a conspiracy theory I you as he follows the Koran is a call i 911 I got this one okay it's a suspiciouslooking call the car's blocked no that's not right that's not right okay so pale as they were to bring you down if he did in fact help those people as it appears that he did based on the reporting your fantastic good for him good for everybody involved and most importantly we're of thrilled that the family safe and and no one got hurt.

Gun Control, George Zimmerman the KKK

Let's go to voicemail 2192 David P is our voicemail number leave us a voicemail any time of day about anything that you like here's a voicemail we got about gun laws take a listen to this a David I was wondering you never really talk about Dunlop Indiana at this hour but out you're curious as to what your opinion on on gun ownership thing and gun restrictions are to be honest yup it worked I don't know how you miss the fact that we're constantly talking about guns we've been talking about guns for years on this.

Program we talked about it daily surrounding any number of different shootings just go back and check our archive I mean Louis we we talk about guns all the time I don't know how someone now who who watches the show with any regularity might if miss those clips well here's the thing if your rec wrack your if you're relatively new you are a bitch you know we they're kinda was like a good month there that we've just I didn't really talk about any big guns story so maybe.

That's what happened fair enough and let's take a listen to one more voicemail this one is on the topic I'll actually we're hearing from ah homeless diabetic scrub okie hoodie wearing Derrell from Northern California he hasn't checked in for a while but he wanted to check in about my question who would you rather run your neighborhood watch program george Zimmerman or the KKK this is what he had to say he David this is gerald scrubber ki Kali from California right I'm techniques say is that he created.

Male but I can't believe the with choose having KKK looking over your neighborhood rather than torture and then I mean just as a lesser to be able when the KKK as and shocked night in fact that you would make their kinda statement the lesson that what I said was george Zimmerman as it now I'm not talking about george Zimmerman now but george Zimmerman when he was but not yet someone who had killed Trayvon Martin he was a guy who probably shouldn't have been involved in your neighborhood watch.

But nobody would recognize him he wouldn't stand out in any particular way cuz he was just some guy whereas if the KKK is running your neighborhood watch program they're going to be dressed in the white hoods and you would kinda be aware that hey it's the KKK running neighborhood watch and everybody would be aware the insanity of what's going on so it might the fact that it would be more noticeable might prevent anything crazy from happening without people noticing that was really my argument is not that I like the KKK Louis.

Of course not know now why would you that would be completely insane you are making a good point I mean I'd like to know who he insane big it's an violent morons are data roaming my streets does I that's always high on my list of priorities I wanna know who are the big it's walking around in my neighborhood that's about a top priority no question about it today on the bonus show we will talk about people who don't ages it is a bizarre condition Lewis will tell us about it.

Will also talk about a judge's ruling that in California inmates can be forcefed if they are choosing not to eat and much much more the bonus show is very very cool the reviews are blowing up Lewis people saying that the bonus show has been on fire I think much of it is the result if you talking about your theory on parenting your theory on marriage your I I mean is just be people are enamored Louis with the bonus show is incredible what's going on anytime I start talking about my personal life it's it's a big to do.

Pat Robertson Church Donors Dont Have Health Financial Problems

Okay I think Lewis we need to recruit our audience is helping coming up for a name when we have the trifecta of notary on the same program and what I mean by that is when we have outrageous statements from pat robertson Glenn Beck and Brian Fisher which happens about once a month at like the perfect storm insanity that we get a good clip from each of the three of them there needs to be some name for when we have that as we do today let me know what it is is it the a the threeheaded something I don't know we.

Need to have some kind of a clever name louis for when that perfect storm Afzal the tree and extremism comes together yeah I'm sure we have a lot of very weighty your followers I'm sure we'll get some good stuff let's start first with pat robertson pat robertson got in one of these emails from a a church donor who tides so too tight is in principle to give ten percent of your income to your church and they said you know we're on a fixed income and we need the money for health.

Insurance shouldn't we stopped the typing here's pat robertson's advice to them my husband has medical expenses so we barely have any money we still tied but would it be wrong to use that money towards medical expenses instead worried carefully what the Bible has to say in malacaang he says prove me with your time as an office he said I worry be ok the Devour for your sake your husband has all these medical problems because the them our has not been reviewed you need a rebuke in you give your time has faithfully and gotti's allow rebuilt.

The devour the person is eating up your money to and heating up your health so you want to be healthy that's a promise in order okay yeah well there you go Louis me. need it just you just don't get sick in the first place if you tied except for the fact that it happened to this particular individual this seems to be advice now that is bordering on the criminal is it not yeah it is you know I'm starting to think that pat robertson actually believes this stuff like maybe maybe David maybe he is just one of.

These rich guys was completely detached from reality and just doesn't understand what's happening to it every day people how can you not just feel horrible for some people emailed me about this and they said that idiot couple if we assume the email Israel they're such idiots emailing pat robertson I actually feel bad for the couple is an aging couple that can't afford their medical treatment and people like pat robertson who for better or worse they seem to respect are telling them you have to keep giving money to the church in that people who.

Koreas Supreme Court holds public meeting on marital rape case ,

The taboo subject of martial rape is a controversial issue here in Korea as there is still a large legal grayarea on the matter. Korea's Supreme Court held a public meeting on Thursday to listen to what the public and experts had to say about marital rape. Our Lee Jiyoon tells us more. Can a husband rape his wife That's the question Korea's Supreme Court had to ask during a rare public meeting on Thursday. The Supreme Court only holds public meetings when trying to decide on an important case that tends to raise controversial arguments.

The case was this. A husband and his wife, who married in 2001, had been going through a rough patch in their marriage. Then the husband threatened his wife with a knife and forced her to have sex with him. He did the same thing just two days later. Prosecutors charged the husband with rape. And the court sentenced him to six years in prison in the first trial, but a second court cut his sentences to threeandahalf years. We're going to discuss whether a husband forcing and threatening his wife to have sex.

With him can be charged with rape. According to Civil Law, spouses have an obligation to live together and sex between spouses is viewed as a natural act. However, the prosecution says, although the husband has the right to request sex from his wife, he doesn't have the right to force sex with threats and violence. The right to sexual selfdetermination cannot be violated even in a husband and wife relationship. Therefore, the wife should not be made an exception. Others say, because having sex is part of a married couple's relationship, the state.

Cannot intrude into people's privacy to decide what kind of sex is forced and what is natural. The traditional rule of law is that the state does not excessively intrude into domestic problems. It's important to protect a family's privacy. The final verdict on this case has yet to be announced but all eyes are on whether the Supreme Court will rule, for the first time, that marital rape can be a crime between married couples. Marital rape is considered a criminal offense in over 1hundred countries, including the United States, France and Hong Kong.

3 Republicans Opposed to Sandy Relief Now Demanding Disaster Aid

Also hypocrisy among the right on something that has been an issue with double standards a source of double standards for many years which is disaster relief we've heard for years republicans flipflop on whether FEMA and other organizations in the federal government should provide disaster relief typically the way it goes is when it's not a disaster that effects their district personally there against disaster relief funding from the federal government and all of a sudden when it's a disaster that does affect their constituents therefore it and that is exactly the example.

That I bring you today arizona republicans senator jeff Flake Senator John McCain and Congressman Paul Gosar all voted against emergency relief funding after superstorm sandy destroyed parts of New Jersey parts of New York wreaked havoc in the Northeast and now following wildfires in Arizona not surprising me they're all changing their tune now all of a sudden they do what relief dollars to go to them and John McCain and flake issued a joint statement saying it's a shame that FEMA couldn't find it within their mission to help rebuild.

Their homes and lives McCain added that in light of the nineteen firefighter deaths in the 134 destroyed homes the damage that was done was very substantial and I believe qualified for federal relief he saying so we're going to do everything to urge the president to change his mind now back in January the Senate did pass this very significantly delayed 50 and a half billion dollars sandy relief package there were 36 senators who voted against the bill flake and McCain were on that list John McCain at the time was criticizing.

Provisions in the bill that might not be spent immediately he was saying those are questionable he says we couldn't justify this kind of spending and on the house side congressman Gosar was also want to vote against it and Gosar by the way is a climate change denier and he's blaming extreme environmental groups for Arizona's many wildfires totally disconnected from the reality is up whether climate a humidity and a just just very very basic things Louis so now Lewis the next thing is going to be waiting for.

Republicans and conservative media to just a praa us say that President Obama is playing politics New Jersey and New York were blue states they got the funding not so much in Arizona they don't get the funding which of course would be completely unsubstantiated but not unexpected yet its ammunition and you know what its good ammunition especially for the people that they represent but you can go back and look at just about any government handout bailout any type aid people like this the republicans like this are usually against it when it.

Comes to just about every state except there's right and not only is it uh not in someone else's state but in my state type thing kinda the opposite oven on my own backyard argument but here we have an example where I guess it's unreasonable for FEMA to help blue states but now that it's a red state it's reasonable and let's consider by the way that blue states contribute much more to the taxes that fund disaster relief then do red state something we've widely covered but that logic seems to be lost on a lot of people.

Fox News Busted For War On Christmas Hypocrisy

Now everybody knows that Bill O'Reilly is the lead commander for the war on Christmas troops and in fact I he is good news for us. it turns out his war on the freeze happy holidays is nearly complete this is his mission accomplished moment let's watch his celebration on Fox nine years ago when we started this report i John Christmas there were orders given by some major corporations in america to their employees forgetting them forgetting that say Merry Christmas really outdid those companies day reverse the policy so today everybody's as far as we know.

Any employee can say any Merry Christmas to anybody they want then the ACLU as you know all over the years an enormous amount of money trying to terrorize certain school districts into browbeating the public schools educate and Christmas carols we beaten those back they've lost almost everyone in the courts devastated Rhode Island as you pointed out last year said no more Christmas tree holiday tree today the governor this season a governor Chafee reversed all those things happen because we we attacked them re challenge that so therefore is inadmissible war on Christmas.

It's real and we just want that is awesome Hui attacked them to our report harsh I know and oreilly game fresh anyway but look good news for you our soldiers out there you wat won the war on Christmas or I'll just told you that no and now from now on everybody saying Merry Christmas nobody saying happy holidays not those evil corporations are gone wrong with you people happy hour now are you ready to see that he is that O'Reilly did right beef for that segment watch this and I'm crawling calls react to that.

To the epidemic apply in the USA them burning over now corporations including big media handling the massive Christmas comp factors come right back we did not added that that is exactly how it ran on Fox News that is about it you fail as you could possibly have before you do a segment on how no one is saying happy holidays anymore from group I want or I was told about this is reaction was the I a boo nothing I enjoyed more than that little fox news logo under happy holidays.

Pat Robertson Wants Facebook Vomit Button for Gay Photos

Latest from pat robertson pat robertson said that he he was asked if he somebody sending a question about uh. face book likes and liking stuff that is like anti christian or something like that and pat robertson had an answer for that here's a pat robertson when we had like kings on face book if it's something that goes against what is written in the bible such as exorcist same sex couples is considered condoning the beat your height explain this to new christians or used allowed one switches on the line texan and facebook's is hard to say a word.

Of what you're saying you yes i like this kind of thing you've got a couple of uh. same sex guys kissing you like that all that makes me want roll up but if you think incl plenty to me i would point to vomit ramble i hate option that options case maybe it'll give you that i don't know who plays will happen and i think about is you can only to their days pat robertson would like to have of vomit but instead a light button pat robertson wants of on that button.

At the completely honest with you do we wheelie believe people are being mailing in and asking pat robertson questions about social media and the approval win their right mind would ask and eighty threeyearold christian fundamentalist who thinks dungeons and dragons is dean my neck about his his thoughts on social media i'd just don't think he's the right guy to go to for that type of advice lewis no and i don't think he even came up with his answer but if there was a vomit button next to the white button.

I would definitely put bombay forward the seven hundred for and what the body that doesn't that realized that pictures of him kissing someone regardless of whether it's a man or woman that might actually make people one of our never guard this of of uh. of who is kissing increasingly convinced that these questions that pat robertson answers are not real questions in the sense that you there one they're being sent in as a goof they're being somehow modified or or or or some thinking this can't be a.

Question that somebody is asking in good faith honestly unless they're completely out of their minds which is the third watching this show is a good chance they are probably watch a show we're not crazy but we watch it more is from an academic standpoint all right david happen dot com slash while today's the last day of the david patten show membership special the membership special gets you two things number one because you ten percent off a yearly membership and number two on top of getting that discount and being able to lock that.

Pat Robertson God Gives Fewer Miracles to Americans Who Learn Science

Pat robertson the latest from pat robertson pat robertson was asked one of these questions we always hear these questions we don't know if the real we don't know if they're fake people email into pat robertson who in their right mind would ask pat robertson for any kind of honest advice i don't really know the latest on from pat robertson is to to answer why we always hear about all these miracles happening in africa i didn't know that we did hear that but i guess if you believe the premise pat robertson says well god gives fewer.

Miracles to do to advocated americans who learn stuff like science i'm not kidding this is really pat robertson's argument here take a look at this till amazing miracles like people being raised from the dead blind eyes opened laying people walking happened was great frequency in places like africa i'm not here in the united states what can we do to encourage those things to happen here is america too far gone for miracles like that those people overseas didn't go to thailand schooling it that's it for my hat hello.

We're so sophisticated we think we've got everything figured that we know about devolution you know about darwin we know about all these things this is not as a radio we know what all the stuff that if we've been many schools in the horse advance goes we have been in nominated step this is a secularism and uh. overseas their sample humble you tell the loves them and they say okay loves being a single numerical they say okay we believe me answer did this is just shocking and so many levels number one pat robertson is.

Basically saying right that uh. god only does miracles uneducated africans thatthat's level number one which is he's kind of being insulting away right thatthat's level one but level to his he's kind of making a good point when he talks about ivy league schools which is the more educated you are the less likely your to fall for this kind of evangelical televangelist style nonsense that pat robertson and his friends are responsible for so in that sense he kind of is making a good point right i mean you are more likely to believe something that happens by pure.

Coincidence or chances a miracle reggae from if you're completely blind everything that's going on around here yet the more educated you are the lesson nine cents you're going to x x the more education you have the less likely you are to send money to pat robertson that's really what he's saying now i would buy actually we should tell the audience we've been trying to get a bogus question on the seven hundred club just to see if these are made up questions if they're real questions if they have screen we don't really know so we've been submitting a number of quiet.

Turkish Wife Gets Revenge, DESTROYS House

Peace corps in turkish wife decides he loves falling to a home in turkey damn sequence outs dealings with him for it treated whom ruefully religious institution mainland mister taylor and i asked him out and skin yourself just what hotpot notebook cable wrote but but it is labor is the rule revived by a doctor and so it analyze civil duty analysis features so it first of all she claims and is we know through the husband they took whatever they thought they did perimeter brothers came in earlier group or swim those artist four sisters.

That guy was upset before systems he said two or three times the tutorials like i mean who takes four systems which is which is our intention is was happening ecm anticancer two hundred and not wanting to do like always number that we were so that that met and that diet billing in asif i want you to know what to do is they are me with five years of it that's because i know in a better way he's been a while that's one reason is that no more forces was for us.

But opening i think the so we don't know if that's true but from the mouth of children you probably did the right answer uh. so enlisted men don't mess with their visual still mess interviews women don't look at the results widest they will literally take the room for your house and be like so you wouldn't want to be you by the way who like you yourself because you know him and his pants but started sorry i love traditionally this turner sound as far to to other people slowly yet.

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Every Neighborhood Needs A George Zimmerman Huh

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